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Website SupportBlogsSo when creating the blog for the outreach group, I wanted to use a blog of my choosing but accidentally picked for one to be generated. I would like to be able to switch between an existing blog and the one that was created by this site or at the very least the option to reset my choice.chrome


Website SupportDocumentsKeep getting this. "You do not have permission to create a Doc in this group." I am the admin for outreach. This should not be.Chrome


Website SupportEventsI can't add events to the event calendar. My account is an admin for the Arts & Culture group. I tried to add a recurring Arts & Culture group meeting event from 6pm to 8pm daily, and when I try to submit it I get a 'event successfully updated' message, but the event goes into a 'Pending Events' queue that is never emptied. The event should be added to the main events calendar.Firefox


Website SupportEventsI want to know how to add events and dont know how. There is an event this Sunday @ 3PM African American Clergy are going to come down in solidairty and march to the NYSE to rid the stock exchange of there sins.

How do we get this out.



Website SupportRegistrationI know you're swamped but I registered about an hour ago and got to the Sign Up Complete! window saying "You have successfully created your account! To begin using this site you will need to activate your account via the email we have just sent to your address" but I never received the email from you so I can't login.

Please advise or send the activation email. Thanks.
Safari 5.1.1


Website SupportRegistrationI'm not getting a confirmation email when I try to register for an account. I go through the signup process at http://www.nycga.net/register/ and I get the message:

Sign Up Complete!

You have successfully created your account! To begin using this site you will need to activate your account via the email we have just sent to your address.

But even a few hours later, I don't see a confirmation email (my spam filter is off). Also. I tried to register again with the same username and email and I get "Sign Up Complete!" again (I've gotten this 3 times so far).
Chrome / Iron


Website SupportLogin ProblemI have been trying to log in but cannot- so thought perhaps had wrong password but when I request to have password sent I do not get an email?


Website SupportRegistrationI fill out "create an account" and I am not sent activation email. I've attempted several times. I've confirmed there's no junk mail filtering on my end.Safari 5.1.1


Website SupportUser ProfileI would prefer my full name with middle initial not be my screen name. I'm not even sure how it got there considering I chose "musicalmissionary" as my username thinking that would also be my screen name. I don't mind my real if it's necessary but at least drop the middle initial and preferably also my last name (David C or DavidC is fine).

Thank you,
David C


Website SupportEventsMy group's event keeps disappearing from the events calendar.

I set up a recurring daily meeting for Arts & Culture, and it either does not get placed on the events calendar or it keeps getting removed. What is causing this?


Website SupportSource CodeWhere is the source code available so that this design and tool can be used for the other occupy movements, this is the perfect format for the needs of our Knoxville TN "chapter?" and if this is open source we could truly benefit.

Thank you .

-Franklin S.


Website SupportGroup AddCould you please add our group: The People's New Economic Charter? We started on September 17 and have been working hard on it since then. It would be great to have a group.

For more information, please contact <> and myself.

Thank you so much.


Website SupportPoliciesWhat is the current policy for handling disruptive/joke accounts? I just saw this gem come across the stream: http://www.nycga.net/members/tonybologna/activity/

It seems like an amusing jibe, but in case other joke accounts swarm the site and start disrupting the forums & docs, does the internet group have a course of action in mind? Of course this is all deeply ironic and bizarre, but such seems to be the world we're living in nowadays :)


Website SupportGroupsI can't figure out how to join a working group? Seems it should be simple, but it isn't. Why? Site designers please remember that for this revolution to succeed, we need EVERYONE involved, not just those that are tech capable. Can anyone please address this and help me join a working group?????


Website SupportForgot PasswordPlease send me a new password- I cant log in! I have tried 5 times to get a new password through the log in. I am the administrator for the empowerment and education group and need access


Website SupportRegistrationI have been trying to set up an account and the site wont let me -- each time i am notified in red that i must use all lower case letters and numbers, which i am doing-- how do i create an account with this block?firefox


Website SupportAdmin AccessHey, I'm a member of the dmeands group. Can you please make me an admin so I can post time and date of our next meeting. Spoke with someone from media earlier tnt, he said to send an email here. ???


Website SupportPostingi wish to share something i wrote...
how do i do this ??


Website SupportRegistrationAfter registering for an account I never receive a confirmation email! I've tried twice in the last day and checked my spam folder.Chrome 14.0.835.202


Website SupportRegistrationI am not sure if the problem is on my end, and your e-mails are getting lost in the filters.

I am signed up at "Occupy Wall St"

But, I tried to set a sign up here. I tried under "<>" and "<>". Both times, it said it sent an e-mail to my box. But, no e-mail.

I would like to be registered here and keep up to date on the General Assembly. I may go in to the city a few times for that.


Website SupportRegistrationI have signed up 3 (three) times and have yet to get a confirmation email. Can you please assist?firefox


Website SupportContentHi,

I have been developing this general assembly idea a bit on a theoretical level:

I couldn't find a place where to easily put this link so hopefully you don't mind me using this feedback form :-)



Website SupportRegistrationTried twice to sign up, got the message that I needed to respond to an e-mail that had just been sent to complete sign up, but no e-mail ever arrived. Have checked spam filters. Anything else I can do?


Website SupportRegistrationI've tried to create an account 4 times and each time get to the message that I will get an email in order to complete my registration and I never get the email - not in spam, either. I first tried to sign up 3 or 4 days ago and thought it might take a while to get to the email. No email. I just tried again twice. firefox


Website SupportRegistrationI registered but never received the email that was to be sent to me so I could confirm my registration. What can I do to facilitate the registration procedure?



Website SupportGroup AddHi! I'm part of a new working group that debuted at the GA last night and we want to know how to get a Group page here. We are the Animal Rights/Environmentalism working group. Can I set up a group myself or does someone on the tech team have to do it? Thanks!


Website SupportGroupsI've registered, and I would like to join the environmental solidarity group, but I can't figure out how.


Website SupportGroupsCAN SOMEONE please tell me why after three days of being up and having more than 100 members ”join” online, the Demands working group was deleted from this site? I can be contacted at <>. Can;t make it to the park tmrw or sunday to check in person. Last night I spoke to someone in media, who gave me info about becoming an admin on the site so we could post the time and place of our next meeting. After I emailed them to be made an admin, so I could also make others admins, the group was taken down. I have only been a member of the Demands group for a week, but I am very confused by it;s deletion from the site. Please email me some info.

Chavisa Woods


Website SupportRegistrationTried to register three times
I never receive the email to click through
So I can't register
Safari on iphone


Website SupportRegistrationI have tried twice to join this page - haven't gotten an email to join? safari


Website SupportRegistrationI've registered twice. No email ever arrived to allow me to activate the account.


Website SupportRegistrationGroup Thread:

Email Thread:
Hey Matt,

Thanks for your response.No go on getting registered. Never got any
confirmation emails. So let's try a more common domain. Swap out my
<> email
Also, you can purge my second attempt at registration using the


On Sat, 22 Oct 2011 06:58:58 -0400 NYCGA Support
<support@nycga.net> wrote:
>Hi John,
>Have you had any success registering an account with nycga.net?
>If not I can manually add an account for you or change your
>preferred email
>for any account you may have created.
Firefox 4.0


Website SupportEventsHow do I post an event? Do I need an elevated status? I am coordinating the architecture committee.



Website SupportAdmin AccessHi! I'm Betsy from the library. Please make me an Admin for the Library working group.

I think it was Drew who told me that we could have multiple people with admin privileges on the site. Steve S (Library) was told he had to check with Michael (Library) to be made admin. Michael doesn't know how to do this. Once you Admin me, can you tell me more abt how to be-knight others from our working group w/Admin powers? or maybe it will be obvious?



Website SupportEventsHey Internet!

When I first added a couple of Events, I was able to set them as Repeating Events. I made a mistake, deleted the repeating series, and tried to re-add it.

The problem is, now I do not see an option when I edit the event to make it a repeating event--even if I set the end date of the event to a year from now.

I also no longer seem to have a link in the Events tab to create a new event, even though I am a group admin.

Is there a limit to the number of events you can add per day?
Chrome v14.0.835.202


Website SupportRegistrationI can't sign up. I would like to register. I keep getting an 500 page. internet explorer 8


Website SupportRegistrationI can't log in; tried to register several times; it keeps giving me an error message & when I try to get my password, in case i had it wrong, it won't re3cognize my email address.


Website SupportGroupsThe responses to group postings can not be read, it is going to page not found.


Website SupportGroupsI posted a topic in "Structure" user group. My post shows in my list of postings on my profile but when I try to go to that thread I get a not foundchrome xp


Website SupportRegistrationHi all!
I keep trying to register and like many others keep getting error messages so that I am unable to. I'd very much like to join the Environmental group...Please help!
Cheers, Alice


Website SupportForumsAround 11:30 I logged into the Archives Working Group page and the "forum" button had disappeared. It stayed gone for a while. When I checked it again just now the Forum is back online with our old posts intact

Can you tell me what was the issue? Was it down for maintenance? Can we expect the Forum to disappear randomly in the future? If so, can there be a post explaining what's going on in the future?


Website SupportRegistrationHi,

I register. When I go to log in....it tells me there is an error. When I try to request a new password...it tells me that there is no email in the record....or something like that. I other words...your registrations process is not working.


Website SupportLaundry Sign-upSomeone interested in helping with laundry pointed out that the electronic sigh-up didn't seem to be working. What's the answer to that? This thing could be well organized, but folks are wasting time trying to figure out how to help. ??


Website SupportContenthttp://www.nycga.net/groups/education-and-empowerment/docs/open-forum-scheduling-calendar

this excel doc does not read correctly-- can we make the doc feature compatible with Excel? or is there a better way to import spreadsheets?



Website SupportForumsThye site looks great! Thank you for your work in doing this.

I am from the Mediation Group. I was unable to post anything in the forum for this group. Do you know how I can do that? Also, what do the Status and Contact tabs do?


Website SupportDocumentsHello, you rule! :)
I apologize if I just haven't found this document on your site, but I am trying to find a document describing the logistical details of your consensus process. I'm over here with Occupy Sacramento and attended a Teach-In yesterday where I saw a step-by-step description/instructions for the rules by which facilitators move through assemblies. I gave my copy away, figuring I could probably find it here. So I was wondering where I can find a copy to educate myself and others. Thank you again!! <3


Website SupportUser ReportingWhat happens when you report a user? Do you click under their user name where the problem occured, or under your comment in response? I may have reported myself, which is fine since the thread is transparent.





Website SupportLogin ProblemI am registered with a login, but the website won't let me log in.
Its not recognizing my username.
Its Lauren313. I don't know what the problem is - please help!
I have my original email with my signup info if that is needed.

Thank you!
safari for mac


Website SupportPostingHopefully this message gets thru to you guys. As the NYVGA has a huge problem in that several of my finest works as well as of my friends, whom I consider to be mental Giants and free thinkers, all advocates change. And I, have had our messages blocked from being posted too your forums.

We have repeated encountered the error messages that say “You have already said that” Now just what other ways would be an alternative to getting heard in your forums?

If this is not a design flaw in your IT department, then this could only becoming from one other source.

Also I have tried repeatedly to post this message to no avail, as with my ailing health I have no fear of Government.



Website SupportRegistrationThe last time I clicked on a link I got a killer virus.is there any way I can complete the registration without clicking on a link? Thank you for your help.


Website SupportRegistrationIs there anyway I can complete the registration without clicking on a link? The last time I clicked on a link I got a virus that killed my computer.
Thank you for your help.


Website SupportUser ReportingProblem-
Someone must oversee Oct.24-26 am in the CHAT room at night.
The negative comments from perhaps one multi moniker 'mod' directed at the participants in OWS and anyone who objects is unacceptable.
OWS nyc may have an insincere 'mod' who is known to have a history of hacking & electronically tracking others from a different persuasions.
Bald,45,East Vill, cl rants & rave $ tool.


Website SupportForumsHow do you start a topic within a working group? No mention of how to do this anywhere I can find on the website. Please list this question on the FAQ for website page, will come up all the time unless you create a topic key within the specific group page. Without this info, limits setting of topic agenda to those who know how.


Website SupportEventsDear Internet Working Group Admins, why were the Events from the Vision and Goals Working Group deleted this morning? I posted the events last night. Two recurring Events (one set on M,W,F, one set on Th,Sa,Su) I had to re-add them just now and they were written incorrectly on the Info desk board. Please DM me or post on my using NYCGA. Thanks!!!!!!This Field Intentionally Left Blank.


Website SupportRegistrationI have tried registering twice, so far. Never received the confirmation email. I even checked my spam folder and nothing was there. After the first occasion (was it Tuesday 10/25?) I came back and tried to log on, and was informed my email address was not in the system. So I registered again today (10/26). Unfortunately, I was too tired to fill out the many reasons I wanted to join, and what my skills were. And now, after going through all of this -- filling out all my contact info and password -- I have again received nothing. I noticed so many people are having the same problem. This is very discouraging. I have been in two OWS-related marches (on 10/5 and 10/11). Why can't I sign up?SeaMonkey


Website SupportBlogshttp://parttimecaucus.nycga.net

can't edit posts on group blog, ideas?


