TimestampProgramIf your Program is planning the use of e-portfolios, which courses should include Signature Assignments (as defined by David Hubert)? If eportfolios were used to assess college-level outcomes, including General Education, which courses in your Program should include Signature Assignments?What will these Signature Assignments be? Which SLOs will each assignment address?Evaluation: Draft a rubric to use with each Signature assignment. Aside from eportfolios, consider other assessment plans for PLOs. What tools or assistance will you need to implement these plan this fall term?


8/16/2012 14:40:59Language ArtsAny English essay could be included; however, at this time the program is not doing eportfoliosEnglish 100
Communication 110 or 130

Each required course should have an element in the program portfolio.
This is under discussion.Assignments will be assessed on a scale of 1 to 4 with 1 meaning needs improvement and 4 meaning excellent.We are hoping that TrakDat can take information from our already established course-level SLOs and relate them to the program-level SLOs.

To implement this, we need to get more adept at using TrakDat.

Perhaps WebAccess could do this if we set up 'metacourse' for each level of English? In particular, a 'metacourse' for English 100 would make sense, since passing that course is fundamental to the Language Arts program.

Or students could be required to express their written work in oral communication via a presentation or in a group setting.

We should research whether or not other campuses require a colloquium--some sort of presentation of an ending assignment, such as we do in our honors' courses.


8/16/2012 14:55:49Physical SciencesAny lab based physical science course. Entry level lab science courses. Demonstrate critical thinking and analyze physical systems in terms of scientific concepts.1) The student can describe the physical process being studied
2) The student can identify the physical and chemical processes involved
3) The student can analyze and describe the system
4) The student can compare and contrast their system to other systems
An observational research project as part of course assignment
Embedded questions on the final exam of coursesStudents will submit a portfolio of Laboratory work conducted throughout the semester or laboratory reports


8/16/2012 15:00:24MathWe do not feel ready to implement e-portfolios at this time.Algebra Sequence: Math 110 (111/112) and Math 120 (122/123).Culminating projects incorporating all Algebra SLOs.
Completeness: (0) Major portions of assignment are missing (1) Some parts are missing
(2) Project is fully complete.

Accuracy: (0) Project contains major mathematical errors, or illogical statements.
(1) Project has multiple minor errors (2) Few errors

Clarity: (0) Student reasoning is difficult to follow, or assignment lacks organization, proper typesetting, punctuation, grammar etc. (1) Project is mostly well written, organized and lacks major typos (2) Project is well organized, easy to follow.
1 - Link specific course SLOs to PLOs within TracDat
2 - Begin creating common test problems to be implemented across the department as items on Final Exams.


8/16/2012 15:21:58Allied HealthBIOL 240
BIOL 250
BIOL 260
BIOL 310
BIOL 110
BIOL 130/132
HSCI 100
HSCI 116
PLO 1: Use the Scientific Method to investigate biological questions and critically evaluate and effectively communicate scientific data.
BIOL240: Students will isolate bacteria from the environment and characterize and identify the specific species.
BIOL260: Students will perform guided and open inquiry laboratories which will be compiled into a portfolio and reflected upon at the end of the semester.

PLO 3: Critically evaluate biological information and examine its significance and impact on society and the environment.
BIOL310: Students will reflect upon at existing eating behavior through a diet self-study.
HSCI116: Students will reflect upon their own experiences as health care patients and analyze how these experiences correlate with data on women's experiences accessing healthcare in America.
Rubrics will be developed by the individual faculty evaluating each assignment in the courses given above.

Determination of whether students have achieved the PLO will be based upon the grade received on the signature assignment. A "GPA" of all signature assignments related to the PLO will be calculated.

- keeping data on the same "signature assignment" for a course for all semesters it runs
- building student portfolios in hard copy
- embedding assessment questions on exams


8/16/2012 15:23:08Biological SciencesBIOL 225, 230BIOL 100, 110, 130/2BIOL 230: Term literary research paper will be used to evaluate PLO 3 - Impact of biological informationDetermination of whether students have achieved the PLO will be based upon the grade received on the Signature assignment. A "GPA" of all Signature assignments related to the PLO will be calculated. Unclear at this time. Stay tuned.


8/16/2012 15:24:41Foreign Language/SpanishAt this time, we are not planning on using ePortfolio as a program. However, individual instructors will be piloting the use of ePortfolios in lower levels of Spanish.SPAN 140, SPAN 152At this time, we are still determining this.This will be done once we have said signature assignments selected.To be determined


8/16/2012 21:45:34ESLWe discussed identifying signature assignments for inclusion in an e-portfolio in these ESL courses: ESL 912, ESL 913, ESL 914, ESL 922, ESL 923, ESL 924, ESL 400.We did not discuss this specific question, but from our discussion, I think that the same courses would include signature assignments: ESL 912, ESL 913, ESL 914, ESL 922, ESL 923, ESL 924, ESL 400.ESL Department Program Level Outcomes – 2012
Basic Skills Project
Katie Schertle and Sarah Harmon, Project Co-Conspirators

1. Students can produce and interpret oral and written English at an advanced level in order to successfully enter academic or career pathways.

All students must complete this assignment:
o Signature Assignment #1 – Produce Written English: The student will write an essay (paragraphs at lower levels) which follows all standard rules of English composition (including grammar and mechanics) represented by the California Pathways Advanced* Essay (ESL 400) and other descriptors for lower levels. Reflections on all aspects of their writing skills and writing process will be included.

3. Students can use technology skills and information competency skills to succeed at the transfer level.

The creation of the e-porfolio in Level 2 and contributions of signature assignments at each level with reflections on use of technology in learning can assess part of this ESL Program Learning Outcome.
We are still working on this task. We will use the California Pathways document as a resource to create rubrics that match the descriptors of the Statewide ESL levels of writing.4. Students will develop a Student Educational Plan by identifying and assessing educational opportunities at Cañada College.

Students must complete at least one of these assignments:
o Signature Assignment #10 – Develop an SEP: The student will meet with his/her academic counselor to discuss educational opportunities at the college and beyond. The student will fill out an SEP form with the aid of the counselor and retain a printed copy to submit to his/her instructor.

We will need the cooperation of the Counseling Department in assessing this ESL PLO.