Website SupportRegistrationI've tried twice to register & never got the email confirmation. When I try to sign in, the site doean't recognize my email or username


Website SupportGroups
What does that mean that Matt created the Human Rights group? Is Matt replacing Leia in entering the data that I submitted in an attempt to register my group? The Human Rights working group was my idea and, as far as creation is concerned, the term is ambiguous and, I seek for its application or relevance to the Human Rights Working Group that I proposed to be explained and rectified - if it does not strictly means that Matt is the incumbent, filling the data entry void that Leia is unable to dedicate herself to!

Thank you!


Website SupportPostingNot sure if it's a bug but in trying to preview a video link I receive "There has been an error processing your request".

FF latest


Website SupportPostingI cannot create comments on the website.


Website SupportGroupsi can't create a account with gaows, please advisestartepage.com


Website SupportLogin Problem(1) I can't get past site security!
(2) Message blocked as spam by verizon.net, blocked again when sent to you, blocked when sent to verizon spam checker!

Heading: Occupy News


As you may know, there is streaming video on the web from Occupy sites around the world.

OccupyWallStreet.org has a "Streaming Video" site. That may be it.

Also, your mayor is to speak to the demonstrators at 7 pm.

I would like to print out your photos and attach to postrer board for our local coffee house.



PS -- I am organizing a "goo good" (Good Government) demonstration here in Oneida next month. Contacting our congressman about it.


Website SupportLogin ProblemI don't know if you got my first message a minute ago. It was about my emails about uknowhat being rejected by verizon.net as "spam".
Now I got a message saying Internet explorer is blocking message because there is no security certificate or something like that.


Website SupportDeleted PostsJust forwarding what i sent to jake and he asked me to go straight through you. I am also having some issues that as admin of the think tank everyone is sending my queries. Especially about deleting posts and such and copy pasted spam posts. Maybe we can have only moderators and admins delete posts? apparently regular people are deleting people's posts. Not sure how to handle the copy pasting of posts. We're working on getting someone to be focused solely on the site and to moderate it, but aren't there yet.

Thanks, tim

couple quick observations. Would be great to be able to search for members in the groups or have the list be longer per page. To set up the admin I’m having to go through each page to find my colleague. Getting a lot of spam from one guy, Steve Miller. Still need to go through his messages. I responded to him to keep things public and not email me unless admin issue (6 of my 9 messages from him). One thing he mentioned was someone deleting his post and responding to him as to why (negative, against OWS, and Spam). I’m going to get into the feed and look at things when I can. Also another person asking if they could delete a specific post that was off topic and was posted in all groups as spam. Can anyone delete a post as spam? Or is this admin only? or a better question is what controls are there for these things? And lastly for now, what is the difference between moderator and admin? Thanks again for everything. Let me know what I can do to help things move forward other than to just keep poking around it. Enjoy the day!!



Website SupportLogin ProblemBoth of my email addresses are "banned" by the server. So I cannot join.


Website SupportLogin ProblemIt is impossible to create an account as your software does not recognize my email addressFirefox


Website SupportRSS FeedAloha....I have been trying to use your RSS feed to my Yahoo page and it doesn't work...any suggestions?



Website SupportRegistrationI have tried to register 2x but it keeps telling me invalid. firefox


Website SupportPostingI created a reply post in the thread "Spokes Council Passed!!! Now let’s re-name it!" and tried to edit it immediately afterward using your "EDIT" button, but this took me to a blank page (there was a title, but no form and no text). Tried twice, same thing. So I copied my text, pasted it into another program, and used the "DELETE" button (which in contrast worked correctly) and then re-made my post.

It would be good if the "Edit" worked; if not, the button shouldn't be there.

I'm on a Mac, Firefox 3.6.23, and OS X 10.6.8


Website SupportRatingsWhat is the Post Rating (mine is 4p) and what does it mean? Does it mean 4 more folks like what I have said than not? Wish I could click on it.

Anything that tracks without saying why tends to remind me of net tracking software. Of course that is not the case here, but better to avoid the appearance for those new to the site who may not know better. Clicking with an explanation solves that.

Thank you.


Website SupportRegistrationI tried registering on the website and received a "are you sure you want to do this?" page instead of a completed registration.

Who's the funny guy with the webmaster's password or did you get hacked ?

Is any of my information compromised ?

Best of luck with dealing with this.

linux chrome


Website SupportLogin ProblemI thought I was all ready to go on the site, but it won't let me in. Same error mssg every time. PLEASE HELP ASAP! People are missing time sensitive info I'm responsible for posting. Thanks a bunch!
Renae Dobbs


Website SupportRegistrationUnable to register for weeks. Repeated error message: Only lowercase letters and numbers allowed. Various pwds tried - even 7 digit weak (6 lower case alpha with a single number trailing) and cannot get around this error message. Please advise. URL is www.nycga.net/register on Chrome 15.0.874.106 m, Windows 7 Pro SP1. Please advise if you need more info or logs. Thank-youChrome 15.0.874.106 m


Website SupportMessagingAs a user I want to see when private messages were sent.Browser independent


Website SupportRegistrationThird attempt at registering with above credentials: zero confirmation mails back. Please help?

4th / planetary
chrome & ff


Website SupportUser ProfileI'd very much like to have my personal email address edited to something other, and then have my account at this site deleted.


Website SupportEventsCant get repeating event to work-- want to post recurring event on sunday from 10am-12pm but keep getting message:

You have not defined a date range long enough to create a recurrence.

Something went wrong with the recurrence update...There was a problem saving the recurring events.

347 276 7745


Website SupportRegistrationI can't sign in, blocked by the Wang somethingorother.


Mitchel Cohen


Website SupportRegistrationI registered, the screen came on saying I successfully completed registering and that a message would be mailed to my email address. But that message has never come. So I am unable to contribute to the discussions.


Mitchel Cohen
FireFox 2.1


Website SupportRatingswhat does the "Post Rating" number represent?safari


Website SupportMessagingIf you attempt to send a message without a body a generic error message is displayed, saying "There was an error sending that message, please try again".

There are many situations where a message may not be long enough to warrant body.
Something like: "Will be a few minutes late to the GA tonight"

So, I feel this should not cause an error. At the least, however, this error should be specific to the problem "Please fill out the body", etc


Website Request/SuggestionCalendarHey. Site looks great. Thanks!

If possible, the visual weekly calendar UI from nycga.cc was great. I request that it appear here also. It's much easier to plan the week if you can see it all at once :)




Website Request/SuggestionGroupsGroup Page. Hard to find groups.n/a


Website Request/SuggestionMeeting MinutesMinutes of the GA are one of the most important features of this site. I would like to help rather than just complain that they are not up to date. Please email me at <>

I work right by the park and can come get hand written notes frequently.


Website Request/SuggestionSEOZach worked hard to get the word "Protest" involved in the Title of the old version of the website. He said this change alone brought in an extra 180,000 unique visitors. He's an SEO expert, can somebody talk to him about optimizing the Title again?Firefox for Mac, latest


Website Request/SuggestionFeature RequestI really like the tag field, it will allow people to find similarities for projects. I've noticed that it would be GREAT to have a Wiki for groups to self add relevant information - exisiting forums, assets, contacts, example projects/resources, current projects, ideas, etc. When you click on a group landing page, there is room for a description, but it would be great to have a Wiki linked to from that description, that was all encompassing, and extensive. Can you put it in a subdirectory, ie nycga.net/wikis/direct_action, nycga.net/wikis/think_tank, etc etc etc??? This would help immensely with getting people up to speed with what the current projects/intent/obstacles for each group is.

I think having a "status" field (as is on the site currently) is insufficient for this, especially if only the admins have access. Wiki!! please??
Firefox for Mac, latest


Website Request/SuggestionBuiletin BoardHi.

In Bulletin Board, one has to click on the link and load a new page to read a message that might be days old. It would be nice to have the date/time visible for each message, from the get go, directly on the Bulletin page.

If I didn't express that clearly enough, please contact me and I'll explain further.

Thanks, ddotto
Chrome, Android 2.2


Website Request/SuggestionUser InterfaceJust a few suggestions:
1) Would it be possible to reduce the size of the Groups icons on the Groups page (http://www.nycga.net/groups/) so that more could be listed per page?
2) I imagine that most people looking for group information would look for it by name, so could they be listed in alpha order by default rather than Last Active?
3) It appears that you can no longer view Events in a calendar view, which can be very useful. Can that be added back?
4) I don't see a way to subscribe to the Events calendar. Can that be added back?
5) It be great to be able to easily add an event to a calendar. Would it be possible to offer iCal download for events?
Google Chrome 14.0.835.186 Mac OS X 10.7


Website Request/SuggestionActivity FeedUpdates on the main feed get buried very quickly. This is in large part due to updates being posted whenever new users join the site or when any user joins a group.

If these two types of events were not posted in the main feed, more substantial updates (forum discussions, meeting times, etc) would be much more visible across the site. Can you make this change?



Website Request/SuggestionActivity FeedAnything I post is immediately buried by reports about new users. I am trying to post something important about an art action tomorrow- Occupy Museums NYC. Maybe you can take out the posts about when people join?


Website Request/SuggestionContentApp Idea: timeline of federal budgets revenue and expenses where the user can interactively remove line items and view their impact on the deficit


Website Request/SuggestionTwitterI'd like to have a way for people to submit tweets about occupy things that they'd like to send on the @OccupyWallStNYC feed. There are 5 of us who tweet regularly/semi-regularly on it, and I tweet most often.


Website Request/SuggestionTwitterIt wouldn't be a guarantee that the tweet would go out, but if it is (1) relevant, (2) timely and (3) respectful we would tweet it.


Website Request/SuggestionTwitterRight now, the process for people to suggest tweets is haphazard, and it'd be nice to have a single, streamlined process.Chrome


Website Request/SuggestionDocumentsWe need a very visible document repository to collect the resources and wisdom useful to both the short term and long term directions, policies, knowledge, ideas, abstractions, plans, et al. linked to this movement. It should be a single source where anybody can go to find the dimensions of our thoughts and ideas rather than a more hit and miss process of wondering around or coursing through great gobs of material at random.

For example, a couple of years ago I wrote a thought paper on a better alternative to the bailout, and when I recently went back and read it, I realized it would be a good catalyst material for a possible action plank to communicate to the current Administration, Congress, and the President for their consideration.

The trouble is, I didn't find a good place to publish this document for consideration and appropriate retention for future reference within the organization.

So I request the creation of such a repository and that it be a place of suggested reading for anyone who wishes to get a handle on the ideas and thought of this movement.

On a more general note, we need something like this to capture the moment for the long haul.


Website Request/SuggestionUser InterfaceFollowing up on the SEO report on "call to action" content, Zack suggested putting together a page specifically addressing the "persona" of someone coming to the site to learn what OWS is about and how to get involved at various levels. Below I've drafted a version of what such a page might look like (visualize the hyperlinks!).

This page would likely update the current content on How To Help. Alternately, as Chaz noted, this kind of content might be useful as the home page - really depends if we want the primary mission of site to be about engaging people not currently in OWS, or if the site is primarily intended as a workspace for current participants. My own suggestion is to speak first to the people not yet engaged - there are more of them! The people who are engaged will be motivated to go a couple clicks deeper in the site to get to their workspaces.

I might suggest that How To Help could also be updated to something more inclusive - to me "helping" suggest something you do on someone else's behalf, from the periphery, rather than moving into the center of that thing. "Join Us" or "Get Involved" or "Take Action" might be more inclusive-sounding options.

- Sam

If you're new here, WELCOME!

Here is a quick orientation to how the New York City General Assembly works, what happens on this site, and, most importantly, many different ways you can get involved.

To get started...

1. Participate in the GA!

- In Person
First and foremost, come to Liberty Plaza and attend the GA meeting, generally held every day at 7:00pm. This is the best way to participate in our direct democracy process based on consensus decision-making.

- Watch on Livestream
If you can't attend the GA in person, attend on Livestream.

- Read the minutes
The GA minutes, the record of all issues discussed and decisions made, are posted promptly on this site. This movement is about transparency.

To learn more about the GA, read:
- General Assembly Guide
- Declaration of the Occupation of New York City
- Good Neighbor Policy
- Principle of Solidarity

2. Join Occupy Wall Street actions and events

NYCGA and our allies are continuously organizing events to grow the movement, ranging from trainings and teach-ins to massive protest marches.

Keep tuned to our calendar to plan when you can participate in our actions.

3. Join a Working Group

If you follow the GA meetings, you will see that the work of the GA is done by a wide range of volunteer working groups, covering everything from clean-up at Liberty Plaza to the operation of this web site.

If you are looking to get involved, please join a working group! (or more than one!)

There are many opportunities to directly apply your knowledge and talents to help this movement grow.

Once you've joined a group, the Groups section of this site will be an indispensable tool to connect with group members, share information, and coordinate meetings and work.

4. Support the Occupation

If you cannot participate in the work of the GA directly, there are many ways you can help sustain the occupation.

- Donate Money
100% of your tax-deductible contribution will go to support the work of the GA in expanding the occupation of Wall Street.
Our revenues are managed transparently by the Finance Group, in conjunction with our supporters, Amalgamated Labor Bank and Lower East Side People's Federal Credit Union.

You can:

Donate Online

or send a check or money order to the Alliance for Global Justice.

Alliance for Global Justice
1247 ?E? Street, SE
Washington, DC 20003

Please indicate ?Occupy Wall Street? in the memo line.

- Laundry and Showers
Sign up to host laundry and showers for the brave people holding the Plaza each night. The Comfort Group will contact you to coordinate your vitally important support.

- Food
Supporters from around the country and around the world keep the occupation going by feeding the occupiers. Our Kitchen accepts donations of groceries (perishables must be in delivered in person, non-perishables can be mailed). There are also many options for ordering deliveries:

Order Panini Panini & Co 115 Broadway: Please try to focus on vegan and vegetarian options with some meat options.

Order Lemongrass Grill Lemongrass Grill: Please try to focus on vegan and vegetarian options with some meat options.

Order Tolache Tolache Taqueria: Please try to focus on vegan and vegetarian options with some meat options.

Liberatos pizza ? order online ? order the ?Occu-pie?

Please order vegan or non-meat pizzas

Other local business that deliver

- Supplies
Supporters keep us going with donations of various supplies, ranging from medicine to clothes to rain gear to blankets. Donations can be dropped of in person, or mailed to the address below.

A list of typical supplies needed is here

For current urgent needs, see our Twitter feed:


5. Contact us

Our physical address:

New York City General Assembly
118A Fulton st #205
New York, NY, 10038

Non perishable, no checks (money orders okay) , any size package okay.

Contact the Information Group
Read our FAQ


Website Request/SuggestionUser ProfileI would love to contribute to the collective consciousness that is this beautifully executed beta version of the site by uploading an avatar and being a more active user. However, I did some clicking around while logged out, as well as logged in, and I don't see any privacy settings available to be adjusted. If I had the option to make my avatar, activity, et al. visible *only* to other registered users, that would be swell.

Thanks. Otherwise, you guys have done brilliantly.


Website Request/SuggestionContentThis is neither a question, report of a technical problem, or a feature request. I just want to point out that the information on the main page contradicts itself. It claims the movement is made up of people of "all political persuasions" but then goes on to describe the group as opposed to political process, which means the group is anarchist. If the group is anarchist, then it has a particular ideology and is not, in fact, open to people of "all political persuasions." If the anarchist rhetoric on the main page actually DOES NOT speak for all of OWS then this rhetoric must be removed. Thank you.
Anne Rettenberg
I would like a reply.


Website Request/SuggestionGroupsThe groups page should be alphabetized and show everything on one page

Right now it's hard to find a group because the list keeps reordering itself

This will lead to duplication of groups.

If you get too many groups they should be broken up into type.

I am a programmer w/ 20 years of experience if you need help. :-)


Website Request/SuggestionGroupsIt would be immensely useful if each of the working groups of the GA had a brief description of what issues are within their jurisdiction and how they are organized if they are organized into subgroups. It would be useful if this description appeared next to the group logo on the group's own page.


Website Request/SuggestionUser InterfaceA few suggestions: I feel very strongly that the home page should prominently display the few public pronouncements that the GA has made, inluding the Declaration of the Occupation and the original statement that was consensed on the week before the occupation (about our horizontally organized structure etc.). There should also be a statement that these are the only pronouncments by the GA to date. In this way everyone that comes to the site will know exactly where we stand. A longer list of importantdecions reached at the GA would also be helpful. Reading many pages of minutes makes it very hard to find actual decisions.
The new site is beautiful. Thank you for all of your hard work, John


Website Request/SuggestionEventsEvent calendar:
Increase the pagination to 30, which will allow users to see a full day’s worth of events in one page. The current limit of 10 per page makes scanning ahead in the week very labor intensive. This is a thin page so loading time should not be an issue, and people are comfortable scrolling longer pages than in times past.


Website Request/SuggestionGroupsGroups Main Page:
Remove the super sized icons and increase the pagination so that users can see the current set of 60 groups as a list on one page (rather than a grid). The default order should be alphabetical. The current pagination and dispersed layout is very difficult to scan.
With so many groups, iconography becomes less meaningful/useful for wayfinding, and becomes more like visual noise that impedes scanning. I would recommend removing these icons entirely, but if that is a huge hassle, only showing them at the smaller 50×50 size.


Website Request/SuggestionWeather Widgeton the bulletin tab? the little weather.com application that shows the temperature in liberty plaza? why is it in celsius?

google chrome


Website Request/SuggestionNavigation- Breadcrumbs or listing of associated working group on events pages.
- Print the current page URL in the page.


Ambiguously titled events have no context.

Not critical, but context is important, especially as it appears the mail sharing link populates the subject & body with the page title, and a link to the full unfiltered calendar, so it's not very useful.

Including a breadcrumb for the group, and the current page URL would at least allow for old school copy/paste email sharing.
Browser independent


Website Request/SuggestionUser InterfaceThe yellow banner displayed for anonymous site visitors has a "login" link. As a link, the expected behavior would be a modal login window. At least for me.. it was *so* expected that I didn't even look at the rest of the page.

Whatever's clever:
- Change to plain text directing users to the login form
- Link to https://www.nycga.net/wp-login.php
- A modal form
Browser independent


Website Request/SuggestionUser Interface I'd like to propose that the footer section on the site is a little overboard on widgets. It's half a browser window and summerizes most sections of the site. It doesn't scale well, what happens when hundreds of people are online? This isn't a teenager's myspace blog- we don't need to see everyone's little avatar like its a popularity contest on every page. What happens when there's 50 categories? will the footer just keep growing, etc.
I think the reason the performance is an issue and that Thomas, Dan and Jake are up until 3am every night trying to find ways to improve it is that there's too much unnecessary information being pulled from the database on every page load. It looks like we have some good plugins and style going on, but I think we should take a step back and evaluate the site's organization layout. Fewer plugins on each page will unclutter it and improve performance. Like Peter Parker's father said, "With many WordPress plugins comes great responsibility". I think all of the plugins on the site contain very useful information and all have a place where that information has impact. If reducing widgets isn't an option, that is, if the information they are providing must be on every page is a critical need, we should investigate a more robust and powerful content and data management scheme including a real CMS backend and higher performance software technology stack.


Website Request/SuggestionEventsGreetings

It is a pity that the online calendar stops displaying events well before
(over an hour before) they are going to happen, just as people might be
wondering what's coming up to participate in. i don't know whether this
is limited to teach ins or what, but it seems worth fixing.

Thanks and keep it up!


Website Request/SuggestionEventsCan we add an RSVP feature to event listings so we can get a headcount for meetings, etc?IE, Chrome


Website Request/SuggestionUser InterfaceThe text on the FAQ page is not formatted correctly. It displays as looking
this, with a single word or phrase between lines of text. I am using google chrome.
Thought you might want to know.
Google Chrome


Website Request/SuggestionContentI think the movement would be very well served to publish objective, factual information related to the greed and corruption of Wall Street and its ties to Washington. No conspiracy theories, no opinions, just facts: salaries, bonuses, board memberships, flowcharts, SEC investigations/findings, political donations, federal indictments, etc. All presented in a visual, objective, easy-to-understand format. Something like a "wiki-corruption". Not wikileaks by any stretch - just factual public information. And put it right on your home page.

"This is what we're protesting. Click here."
Ubuntu 10.04/Chrome


Website Request/SuggestionForumsCan a feature be added so Forums can contain subsections:

FAQ section
ABOUT section


Website Request/SuggestionFeedbackShould be listing feedback and not selectively omitting it if you don't happen to know enough to believe it.


Website Request/SuggestionVideoI don't think it is cool or good for the movement that a media team member, Kanaska, is using livestream to promote sales of her own record (numerous times on 10/27/11. That's just like politicians using their position for their own monetary gain and that 's a big part of what the movement is about. Is it not? It would be one thing for her to "friend" people on Facebook then promote her record on her own page but to repeatedly ask people to buy her record on the Occupy Livestream just smacks of someone latching on to the movement to ride on the wave.


Website Request/SuggestionGroupsHi,

I would like to suggest a simple hyper-linked text listing of groups so I don't have to navigate through all of the large logo pages. A drop down menu or list that appears on the first page for the groups.



Website Request/SuggestionGroupsMay I suggest a “Projects” tab, with a form including fields like “Project name” “brief explanation” “status/ progress” “working group(s)” “url” “contact” and maybe “needs”?

If possible, could be searchable/ re-ordered alphabetically by field?

That way we can all start to see what everyone is working on :)


Website Request/SuggestionContentThe inclusion of law review journals, and academic articles in regards to economics should become a regular feature. This is important because individuals should really start attempting to educate themselves so that others will start taking OWS claims seriously. For example the idea that we should eliminate corporate person hood would constitute a major advantage to the corporations, and this is primarily because if they did not share the same legal responsibilities as a person, then suing them for strict liability claims would be impossible. Anyone familiar with basic legal concepts would not only understand this, but also realize that the individual making the claim should probably be ignored. After all why listen to someone talk about the law if they do even understand the basic concepts. Fortunately all of this could be eliminated if administrators somehow provided a better source of knowledge. I myself wouldn't mind chipping in, and specifically because I do know about a lot of these things.


Website Request/SuggestionForumsIn the forums, I would request that the "iframe" html tag be enabled. This makes embedding documents into comments quite easy by using the google gview. Also many you tube videos now use the "iframe" embed.



Website Request/SuggestionForumsSearch capabilities on each group forum.


Website Request/SuggestionGroupsNeed a warning pop-up "warning, are you sure you want to leave this group?"
In case people unintentionally hit "leave group".


Website Request/SuggestionUser InterfaceI am told that the gray tone of the introductions to the groups is too clear for people nearsighted.


Website Request/SuggestionUser InterfaceHi: I love you guys. The site has come so far and is so useful. However I would like to request that you make the resources page the home page, instead of activity.

Activity is for insiders that want to see recent website news. Resources are for people that are first coming to the site and want to know what we are all about. New people don't know where to find that information. Insiders will know to look at activity if that is what they want. Lets make it easy for outsiders to find the big picture information, instead of giving them random activity messages.

Thanks, John McG


Website Request/SuggestionThread SubscriptionA way to turn on notification by email when someone replies to a reply of a thread started by someone else (not me).Chrome


Website Request/SuggestionGroup AddGreetings!

Please add the People of Color Working Group meeting (today, Wed, at 6:30pm, under the red sculpture, or SE corner of the plaza) to the events list.

This WG also meets on Sundays at 3pm.

Much appreciated,


Website Request/SuggestionGroup AddThis is my last "group" request - I PROMISE!! Although I was helping out on the New Economic Charter Group, the one I really want to work on is a new group, called "Restorative Justice." I am a practitioner in California and think it would add a lot to OWS. So, if you could please create that group, I won't ask for another.

Thank you!!
- Urbaned Elly


Website Request/SuggestionContentSir or Madam:

Would it be possible to place Big Al's Pizza on the main "How To Help" page? http://www.nycga.net/how-to-help/
They are one block south of Zuccotti Park on Thames St and are very well positioned to provide donated food. Their information is:
Big Al's Chicago Style Pizza
9 Thames Street, New York, NY
(212) 964-3269
Orders can also be placed at: www.BigAlsPizzaNYC.com

Thank you.



Website Request/SuggestionContentI would like to post a survey for all persons visiting the OWS website. I am not a government official, or in fact anything official. Im a recently unemployed American veteran college student who is working on sociology and psychology academic papers and would greatly appreciate the support. This survey data collection will be anonymous and bias free.

Any where on the site would be good, if a spot on the right side margin was available that would be fantastic.

If there are any questions regarding the survey, please contact me. I appreciate any help and support.

Thank you for your time.

Eric Rafford
US Army, Veteran.


Website Request/SuggestionContentMy name is Walter Adler, I'm a new occupier only involved in the Movement since the times square protest-march last week.I joined the demands group because I'm a local and that's what everyone's asking, what are the demands. Ive been to a few GAs and it seems that making demands is highly controversial. I joined the Demands working group and found it to be highly dysfunctional. One group was trying to disband it, and one group railroad the JOBS FOR ALL demand through to the GA. Myself and a group of roughly 20 strangers who met at the 3rd meeting have formed a sub-group to reform this WG and make it useful and inline with the ideals of the movement.

However, taking them off this site hurts our ability to integrate Demands with the rest of the movement. In fact, it totally excludes us.

How should we proceed to get it back on the site? Attached is the proposal we are circulating. Please advise.

Walter Adler

'We aim to quickly find a process by which Demands Working Group can be utilized by the movement to frame our specific grievances, goals and visions, the open source contributions, the demands articulated by other occupations into policy points that can be later ratified in the NYC GA and embraced as a movement. We seek to utilize modified consensus, embrace a non-aligned political perspective, and work in tandem with Goals and Visions (Open Source and Think Tank and Outreach) to put these ideas into language the common woman and man can get behind regardless of their party or ideological affiliation.’
Generating a Demands Framework
An OWS working sub-group that now exists transparently to:
1. Discuss and research the history of demands in social movements throughout time.
2. Formulate new and multiple possible methods for making demands, uses and goals of demands.
3. Conduct outreach on demands issues and collect data, in coordination with other working groups, on possible demands
4. Provide and produce information to contribute to demands proposals to be brought before the General Assembly in the future.
5. Outsource the specific implementation details of ratified demands to groups within the movement best suited to formulate the details based.
The How, Here, & Right Now
1. Demands working group operates on ¾ modified consensus.
2. Demands working group does not meet for more that two hours at a time.
3. It is subdivided into 3-5 person ‘working units’ which focus on the phrasing and implementation of singular demands.
4. It will utilize sub-groups in four basic concentrations.
DEMAND COLLECTION. (Collects Demands from rest of OWS movement)
DEMAND ARTICULATION. (Works in working units to phrase individual demands in small groups)
DEMAND IMPLEMENTATION. (Introduces formulated demands to the GA to attempt ratification.)
DEMAND POLICY. (Outsources the implementation details to create policy packages on each demand)


Website Request/SuggestionSource CodeI would like to recreate this site for our local community, are you willing to tell me what plugins and modifications you have done to the basic wordpress/buddypress install?


Website Request/SuggestionGroupsWe would like additional/custom contact fields in the the 'Contacts' tab for groups. Right now there are limited fields for contact information like Phone, Twitter, Mailing List, etc - we needed a place to list our Facebook group, and also a link to a nycga doc of sub-working group contact information: http://www.nycga.net/groups/arts-and-culture/contact/

Can you add the ability for custom contact fields?


Website Request/SuggestionGroupsHello,

Thanks for the new site. Will be much easier to use than the google docs which we have been using.

Within the groups-- Would it be possible to organize members alphabetically? Or search for them? I have spent a lot of time scrolling through pages to find a single individual.

Also-- in scrolling through a group's member pages-- the arrow at the top of the page seems to work fine, but the arrow at the bottom of the pages does not seem to work for my system. Running Firefox 7.0.1

Many thanks, regards,

Firefox 7.0.1


Website Request/SuggestionFeature RequestShift signups, project management features.

There's an extension for Buddypress called CollabPress that allows project management functionality. Could that be implemented?

1. Could we get the facilitation guide linked to on the front page? It's currently in a doc in the facilitation group.
2. Could we link to the info / working group registration flowchart you made on the front page as well?


Website Request/SuggestionFeature RequestCan arts and culture get a gallery so we can upload artwork that is being done in response to this movement?


Website Request/SuggestionGroup AddTo Whom It May Concern:


I am Evelyne Excellent. I represent the Human Rights Working Group. I submitted the official form to Info and wish to have the pre-cited group figured on the nycga website ASAP. Please, provide me with an Admin code, so the group can start posting updates on the official website. Thank you for the diligence I anticipate!


Website Request/SuggestionGroup AddHi:

Can you set up a Group for the Trade Justice Working Group?



Website Request/SuggestionUser Access

I am Evelyne Excellent, on behalf of the Human Rights Working Group that I have long proposed and spoken for:
I deplore the inefficiency of the newly- instituted bureaucracy that is meant to deceive as it impedes diligent recognition of newly-formed group!

I have been working intensively into creating my Human Rights Working Group, reporting back on GA's, coordinating members' meetings, supporting Human Rights causes such as education, ... I submitted the mandated form, only to find out that a certain Matt has been defaulted as an imposter of my proposed group creation! I decry any and all wicked manipulations and/or inadequacies! And, request that his creator status be immediately revoked!

Evelyne Excellent

P.S.: Due to this time-sensitive ordeal, I propose that Leia, the purported data entry incumbent, be replaced by a more reliable substitution!


Website Request/SuggestionContentCan the Spokes Council be announced somewhere?


Website Request/SuggestionUser AccessMatt, the guy who claimed to have been the Human Rights Working Group creator has retracted such a bogus title! I am awaiting him to properly identify my relationship to this very group.

In the meantime, I urge everybody to check the updates as far as: The Human Rights Group Description, Challenges, Prospective Plans or Involvements, Needs, Contributions, E-mail, etc ... I welcome feedback and constructive criticism. Thank you!


Website Request/SuggestionGroup AddEarlier today I filled out and turned in paperwork to register a new working group called "Restore Democracy First". I was told to alert you to this so that you can set me up on nycga.net. Thanks, Rick


Website Request/SuggestionGroup AddMissing Work Group:

Occupy Together.

The form was submitted last week. Any ideas when it's going up?

Lemme know we have been directing folks to the website thiking the group was already online but I cannot find it yet.

If you need a filler admin I can moderate till the we have the two main woman's names.

We just need the group created so people can start joining for future updates.

as always many thanks!


Website Request/SuggestionContentI'm an admin for the Healthcare for the 99% group and we're trying to figure out if it's possible to somehow add our offsite blog to our group page. Our blog is http://owshealthcare.wordpress.com/

In other words, it's wordpress so I'm hoping it can be integrated. I see the Enable Group Blog section on admin, but I'm not sure how to navigate it and it seems very permanent. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Website Request/SuggestionContentIt would be good if Occupy, beginning tomorrow (November 1st) would cost daily reminders that November 5 is

- bank transfer day (close bank accounts and transfer funds to crdit unions)

- refrain from using credit cards for any purchases at all, as banks earn money on their use.

Thanks, Occupy.

In companionship ---

Lynne Murguia


Website Request/SuggestionContentWhy is the 99 percent declaration as shown at https://sites.google.com/site/the99percentdeclaration/ not part of this site?

Is this a separate assembly? If so there should be at least a statement about it, as without any clarification the 99 percent declaration seems to be part of OWS.



Website Request/SuggestionSource Codejust an idea.... I have done some heavy duty dhtml as well as cgi stuff...
I am not very familiar with wordpress... can we have some sort of sandbox area for testing out code ?... if so ... one for each type of blog installs ? (still confused about that) ... if not ... is there a download for current install so we can set up same on our own servers ... which actually might be better so we will have database access also ....THANKS ;)


Website Request/SuggestionContentcan someone build a page on this website that reports / calculates twinkles to see what are the most twinkles posts ?chrome


Website Request/SuggestionContentCan you post this press release here?


Website Bug ReportFormsHi
When I click on the shower form link on bottom left I vet an error page. Searching form"shower form" does not find it. Thanks Marya


Website Bug ReportActivity FeedYou have probably already heard this, but: when I click on the title link (topic) of any post in the activity stream FROM THE MAIN PAGE, I get a Wordpress error message, saying:

"You are logged in already! No need to register again. The site you were looking for, http://ga.nycga.net/ does not exist".
The URL this message is posted at is: http://nycga.net/wp-signup.php?new=ga

I get this error message from the main page, but NOT when I am already on the group page, clicking on a given topic, or a given group name. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER OR NOT I AM A MEMBER OF THAT GROUP, it happens regardless.
Firefox for Mac, latest


Website Bug ReportEventsSpecific event page social networking links share the nycga.net/event page rather than the specific event!


Website Bug ReportTypoI found a typo under the “SMS Alerts” section on the lower right hand corner of pages throughout the site. It’s a little thing but should be fixed.

In the last word of the below description, “eminent” should be “imminent”.

“Scan the QR Code below with your phone or text message “@occupyalert” to 23559 to sign up for text message alerts from the Direct Action Group to be alerted to join us in the park should another eviction or other emergency be eminent.”


Website Request/SuggestionSolicitationHi, I run a group email service called Fiesta - https://fiesta.cc. We've heard from a few (non-NYC) Occupy groups that are using Fiesta lists to communicate, which we think is awesome. Just thought I'd reach out to see if there's any way we can help you guys out with anything. Sorry for reaching out this way but I couldn't find other contact info, and LMK if we can help!

- Mike


Website Request/SuggestionSolicitationHi,

I didn't know if you guys were aware of this. My buddy in Oakland sent me this:

“A newly launched free media service is fast becoming the go-to communications tool for the Occupy movement. VideoPenPals.net and their Android app, Vmail, have been adopted as a way to send private video between individual Occupy protestors and their groups. You record directly to the Vmail servers, so the video is not on your phone. Even easier is it's one touch recording and one touch sending, requiring no typing or address. VideoPenPals.net is hosted as a private intranet so communications are private. Got a video of police brutality? Send it to your fellow Occupy members in another city for safekeeping or posting to the Internet. Want a way for Occupy Wall Street to keep in touch with Occupy Oakland? Vmail has a group function that allows you to make groups where you can send one video to all members of a group and they can each respond in kind. It's not hard to see why a video e-mail service has caught on as the communications tool of choice for the breaking news that is the Occupy movement.”

Did you guys know about this app? We tried it out in Vancouver (it’s from a Vancouver company) and it works exceedingly well. Anyway, just thought you might like to know.



Spaminternal securitycregs list


General SuggestionTransparencyThere are a lot of working groups and I sincerely appreciate the hard work that you all put into making that info available and clear however, I really think that the Finance group needs to be made public. They're the only group that cannot be joined by anyone who'd like to and their "request permission" tab among the sea of "join group" tabs is really jarring. It sends the message: all working groups are created equal EXCEPT for the one that controls the $$$ - which aligns far too closely with the ideas that OWS is trying to combat. I understand that there is some secure information that should not just be available to anyone who asks for it regarding the financial structure of the movement but I think that for the sake of keeping the community on this site as egalitarian as possible those details should be exchanged in a private listserv of some sort. There's no reason why Finance shouldn't post the total amounts that OWS has raised and a list of all expenses here and so that ALL can see. Thanks!


General SuggestionI think we need to look at having another March on Washington like 1962. Think of some dates and have people from all over the U.S. assemble. This could really happen ,speakers, music ,nonviolent. Stress the importance of nonviolence. Let's let in sweep through social media sites and make it happen. We could have millions show up. The 2nd March on Washington.. Think about planning it.


General SuggestionI could not find a direct contact to send this to, please share as appropriate. I just want to know if it is possible to compensate the small biz owners in the perimeter of the park. I've read about the donations OWS has received that remain largely unspent and I've read about some of the frustrations of the biz owners (namely drop in business/foot traffic). Can't OWS recompense them somehow? It would prob go a long way!



Gathering of Eagles

at the Washington Monument on 11-11-11

for a National Call for a United Action................

Veteran Defenders of America invite ALL Veterans, Law Enforcement, Constitutional officers,

active duty military personnel, and ALL who support and defend the Constitution of our state

and the United States of America to come to Washington D.C.




(This is a very impressive speech)


Leaving Summerville, Nov. 10th at 6pm (ETD) to

Location of meeting place TBA

If you went to DC with us last year, you know how it :

We’ll leave around 6 pm on the 10th, arrive in D.C. on Friday morning and participate in the day’s activities

which start at 6 a.m. We’ll arrive back at the same location in the early a.m. You can sleep on the bus.

No hotel costs are involved. The cost is only $100 and we need at least 44 people to procure the bus.

Call <> (Payment is due by Nov. 6)

Veterans have called for the resignation or impeachment of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, Joseph Biden,

and every other member of the Obama Administration and they are headed to Washington DC.

American patriots are called to stand on Veteran’s Day --not just to celebrate our soldiers-- but to take our

government back from the anti-Americans currently destroying the greatest nation on earth.


Visit Constitutional Emergency at: http://patriotsforamerica.ning.com/?xg_source=msg_mes_network

Refer to www.PatriotsUnion.org and www.VeteranDefenders.org


General SuggestionFoodIs it possible to order large quantities of hot beverages through any of the food links?


General SuggestionContentFeature: Our friends at Occupy SF have been having a hard time getting their GA off the ground. I think it would be extremely useful to have a "how to" link on this website that would point to a list of problems that the NYCGA has encountered (large and small) and what solutions we have found. It doesn't have to be authoritative, just something that lists the experiences of people who have been here. Other occupies could then draw from that. I would be happy to volunteer to interview people and compile problems and solutions that are identified. The types of problems I have in mind are like, how to deal with trash, how to deal with the GA running for 6 hours, how to deal with alcohol use in the camp, how to deal with there being more working groups than space in the square for them to meet (logistics of off-site meetings and how to stay inclusive), etc etc. There is so much great capacity that we have built up here in NYC - let's share it!

Cosmetic: The groups page only shows 20 groups at a time out of 78. This makes it hard to navigate. Possible to make smaller icons so we can see all groups at the same time? Or at make it so there are only two pages of groups? This makes it much easier for me to send out the page and draw people in.

Also, if the groups have descriptions of what they are about, it would be Awesome if hovering over the icon would bring up a little bubble with that description.



General QuestionGroupsWhen with The Part Time Caucus meetings be listed. We've been a working group for 2 weeks.

We meet DAILY M-F 6PM in Front of SPanish Info Table.

Could you please let me know when the group will be posted & when we can get listed.


GeneralGeneral AssemblyHow does the General Assembly do business? what form do they use? Looking for a policy structure to explain the way things are done...please?



REF: OWS Um a topic that I would love you to pass around the world to veiwers that supports our movements across the globe from an individual that supports Lucy Kafanov & Everything she's doing out there for RT in New York day in day out if you can pass this on to her aswell maybe she can get this message in the right hands across the globe I love that how you metioned that the protesters out New York are well organized & for the past weeks going onto a month now that these brave individuals there hold I think RT said atleast Two General Assembly a Day to discuss what directions they should be heading in the upcomming Days ahead of us but to whome it may concerns I think they should pass the word around to the rest of the cities sectors across the global world - via facebook,twitter,myspace any means possibly that they meaning the general populations the 99%ers should get well organized & do the same thing as OWS 99%ers & hold General Assembly meetings atleast twice a day & try to keep the peace & bring ideas such as this, I'm well aware of outbreaks due to police brutality & riots being build Up across our nation but we the people must indeed try to stay calm & patient with our government officials because our movement is multiplying by the bundle & now starting to come together as 1.,but as we grow & grow larger in these streets we are targets. & I can't stress this enough that our stand is formulating a powerfull message to the rest of the world!! Which brings my second & I think most important message of all to our fellow human beings that WE THE PEOPLE should realize that we are very vunerable & for me to lend my help i can't voice this enough one word = Safety of our Race. I'm well aware of seeing whats developing around the world due to watching our #1 station at work with the people majority 99%ers from day 1, RT is the best of the best can you believe it 22yrs later I finaly turn on the television & find REAL news & I love how RT repeats they're broadcasting incase we the people missed a segment or not anyways I wanted to thank all the staff of RT for being about the people day in day out. back to the Safety concerns that came to mind I fear that our present Government is preparing to engage in another War due to greed & blindly thinking what if War touches our soil god forbids, but I shall pour my heart out to world as a 99%ers & an individual that cares if i know you or not we are a major target & well known as our movement grows larger across the nation that WE THE PEOPLE should have a secondary plan a backup plan in case if the worst does end up happening, who knows im just spreading a voice that I plainly see & as you know our mainstream media is not helping at all to keep us inform so WE THE PEOPLE will never know what our governments across the world might do. Not trying to put fear in our movement but we should atleast spread the word throughout the cities around the globe so we are prepared for the Inevitable!! Corruption moves by our governments across the globe is out of control & we know these things thats why WE THE PEOPLE are taking the streets but we must remain patient & well aware of the next obstacle ahead of us. The next Chess move is on the 1%ers elites to make but we have nothing but time on our stand & will eventually have our voices heard.


GeneralThought you might find this story interesting:


The investigation is under reported and might be of interest to your cause.


John DeFeo


Generalgreat work
here is a tune for you guys



GeneralJobs !!! Jobs!!! Jobs!!!


GeneralI have an idea. I have bought UnitedStatesOfTheInternet.com. I want to give it to Occupy so that communities, cities, and etc around the world can unite together to actively change the world around them. I think a lot of the new functionality of your website is ingenious and could be implemented into a new global site that lets individuals and groups make their own site sections similar to what you have made. We have found too much luxury in social networking sites. We need a social/political/economic/ecologic/humanitarian/action networking site, one that works and makes sense. Please let me help, I believe in this, the time for the peasants is nowchrome on ubuntu


GeneralMovement SupportI do not know how to contact someone within a group to request that a training be recorded and previewed later. I am from Syracuse NY and I think we could really benefit from some of these more basic meetings on how to structure ourselves before we fall apart.chrome


GeneralGroupsMay I host a 12 step recovery mtg? Our 12 traditions are very specific about non affiliation. However, as a recovering individual myself, I know everytime I occupy I miss meetings. In an environment like this we need to support each other so we may be our healthiest. I want to start group here or have permission to post mtgs. Similar to OWS, there is no leader, no membership, no xclusivity or requirements. I simply would like to provide a place of support for hose of any general 12 step recovery grp. Thank you.


Please post this in your next issue of the Occupied Wall Street Journal. The Church needs to at least support your call for Justice and Equity, even if it cannot agree with the covetous nature it is sometimes expressed in. Know that God Almighty hears even if we, HIs Church, have grown dull of hearing ourselves.




GeneralMovement SupportAre plans afoot for occupying the area around the Supreme Court, given its majority Citizens United decision? Thank you.


GeneralDear Occupiers:

I admire your courage to stand up against the socio-economic injustices America is facing today. Your commitment to non-violence in the face of police brutality is your greatest strength. Truly, you are representing the 99% of working people who are unable or unwilling to join you physically in protest.

I feel the greatest contribution I can make to your efforts is to share what I know about the truth about our money – how it is created, manipulated, and used to control governments and citizens. I've been following OWS and the other Occupy movements on Livestream, Youtube, and other websites. I'm painfully aware that many of the Occupiers are misinformed about our monetary system. Many people mistakenly believe that our government prints its own money. They think that the Federal Reserve is a government entity, when in reality it is a private, foreign corporation intent on controlling governments and stealing the wealth from its people.

I strongly encourage you to educate your followers and the rest of the public about the true nature of the monetary system. Until the Federal Reserve is relieved of its power to create and manipulate the money supply, we will always be enslaved in debt. As long as fractional reserve banking is allowed to continue, no amount of economic reform will resolve the problem. Below are some excellent resources for understanding the source of our economic woes.

Please pay special attention to the sections about returning to the 'gold standard.' Since gold is a scarce resource and is owned primarily by the wealthy elite, money backed by gold is just another ploy to control the money supply. True economic freedom depends upon the quantity of money in circulation in relation to the goods and services traded, not upon gold. The prosperity of North Dakota with its state issued credit is an example of a fiat money that works, however, I would argue that their system of fractional reserve banking should be phased out to ensure long-term economic prosperity.

Please watch these videos to understand how our current monetary system works and what can be done to free us all from debt. (I thought I knew a lot until I watched the Money Masters.)

The Secret of Oz: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swkq2E8mswI
The Money Masters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXt1cayx0hs
Money as Debt: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dc3sKwwAaCU

Most importantly, I urge you and the occupiers to write your congressman to support the Monetary Reform Act http://www.themoneymasters.com/monetary-reform-act/ or the Monetary Reform Bill, introduced by Dennis Kucinich http://www.monetary.org/. These bills are currently our best hope of reforming the system since they have already been drafted. They only await an act of Congress for passage into law. Experts warn that the U.S. Dollar is on the verge of collapse. The time to act is NOW!

Occupy Wall Street, with its thousands of supporters, is in the position of turning the table on the banksters and helping to enact legislation that will truly liberate us from their control. Please seize this opportunity.

In loving gratitude,



General1.Stop the greedy CEO drawing extremely high salary and bonus,even the company not doing well.
2. Ask your politicians to change and enforce rules on Bank System and protect tax-payers.
3.create more Jobs and change tax system to protect middle class people.


GeneralWould like to introduce a manhattan psychiatrist to help...medical tent?


Generalyou suggest donations of food through Panini & Co. the manager of this restaurant doesn't say very nice things about the protesters : following MSMBC aritcal http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/44970202#.TqIMJJv8XMh Stacey Tzortzatos, manager of Panini & Co., a casual restaurant that's normally bustling as it serves financial district clients, said the eatery has been losing business because police barricades discourage customers from coming in, and media vans are blocking the view.
But the biggest problem, she said, was protesters coming in to use the bathroom — "30 at a time." She said she put locks on the bathroom doors in response.
"They take showers using the sink, they brush their teeth, and they make a huge mess," she said.
Tzortzatos said she's been harassed and verbally abused by protesters, who have come in eating donated food.
"I was called 'evil' for asking whether they were customers, when they came in eating their free pizza, smelling so bad," she said. "It's a constant battle, and it's getting worse as the weeks go by."


GeneralResource SharingHi NYC-GA! I'm part of the Detroit GA at Occupy Detroit. I love your guide to General Assemblies and I'd like to create one for ours to allow new members to grasp the process quickly.

I know that it's a largish request, but if you guys had the design files to open-source they would be truly appreciated!


GeneralInformation Sharinghttp://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21228354.500-revealed--the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html

Are you aware of the above research just published?


GeneralLogisticsI'm in Bridgeport right now. I would join the field trip to New Haven right now if I knew where it is exactly.


GeneralThis is really important and I can't get it through to anybody. Please help!

I am a former Democratic Congressional nominee. Please repeat this information and spread it as far as possible.

A solution to the goals of the "99%" movement is to get money out of politics via federal financing of elections.

I have a petition on moveon.org's petition site:


Please check it out and get it to the center of the "movement" !!


GeneralHi...Has there been any discussion of a legal challenge to Bloomberg's No Tent edict? I would volunteer for this_ I'm a 65 year old 90% service connected disabled Marine Corps Vietnam vet. I'm also retired union member/NYTimes Delivery Foreman. I would even supply the tent if the General Assembly would like to mount a challenge. Thanks, Bill Breen


GeneralWake Up And Join Us

Democracy is not just a thing of the people which they make together. It is a particular kind of thing. It is a tool, not a house. It is not even a tool in the house. It is a tool like a game is a tool, like a story, a myth, a picture or a poem is a tool.

There are particular rules, laws, that function like a tool: they are fairly fixed, useful, and can be agreed generally upon as being useful.

The rest is more like a story, or better, like a game we play with others.

What tells us we are playing a game, are not in ordinary life, is that we have another, separate life outside of the game. If our fear, or our hatred, is keeping us in the game, it is not a game any more, it is our home, our life.

However good the rules of the game, it can lose our loyalty. Our playmates might start colluding with each other to get around the rules. They might steal pieces when we aren't looking. They might cheat in innumerable other ways.

When governments have become homes, not games, we call them totalitarian: Fascism, Nationalism, National Socialism, Communism. It is not important how these state homes are made, by leaders, or by a mob: a mob is a group of people without individuality. People who, each like the other, lowering themselves to acting on fear and hatred, have made a game into a home. The government is the only place they have. They don't even have themselves any more.


It is our nature to play games. We are born with the wish to play and the knowledge of how to play. Play is one of two ways we have the learn. The other is ritual, equally basic, equally inborn.

Ritual is a repetition performed with others giving us the security of knowing what to expect. Mobs perform rituals. Rituals are what makes the state a substitute home.

Children play to learn. Then, as they get older, they play for keeps. Learning good things about their playmates, they take them home. They make families. Security in family is not from rituals calming our fears and organizing us around hatred of others outside the family. Security in family is from knowing good about the others and feeling grateful to have their company. In a word, love.

A baby knows how to laugh much better than adults do. Laughter is a ritual against ritual. A repeated, vehement sigh distances us from something happening not like we expected, which might be seeing us as outside the family, might be hostile, changing the world we play in, into a world which wants to destroy our home. Laughter says, that is not the game! I won't make your game my home. I have my own home. Apparently you don't!

A baby knows to laugh at the world which doesn't know enough to keep to playing games.


When Democracy has been changed from a game, a tool, an idea, into a home, the proper response is laughter. Not violence, not hatred, not fear. Those responses make you into a mob, lose you your home, make you unworthy of what you demand. You can't demand government keep to its place, stay a game, if you can't yourself stay a player.

And to stay a player, you have to protect your home, your real home. Stay loving, grateful for the good you see in each other.

But be careful not to overdo it with love. You don't love those you are protesting against. You laugh at them. You play with them. You don't play by their rules because your game, in protest, is to play at withdrawing from the game. You are in the game but you are not (this is sometimes called passive resistance). You tell a story, put on a show, demonstrate to your opponents: this thing which for you is real and your home, is for us a game and a joke. Wake up! Wake up and join us.


GeneralI am a wise visionary. I can give voice to the cause.


GeneralInformation SharingThis coming Wednesday, October 26 there will be an Occupation Wall Street Rally held at New Jersey City University, 2039 Kennedy Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ 07305. The Rally will be held on campus at the Gothic Lounge, Hepburn 202 from 12:30 to 3:00pm.

The rally is in response to a debate that was established by the University's administration with me, Dr. William Calathes, a strong supporter and participant of OWS, with a Wall Street businessman who is coming to campus that day. Rather than hearing only from me, I would like him to hear from the 99%. I have put this on my facebook page a have invited all I can. I would like some additional support from others if they can make it.

I believe that this is an important event in establishing more momentum in Jersey City so we can begin to have an occupation on both sides of the Hudson.

Feel free to call me directly - 917-837-6047.


Bill Calathes
Professor, Criminal Justice


GeneralInformation SharingNew wall street music video released yesterday, please watch and pass along...



GeneralGeneral AssemblyAgenda: Could this be brought up for a vote at a General Assembly Meeting?

I don't know how to get this on the agenda or get anyone to acknowledge my concept. It is a simple statement that I would like to be added to the agenda. I live in a very rural part of NH but still have a voice that I would like everyone to hear.
Simply stated, "We reaffirm our rights to corrective actions necessary to insure each citizen shall be held in the highest regard as a unique and important part of the moral character of the American society."


GeneralGroupsI am looking to start a group for the differently abled -- I cannot find the 'button' to start a group. Would you please help me?firefox


GeneralContentYour image is broken, and I have drafted an open letter of importance to all that would call themselves the NYCGA aligned with the OWS movement.

My Open letter is in the form of a PDF file, I do not expect this to get published but I have out lined some creative steps that should be implemented since all of the Nation and the Worlds eyes are on NYC and the OWS movement.

I am not seeking any fame, notoriety, or fortune as I am a modest and humble man that is seeking the same goals as other like minded individuals, and I am impressed with the works that are coming out of the NYCGA

But to whom do I need to send this off to?

Douglas Gault
about 5 of them take your pick


GeneralInformation SharingPlease sign the NESARA petition & forward it everywhere.... if you haven't already.


GeneralGroupsAre the 12 Traditions of 12 step groups a good model for non leader, community oriented movements?

this is a quick general interpretation- that could be gleaned from- but has many useful concepts imo

Observe- neutralized versions of the 12 step preamble and traditions: by: One New York Activist

One—Our common welfare should come first; recovery depends upon unity.

Two—For our group purpose there is but one ultimate authority— our group conscience. Our leaders are but trusted servants; they do not govern.

Three—The only requirement for membership is a desire to be a member. Nor ought ' membership' ever depend upon money or conformity. Any two or three people gathered together may call themselves a group, provided that, as a group, they have no other affiliation.

Four—Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or the movement as a whole.

Five—Each group has but one primary purpose—to carry its message.

Six—A group ought never endorse, finance or lend the name to any related facility or outside enterprise, lest problems of money, property and prestige divert us from our primary purpose. We think, therefore, that any considerable property of genuine use to us should be separately incorporated and managed, thus dividing the material from the goal. A group, as such, should never go into business. Secondary aids, such as clubs or hospitals which require much property or administration, ought to be incorporated and so set apart that, if necessary, they can be freely discarded by the groups. Hence such facilities ought not to use our name. Their management should be the sole responsibility of those people who financially support them. While a group may cooperate with anyone, such cooperation ought never go so far as affiliation or endorsement, actual or implied. A group can bind itself to no one.

Seven—Every group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. The groups themselves ought to be fully supported by the voluntary contributions of their own members. We think that each group should soon achieve this ideal; that any public solicitation of funds is highly dangerous, whether by groups, clubs, hospitals, or other outside agencies; that acceptance of large gifts from any source, or of contributions carrying any obligation whatever, is unwise. Then too, we view with much concern those treasuries which continue, beyond prudent reserves, to accumulate funds for no stated purpose. Experience has often warned us that nothing can so surely destroy our heritage as futile disputes over property, money, and authority.

Eight—We should remain forever nonprofessional, but our service centers may employ special workers. We define professionalism as the occupation of 'the work' for fees or hire. But we may employ people where they are going to perform those services for which we might otherwise have to engage others. Such special services may be well recompensed. But our usual voluntary work is never to be paid for.

Nine- We, as such, ought never be organized; but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve. Each group needs the least possible organization. Rotating leadership is the best. The small group may elect its secretary, the large group its rotating committee, and the groups of a large metropolitan area their central or inter group committee, which often employs a full-time secretary. The trustees of the General Service Board are, in effect, our General Service Committee. They are the custodians of our Traditions and the receivers of voluntary contributions by which we maintain our General Service Office at New York. They are authorized by the groups to handle our over-all public relations and they guarantee the integrity of our publications. All such representatives are to be guided in the spirit of service, for true leaders are but trusted and experienced servants of the whole. They derive no real authority from their titles; they do not govern. Universal respect is the key to their usefulness.

Ten—We have no opinion on outside issues; hence the group name ought never be drawn into public controversy.

Eleven—Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion; we need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio and films. Our public relations should be guided by the principle of attraction rather than promotion. There is never need to praise ourselves. We feel it better to let our friends recommend us.

Twelve—Unity is the foundation of all our Traditions, ever reminding us to place principles before personalities; that we are actually to practice a genuine humility. This to the end that our great blessings may never spoil us; that we shall forever live in thankful contemplation to each other.


GeneralPrimary gole is bring an end to election fraud. Voting machines designed to cheat.


General Should I kill myself on the steps of the capital Building?
The ranting of a mad man

When people can’t agree on the color of crap, can come together and agree that Washington has become more dysfunctional than ever, one can surmise that the revolution begun a long time ago. After all a revolution starts when we the people can find one thing, one thing is all it takes to get the snowball rolling down the hill.

The “Let them eat Cake” attitude has finally run its course and, we know how that story ended for those in charge. I think the “have not’s” of today’s food has not spoiled enough to that point of “Occupied Wall Street” This country’s mentality of “let them eat cake” is only one of the ways in which the revolution has started. The revolution brings into focus the forces of universal laws, mathematics and physics. Objects that keeps expanding at the top and get smaller at the bottom are not able to sustain itself indefinitely; therefore it must fall or collapse on itself. As the top gets wealthier and heavier, the bottom continues to become poorer and weaker. The pull and separation of the two creates a wider and wider strain on society. It becomes a rubber band that continues to be stretched and can only stretch so far before it breaks. This is the equivalent of building an inverted pyramid atop another pyramid; it can only stay balanced for so long.

So what happens when it crashes down? When will it crash? These are the real questions. We all can agree the scenario is set; this is not a question of the hypothetical “IF” anymore, it is a matter of when.
Once the people figure out whom they really, really are mad at, the dominos will start to fall. Right now their anger is misguided and misplaced but given time, they will figure it out.

Being mad at the politicians, corporations and Wall Street is clearly misguided. Being mad at any of these groups is like being made at scorpions for stinging or a mosquito for biting. They do what they do because they are what they are. We say we are angry at large corporations and yet we still buy their products and services. We say that the system is broken in Washington and Wall Street yet we still follow along. I am here to let you know that the system is not broken, not at all. As a matter of fact the system is alive and well, working on all levels with no end in sight. The question and conversation should not be how we can fix the system, because that implies the system is in fact broken which it is not. It is just not working for the 99%. Furthermore, there can be no solution with the rhetoric, spin, divide and conquer policies of the system as it exist today. The reason is, the “system” takes charge and it takes hold and controls the conversation. It does this deliberately and with purpose. “The System” has us all debating the wrong things intentionally. As long as we are skirmishing amongst ourselves about the conversation that “THEY” set, which is not real, “The System”, can continue to perpetuate the same old game. Red state, Blue state, independent state, liberal, progressive, conservative, ultra this ultra that, blah, blah, blah. “The system “Works, it just isn’t working for all of us. I don’t remember any of these titles being on my birth certificate. I don’t recall any of my friends, teachers or clergy ever calling me by any of these things. It is not on my driver’s licenses, my sisters never called me by any of these things when I was growing up. I do not remember learning geography with these titles in the legends on maps next to the states capital or its population.

So, when did it happen? Who started it? Why was it started? These are all good questions and a good place to start a new and different conversation. I will tell you this, once you label yourself or label others you have now created a difference, a separation, a divide from you and all others. The saying goes; “there is strength in numbers.” It makes you understand why “the system” doesn’t want large people in large numbers. “There is safety in numbers”. I can see why a “system” may not want you to feel safe; after all, fear is a good motivator and a driving force to help control the masses. By telling us who our enemies are and why they are our enemies, it shifts the focus; it shifts our line of sight just as a master illusionist does to be successful at pulling off their trick.

Wall Street is nothing more than a bookmaker. A bookmaker is someone who takes bets on sporting events. If I bet on the Jets to win and they lose, why should I be angry at my bookmaker? Wall Street places bets on which stocks go up or go down and collect a fee. Wall Street makes a large portion of its income from fees, somewhere between 1-10%, so If Wall Street is making billions on fees of 1-10%, who is making the other 90%? I am not defending Wall Street, they are greed personified. What I am saying is that Wall Street’s greed doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Wall Street trades on the greed of others, on the greed of corporation, on the greed of the people who run them and on the greed of its shareholders. Besides Wall Street is just one of the many problems and they are not even the biggest one.

If we can agree for the sake of this conversation that the “System” is not broken and is in perfect working condition, then a new and more accurate question can emerge. If so many feel that the system is not working for them, yet the system is not broken; then who is the system working for?
I think this question can provide a more productive conversation then the ones we’ve been having for too long now and are told to have. I feel this new conversation can bring us together rather than continue to tear us apart.

So, let’s all agree “The System” is not broken and we the majority of the people aren’t being served by it. With both things being true, perhaps now we can stop being so angry with “the system” and start being angry with who and what is really is to blame.
First let’s start with some truths:
Power is never taken!
Authority is never taken!
Control is never taken!
These are all truths, facts that are never in dispute. All of these things are given and most of all they are given freely without any pressure or threat. That’s right; all these things are given every day gladly over and over and over again. We do it when our favorite sports team goes on strike for more money and we hate that and yet after the strike we go back and now pay a higher ticket price. We do it in so many ways day in and day out with so little awareness. We rather pay more for a bottle of water then a gallon of gas and not see the absurdity of it. We would rather pay more for movie tickets or sporting events then to part with one more cent for our teachers and not see the crime we are committing against ourselves, our children every time we make that choice. We show enormous patience and tolerance when in a line for a cup of coffee then we do for the disenfranchised and needy in our country.
The list is almost endless in what “we the people” agree to on a day to day basis.
People are angry, yes. People are upset, yes. People are suffering, yes. People are feeling helpless, yes. People need help, yes.
Remember, “We ARE The People”!!!!!! We can help ourselves.
Here are some other “Truths”.
These companies belong to us!
This government belongs to us!!!
We are in charge!!
The illusion that it is not ours is a falsehood and it has been perpetrated on us far too long. These things are in fact ours and at any time we can change it. Not by lining up for an election for candidates that the system has picked. Not buy waiting for charity from the rich, or from Wall Street. I mean right now, today this very moment. We are really in control, we just have to let them know and protesting is not really the way but it’s a great start because it mobilizes people. See protesting, is not something someone who is in charge or control does. As long as we are protesting, “THEY”, “THE SYSTEM” will remain the same. Protesting gets you noticed, however that’s all it does; standing in the cold howling at the moon or buildings doest get us anything other than a sore throat. Who should we really be angry with, ourselves? It starts with us. We let this happen. Corporations don’t make money, we give it to them. The rich don’t make money, nor do they take money, we give it to them. We look to Washington for answers when we already have them. We are asking when we should be telling and that difference makes all the difference in the world because we don’t need their help.

Why is most of this our fault? Let’s start with how we pick our leaders and why it’s so dysfunctional. Let’s look at how we pick all the other professionals in our live and see if we use the same method when it comes to picking our politicians:
When we need a doctor, do we seek out someone who has experience with the ailment we have, someone who went to medical school, training and experience?
When we need a lawyer, do we seek someone who went to law school and has experience in the particular law we require and training?
When we want to build a sports team, do we seek a person who have played the game before, has training and experience?
The answer is of course we do, we all do.
Then the question is; when it comes to picking politicians, why do we pick people with little to no experience or training in politics? Then we throw them into the “GAME” of politics and expect to be served well? Then we get angry when they don’t succeed. We don’t do this in any other aspect of our lives and yet we do it when it comes to one of the most important decisions of our lives.
Why do we do this? Is it because they “speak our language” we can have a beer with them? Is it because they are “angry and fed up like we are”? Is it because they say they “understand how we feel”? Is it because they are rich? Is it because we like them? I don’t know about you, but I would never pick a doctor, lawyer, teacher or players for a team or anything else for that matter with that kind of criteria.

I don’t care at what level a politician serves at, I just need to know that they have committed themselves to service, to the service of others, or to a cause, that they were in service to something greater then themselves. I would want them to have that kind of training, schooling and experience, experience of service. After all, aren’t they running for the greatest and highest offices of severing the people? Shouldn’t service be on their resume’? I would never want anyone for example that would sign a pledge in absolute just to get elected, because the world is constantly changing, life is a fluid things change life happens. No one can ever know what is to come in the future so why be trapped by your own pledge of the past? I would not want anyone with that little foresight leading when they already tied themselves to a particular path of the past. Life happens in front of us not behind us. Where can movement come from if you decided long ago not to be movable? This time it was the Tea Party and Republicans, but it doesn’t matter it’s the democrats too, its shortsightedness by anyone. Our Government failed us because we failed in our choices and in the method in which we chose them.

Sometimes we may need a leader to create a new path. The term would be “trailblazer”. If you are already following a path that is predetermined or a path that already exists, you are no longer leading are you? How can you be a leader if you are following? I don’t care if you are Republicans, Democrats, Liberals or Conservatives; these titles mean nothing to me and should mean less to everyone else. Service and smarts, service and smarts should be at least two of the fundamental criteria for any candidate of any office of “SERVICE”. After all it is called “being in the service of the people”?

What can I do, we do? I have a few suggestions:

G.E. made the headlines for making 7 or 8 billion in profit and not paying taxes on most of it. That is the wrong conversation. What is wrong with making 5 to 6 billion in profit is a better question? Take 1 billion less in profit and see what it can buy. There are a 1,000 millions in one billion. Take a job starting at $50,000. There are 20-50,000 blocks in a million. You can hire 20,000 people with just one of your billions, still making billions in profit at the same time putting people to work. Take a billion and give raises, benefits whatever and still be profitable. G.E doesn’t have to mind you, however if we ask them too and they don’t want to be good corporate citizens, we don’t have to buy or use any of their products or services and soon they will have no profit. G.E. welcome to the 99%.

Wall Street received approximately $800 billion not debating the right or wrong of it because it is done. What I am asking is this; Wall Street paid it all back and we the tax payers reportedly made $186 billion on the transaction. Where is the money? There have been 1.5 million foreclosures thus far and another 1.5 coming. If the average homeowner needs $200,000 on average; there are 5-200,000 blocks in a million a 1,000 million in a billion which means for every 1 billion 5,000 people would not have to leave their homes. Multiply that by 10, 20, and 30 and so on. Crises averted.

Steve Jobs died and it’s a loss. People are using his name in the context of Einstein, Edison and alike that may be true not here to debate that. How much did Apple make last year? How many billions? How many Jobs did Mr. Jobs create in this country? Not many.

The CEO of Cisco goes on national T.V. 60 minutes and says we; the company has billions off shore that he “can’t” bring back because of the tax laws. Furthermore he said he’s not the only company that is in that position, so why is there no rioting in the streets?

One other suggestion may include me going to Washington, standing on the steps of the Capital building and setting myself on fire and see what that might spark. Sadly, some may not even get the reference.

What I would do other than setting myself on fire?
You want to get at Wall Street, get at the companies they trade. Christmas is coming; all things that will be sold are either in production or already on their way to the warehouses. You want cheaper products and get at the corporate greed and the greed of Wall Street? NO ONE goes shopping on black Friday!
Who came up with shopping on that particular Friday? Why, when and whom did it serve to have 30 days of shopping? I am not saying to cancel your shopping, I am saying let’s not go shopping until a week before Christmas. What that will do is create panic, a competitive frenzy for all the companies. With such a short window to sell their goods, they will do anything for your business. See in a capitalistic system, “capital” is the key. They already have their capital tied up in their products and would need to sell them at any price. This is just one of many things we can do. We don’t need to ask anyone, no need to stand out in the cold asking begging demanding we just do it. We are in charge we need not ask the rich, the politicians and moreover no need to ask Wall Street for anything. We take back the power and the control that we gave away.
There are other ideas on how we can fix the health care issue, jobs and education without asking Washington or Wall Street. We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, you know the rest. This is a perfect way to end this letter as well as a start of a new one.



GeneralInformation Sharingnot a prob it's all good but hope to get this out there...
hi- vet activist Queen Mother Dr. Delois Blakely Community Mayor of Harlem is calling for support @ the Supreme Court 60 Centre St Rm 321 Part44 @ 11:am Thurs 27th. Trial slum lords v low-income housing for women/children in Harlem. PACK the COURT Stand With Us: <>


GeneralGroupsSo as I'm sure you've heard there are two very distinct 'factions' in Demands that represent two very different approaches to framing them. JOBS FOR ALL was framed at meeting 1 and 2 and will reach the GA likely on Sunday. It is not that there is anything wrong with items in this demand , it just wasn't consensed upon or shopped out, or consulted on by the movement as a whole. The other 'faction' which I am representing is called the Demands Framing Sub-Group, composed of a wide range of strangers who agree that demands are important, but must be framed by the movement and the people. We are shortly going to introduce a process by which consultation can begin on demands with all working groups and other occupations. Despite our diverse backgrounds our subgroup utilizes consensus and see ourselves as a framing mechanism for the movements demands, not a way to co-opt.

As of right now demands working group has no contact information on the site and no status on this page. We would like two get that info up. And we would like to have both factions info listed.

Demands group attracts a lot of working people and people of color and New York natives. We'd like to have this be a big and open debate.

Please advise what we can do to 1) put both factions and their goodfaith debate on the status and contact page. 2) what mechanisms exist to generate a Demands poll off this site, and 3) who can we network with in open source for online demadns collection.

Solidarity and sorry to be long winded.



GeneralThis is a feature request
I am trying to make this book my father-in-law wrote which first predicted all this years ago but secondly has many answers and helpful information. To that end I put the book online available to read for free. http://www.jobs-raped.us
Here follows some substance, some of the substance everyone is talking about, asking for... Free Book! http://www.jobs-raped.us/ Our intention is, first and foremost, to get this information to the American people. To that end, we offer this Free Book "Millions of American's Jobs Raped by America's so-called leaders! We must stop them!" for anyone to read.


GeneralThe issue is as follows: http://www.nycga.net/groups/people-of-color-working-group/

First, I am married to a black lady and have been for well over 20 years and have been together for close to 30 years, so you don't get to call me a racist. It is unbelievable that this group of well informed people would begin an affirmative action group such as this.

This bias and exclusive behavior is the only reason I can think of that I would walk away from the effort. It is the same thing that helped ruin this country, preferential treatment. Before you say that I don't know the history of the US read a few of my posts. I am well informed, I am not disenfranchised except that I was packing up to leave this broken country.

It looks like after almost 400 years of my family being here that it is time to leave.

You do whatever it takes to get people into this movement, but become what you are fighting is not a victory I wish to fight or win.

You have become that which you seek to fight.

BTW, you forgot to add a comment drop down so I have to assume you do not want comments.

I am out of here.


Generalwe are in the park theor no free speech here at all in bloomington indiana
47401 nothing in are press at all we are told go away their no money here
cost of living here is too high rent is too high to buy a house too high
pay is at $8.00 a hour no health insurance at all for us we are at people
parks all day and night we are being cut off from the youi and the computer
why we are poor boss are fired people as soon as they get their jobs
why bossd are fired people all the time here just like that


GeneralConcerning the Occupy Wall Street Movement


Greetings from Montréal, Québec, Canada.

I am a 50 year old, unknown, songwriter in Montreal, Canada. You can Google search my name, Robbie Daug for some background.

A friend and I wrote a song 10 years ago after witnessing the 911 attacks on television. The song addresses corporate and Vatican greed, 911, global warming, and the life span, in seconds, of one man who dies and is buried in a modest grave. (The youtube link is below.)

A quick recording was made of the still unfinished song and then was lost on a crashed hard drive for a little less than 10 years. Knowing the only version of the song was on the drive, i opted to keep the drive thinking i could ask a technician at a later date if data could be retrieved from my crashed drive.
I finally had the disc checked out and i came across the old song. I uploaded that version to youtube in May 2011.
When the Occupy Wall Street movement spread to Victoria Square, in Montréal, i remembered the lyrics of the song we had written and thought it might be a pretty good anthem for the movement.

I uploaded the song to youtube on May 23, 2011 and it only received 313 views in total.
On October 15, 2011, i updated the youtube video title to address the Occupy Wall Street movement, and the videos is gaining a little momentum with 147 new views in only 12 days.

The song doesn't complain or chant about bail-outs, per se, but the meaning and implications of corporate greed are there.
I think this song would be a great anthem for the cause because it doesn't chant out slogans involving the terms "99%" or "Occupy Wall
Street" - we have enough people chanting that on the streets, as it is. So, an anthem shouldn't have to be a negative chant-out of those chants because it would be an "overkill use" of those terms - an anthem using those chants would become increasingly annoying to listen to if they were repeated over and over in a song.
Our song offers a fresh view while still addressing the cause, and hoping for change.

I went to youtube and listened to most of the anthems that people wrote and sang, or suggested, on youtube, to be anthems for the cause. I don't believe they are good anthems as all they do is complain and complain - the lyrics they use are great for chants to shout out at rallies and protests but not for a long lasting song/anthem.

Our song does not complain or nag at anything but it does address what is going on as far as corporate greed goes, and the 99% who suffer and have to live strugging without the basics of survival. The song is a hope for change.
The song lyrics are in the video description below the youtube video
This song is still unfinished. When my old computer crashed, the version of CuBase which i was using to record my music was incompatable with the new operating system that came with the new PC.
Being one of the 99%, i can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a newer version of the software in order to complete the song. I am not working, i receive social assistance. I am not a famous rock star who doesn't need MORE money. I am a poor guitarist with severe gout in both feet.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, for listening to the song, and for considering this anthem suggestion.

I hope the people where you are consider this song to be the appropriate song to address the Occupy Wall Street cause. It certainly would be a great compliment to me and my friend if the song could be used as an anthem for the movement. It might even bring us some succcess if we're lucky enough.

Have a great day.

Robbie Daug



General1. You guys need your Martin Luther King. A guy who can be your spokesperson for everything you are trying to accomplish.
2. You guys need to show up to City council meetings, Large Bankers board meetings, State representative legislature meetings, Congressional hearings.
3. You Guys need to get on K street and start lobbying congress for what you guys want changed in the system. In stead of having these thousands of people just stand and shout long " We need democracy, and pissing off police by blocking roads, bridges, and other stuff, which just winds up leading to hundreds of you guys getting arrested and never accomplishing your goals
4. Your need to launch large targeted protests not just random stuff where like the 1 million man marches that MLK led. Within a few years if you guys do this correctly you will see your movement be not only acknowleaged by the government and banks but also.
5. Most importantly you guys need your 1. figurehead that can speak for you and what your demands of your government and you banks are.
examples: 1. MLK- civil right movements
2. Gloria Steinem- to the women's liberation movement
3. John Lennon, John Kerry, MLK, and others to the- anti-war movement
But the best example of these was the civil right movements and the anti-war movements the accomplished the most because they change discrimination in the country and also ending the Draft for the military and instituted an all-volunteer army. These two movements accomplished the EEOC, the Civil Rights Act, and many others.
6. It's time to get more organized and find your MLK.


GeneralHello Occupy Wall Street,

I would like to express to you the mere admirable fight you are containing to stop the flaws and frauds of capitalism.

In order capitalism to collapse you must beat it at its own game. Meaning, you cannot stop capitalism by anarchical strategies. The way to justify your cause is by freezing consumption on corporate products. If you can spread the message to US consumers to stop purchasing products and goods we will defeat capitalism, because if there is no money flowing into large corporations and products it will deteriorate the economy, in turn, the fall of capitalism will prevail.

Brand occupy wall street by "boycotting product consumption", in example, pepsi, nike, heinz, bank accounts, mcdonalds, wal-mart. Only promote the consumption of "basic necessities". Such as, food, shelter and clothes. Promote local retailers and stay away from corporate franchises and large brands. They are the greediest and hold the largest power in the economies. Take your median of power at the moment and use it to penetrate the heart of the enemy. Create a marketing campaign to stop consumption of corporate products. It is the most realistic way for you to stem a virus into the us economy through the consumer that will diminish the corporate greed of the economy.

Email me back if you would like some more direction! Roni :)


GeneralGeneral AssemblyIt is difficult to figure out as an individual how to speak at the GA or get on stack. I feel shut out


GeneralI am running for President, because I am much more angry than any of you.
You need a detailed solution plan to push for to solve our worlds problems.

I.. can and do supply this solution plan.






Information given deals with job losses
and financial blunders done by your gov .

for the good of your country , read
US as UK, England .ok .

Beware , and save your country .
dealing with job loss .

close all your colleges ,
burn your universities ,
burn and destroy your books and educational
materials ,

reason for doing this is after your graduation ,
you will find no job for you in America ,
UK , or in nay European country ,
as all of your jobs are being done
by indians on job visa and by outsourcing of jobs
to india .

it is better you learn some low paying jobs like
cleaning car and windows
so that after your degree completion , atleast
you can earn 25 dollar per day ,
as 120 dollar per day of graduate jobs
are only to be given to asian country ,
by your senators orders .

an american named obama goes to a gun store ,
buys an automatic gun , then drives
back to his home .

few days back he was removed from his job ,

reason , was his employer thought ,
instead of giving him , 4000 us dollars per
month, why not outsource to india , and pay ,
just 2000 dollars per month , including
business setup transfer .

now this individual has only one option,
as he would loose his house in foreclosure ,
and his wife and two daughter would
now rot on streets .

so if he fucks his wife on camera and than sell
it on net , he would get 500 us dollars ,
but that is not enough .

but he can force his small childrens to do
child porn and than upload on net ,
but max he can earn rs 2000 US dollars only .

Besides he is not a bastard to make sex
video of his wife or daughter , he is s true christain .

so when he enters his home , he immediately
runs towards the room of his daugters ,
his wife worries why he is running towards his
childrens room .

so she follows ,
she sees a gun in his hands and realises what
he was going to do ,
so she begs his husband to not to kill

but he removes his gun and points at
his childrens , fear and tears in his daughters
face , suddenly he realises , what he said
when he first saw their new born babies ,
their innocent loving faces ,he never thought that
he would be killing the same childrens with same
hands , with which he used to feed and care them .

but now because of so called globalization ,
he has no option but to kill his childrens or
throw them for sale to porn site .

so he kills them with two bangs and
now blood reaches his leg .
then he shoots his screaming wife ,
and finally shouts ,

America will progress , by out sourcing jobs to india ,
by making Americans jobless ,
making them to live life of animals ,
it is our duty to be jews slave ,

and finally says what was my crime ,

my crime is only that my President , Senators
listens only to jews who believe
in destruction of USA by
outsourcing of jobs and immigration of indians ,
and transfer of defence technology to india ,
which took decades for American scientists
to develop . ok .

and finally kills himself .

Fbi report , an afro american who lost
his job kills his family .
case closed.

would you like US president starving his kids
and giving party to his neighbours ,

if US persident cannot starve his kids ,
he has also no right to starve millions of
Americans of their jobs in their own country .

US President is a Muslim ,
who wants to take revenge from American
people by making millions of jobless ,
by outsourcing and transfer of technology and
defence to India .
US Muslim president believes that , i cannot force
US military to fire missiles at US cities to kill
americans , but i can allow outsourcing to india , so
that millions of americans can live lives of animals .

want to take revenge for iraq sanctions which killed
a million childrens , and after invasion of this
country by America killed another 2 million .

want to take revenge of 1.5 milion afgan killed

by US forces .

so continue outsourcing and take revenge from America .

Know , Arab terrorists attack US cities , they
target main Information technology , software
companies and defense R and D companies .

no one is killed as attacks were done using missiles
during night .

arab wanted to make america suffer by
causing more that 3 million american to loose jobs,

so they though why not attack their source of jobs ,
so they did the attacks .

Now US President becomes angry ,

do those arabs think senators as fools , no we are
not fools .

US president passes a law which forces all companies
which were destroyed by arab attacks ,
to be rebuild in a 6 months maximum period .

and issued warning no jobs would be shifted out of
America ,as this is what arab terrorists want ,
destruction and suffering of american due to job loss .

US president did a mistake by
giving the post of US sec of state to a
character whose psyc level is that of a 12
year old girl , actually is a case of
Man incased in a women body .

now this character , US sec of state ,
wants to become next President .
so she marries her daugter to a jew whose
parent were in jail for financial fraud ,
so as to get jews votes , but low level politics .

marrying to a jew is not bad , but those involved in
financial fraud is bad

so it may be US president last term and no second term .
But Barak Obama deserves

so there is no chance that a new president would impose ban on
outsourcing and try to bring back jobs lost to india ,
back to US .

So US President should immediately impose ban on
any outsourcing jobs to India ,
ban on giving contracts to indian firms in US ,
Ban on and R and D work in India , Bangalore ,

and full assurance to bring back more the 3 million jobs back to
US which were lost to India , in an year .

Jews want to take revenge from US president for
doing Financial Reforms in Banking and
stock tradings .

Because of this jews would loose billions of dollars daily .

so jews would be doing fake terror attacks in US ,
by using mossad and anti american FBi and cia agents .
so that attention is diverted from job crisis to Pakistan .

do not get fooled by such attacks .
would you fuck your sister or daughter

as they are available at low rates or freely ,

do the president of US , Pm of Uk ,
and all other rulers of western countries fuck their
sisters and daughters as they are available for free ,
instead of going to prostitutes , No .

ok , so why are you fucking your motherland .

just because indian labour is low cost ,
you have got no right to kick millions of
christians out of their jobs .

US economy also depends on Peoples
purchasing power .

so when millions of US citizens loose their jobs
to outsourcing to india , they are salary less ,

they would do very less purchasing ,
less purchasing means less demand , less demand
means less production or overstocking of

produced goods , less dollar circulation ,

ultimately making US economy a failure .

US should pass a Law with out taking
permission or reply from senate members as
senate members would
always oppose job regulation ,a as they are paid
by indian embassy officials to oppose job regulations .

Now dealing with debt , deficit , Austerity measures ,
cuts in funds meant for general public use .

Drama done By governments of European countries ,
Including england , france , germany are nothing but
fun of their own countries .

for example , in UK an airline operates
daily one flight , and has daily 150 passengers ,
and each paasenger pays 1000 US dollars.

now in name of globilization indian companies
having dirty safety records are allowed to operate
flight in uk .
and they offer seat at rs 500 us dollars .
so now passengers go for ind airline ,
and uk airline looses daily 100 seats , and it
falls under serious debt crisis .

now uk airline goes for cost cuts and stupid austerity measures like

no food and water in flight for free ,
cleaning only once a week , reducing cabin
crew members .

and in begining it looks good , but this drama would last for
few months and ultimately uk airline would be grounded .

in a similar way if indians and indian companies are not
blocked , outsourcing is not blocked ,
very soon all european countries including
England , france would be grounded badly .

so ban indian and indian companies .

donot listen to your financial analysts as majority of
financial firms are controlled by jews ,
and jews policy is destruction of christianity and
welfare of india .

so do not listen to misguidance from financial firms

Recession damaged western economy and
is now raising indian economy .

because of recession western countries Christians
lost 1 lakhs jobs , but after recession now they have lossed
2 million jobs and job loss is continuing .

why , because of jews backstabber ,
they are paying back to us , our favours
of forming israel .

jews who control financial firms , control financial
analysts ,Banking analysts , senators and members of parliaments of
western countries are behind job loss of christians .

jews convince and even bribe and force their controlled
units to cut jobs in western countries in disguise of
recession and cost savings , and thens end jobs back to india .

so by this indians are getting jobs and Westerners are
loosing jobs in millions and many of westerners are now
selling their naked videos so that they can get few buck.

not only this , because of job transfer as well as deliberate
manipulation by jews to give contracts to India ,
many western firms are in big financial loss and loss
of good workforce .

so now as these indian companies are getting our jobs
and our contracts

they are in profit and are now purchasing our western
financial, software information technology companies and also
many other steel and food companies .

so indians are using our own dollars to buy
our own companies .

suppose an indian company wants to do
acquisition of any western company , what they do is they
announce in indian market , that is Bse and Nse ,
so in a days trading they raise 2 to 3 billion dollars ,
by shares . and finally acquire christian western firms .

so for indian companies it is not difficult to raise
billons of dolars in a single day to buy off any western
firm .

and what jews do is they force management by them
selves as
well as by their financial analysts firms to misguide western
christain business to sell of their business , to india
and on other side they misguide financers to
buy shares of that indian company which whats to
acquire western firm.

so jews are using dollars to destroy dollars .

so in order to protect christian businesses in western
countries ,and in europe ,

all western countries and european union should immediately
sign treaty or individually impose ban on acquisition of
western business or european business firms by indian companies .

and if nothing is done then in less than a five years ,
all christain firms in western countries and in europe ,
would be completely be sold to india ,

all christain males of these countries would be left with
nothing but to smoke low grade drugs , eat and sleep
like those fools in arab who think all there work
should be done by asians .

in order to feed themselves as well as their male family
members , christian womens from western countries

and european countries would be packed in dark ,
and wet cargo containers and shipped to india where they would be
sold or would do prostitution to get money , which they can send back
their relatives in western countries .

But this Globilasation is damaging
christian business .

every thing is ok , till it gives benifit , but once it
starts eating yourself , you have to finish that thing .

globalisation is nothing but motherland fucking
business for all christain countries .

christain are loosing their jobs and business to
india , which is against christianity

western and european christains should form a union
which blocks all sale of its business to india
and also finance those firms, which are under financial loss
so that their sale is avioded .

pass laws to stop sale to india .

western countries have become a joke for indian
to settle down and get citizenship.

indian strategy is simple , invest or pay fees of 25,000 dollars
as education in Australia , Germany , UK , US and many
western countries , and after completion of their course or
degree , they get jobs in these countries and after few yrs
get citizenship and then marry and breed like pig and
produce many childrens .

for example , like in australia, if immigration of
indian is not stopped ,

and suppose per year 1 lakhs indian get citizenship , then
these 1 lakh would produce minimum 7 to 9 children per person .

so after 10 yrs indian would be 5 crores and australian 2.5 crores,
in australia.
and after 25 years indian population in australia
would be 25 crores and rea australians would get even
worst treatment than what was given to aborignes .

similar would be the case of Canada , America and
many western countries .

In order to protect your natural resources and your country
stop giving citizenship to indians and pakistanis .

all western countries have customs policy which forbids bringing
birds , animals or plants from foreign countries as it may
destroy ecological balance of their country .

so in a similar way ban immigration of
indian and pakistanis and they would also

breed badly and overpopulate your coutnry ,
burden your natural resources ,
reduces real citizens to minority ,
and destroy your countrys ecological balance .

Because of ruling party , senators and member of parliaments ,
who take bribe , sex , from india and obey
jew orders , in the name of education and low cost labour they
are allowing
indians to come to your country and destroy your country .

foolish politicians say they are getting foreign currency ,
okay , if your gov get annually 2 dollars in
currency from indian students ,annually ,
but after a yr or two these same india get jobs in
your country and in a yr they get 25 dollars from your country .
and also citizenship.

do you call this as a good business were you get rs 2 dollars from
an individual in a yr and in next year you pay that person
back 25 dollars no .

so education business is a loss .

Ban immigration from India and pakistan ok..

Law should clearly say ,and make sure For
Job Regulation

all jobs outsourced to india , some more
than 2.5 million jobs would be brought back to
America ,
in 6 to 9 months only .

any US company who outsources job saying
they get low labour costs , should be taxed double ,
so they they are forced to bring back
jobs to US .

All defence companies who are doing design or
R and D work in india , should be forced to Bring ,
back all work to America , if not they wont get nay
US defence contract or deal . r


getting Bpo and call centers job immediately
is possible very easily .

so force US and UK companies to
close their offices in India ,

bring back millions of jobs back to US ,

or face double the taxes and no government

contracts or deals .

any US graduate who is Unemployed
should be gioven training for 3 months or 6 months ,
on softwares and development works ,
and given all infoprmation technology jobs in US .

so by giving training to US graduates ,
these graduates can take up jobs which would be
brought back from india to US ,
and US graduates would be benifited .

Education .

Policy of US and UK and all western
countries is comletely wrong .

you peopleltalk of education standards and
your senators and MP block new
engineering and medical colleges to
be opened and give jobs to indians .

for example your policy says , in an engineering class ,
one lectutrer should eb for 15 to 25 students
so your education becomes costly ,
and you say any more students per class
would decrease standards .

but you have no objections to indian
engineering graduates or another graduates
who study in a class of 90 to 125 students
and a single lecturer .

Make your education polices less dictator type .

open atleast 1000 new engineering colleges ,
450 medical related colleges and 500 new engineering
graduates training colleges , in US
in an year .

make sure your eduation to your people is
available at low cost

when US gov can give billions of dollars to
Banks who do fraud ,

similarly give free or education at less cost to
your students , by Government financing .

there is nothing wrong if you allow
70 students and a single lecturer per class ,
then also your standard would be far above indian
education system .

US President should pass law immediately .

and then start a new election website ,
were US citizens would be asked to
do voting , in favour or against job regulations .

it should be like this .

click on what you want for you ,

job regulations which would give millions of jobs back
to unemployed graduates of America

no job regulation which means millions of
US graduates would remain unemployed , and
millions of more US citizens would become unemployed
by outsourcing , and finally you would depend on
gov assistance like 25 to 500 dollars per
month , and that would also be stopped later as
your senators would say why waste money on
unemployed instead give
money to india .

when no job ,when you have no option you may kill
you childrens , family

you will be forced to make porn video of your childrens
and sell online for 500 dollars , so that you can
survive for few days
or sell your naked video of 50 to 150 dollars .
these are market rates .

live like animals or even worse .

Choice is yours , click on
any of the above and decide .R

America or England
France or any other western country are not being

asked to stop waging war on Muslim countries .

france presidents thinks that he can fool
people of france , by imposing ban on
burka or stopping construction of Muslim
religious places .

England Pm may be thinking he can fools
UK people by saying Pak is
exporting terror ,

but they can not use their dislike for muslims
as a disguise to fools their people and
continue causing job loss .

you can issue whatever wrong anti Muslim
statements or work , by taking bribe from india
or jews , but you have no right to cause Job loss
to your own people .

we are not concerned about your anti Muslim
behaviour , you cannot fools your people by
saying you
dislike muslims ,
if you donot like Muslims it is your problem ,

you cannot use your dislike for Muslims ,
by any bans or stupid blunderous statements
as a wall to erase or not to show your job losses .

we are not concerned about your anti Muslim
behaviour , you cannot fools your people by saying you
dislike muslims ,
if you do not like Muslims it is your problem ,

so do not try to divert attention .

Give our jobs back to us .

bring back millions of jobs of our people
whom you allowed to be outsourced to india ,

bring back Jobs to America, UK ,
and all western countries .

Illegal use of US visa

America should safeguard its jobs .

US imposition of new visa fee is good ,
but is not enough .

generally this h - 1 B visa
was introduced to bring new employee
who were having work experience which
was not available in US America.

this visa was not introduced to rob Americans of their
rightful jobs .

but india is misusing this visa .

indian companies in US are indulging in
unfair trade practicers .

like bribing Government officials and senators to
give them contracts .

bringing non computer graduates as I t graduates
to US .

giving less salary there by lowering done standard
pay packages , violating US wage rules and
labour union laws .

US should ban Visa to all indians immediately .

Us should focus on giving jobs to umemployed
US graduates rather than importing
from india .

for jobs in Information technology companies ,
there are more than a million unemployed US graduates
having regular Computer degree .

now these indian companies are training Mechanical and
other non computer eng graduates for few months and
employing them in Bangalore and in their companies located
in US .

so Us should ban all Visa and start immediately
training US graduates for few months so that they can be
employed in companies instead of indians .

Indian claim of taking visa fee case to Wto ,
is like a Robber saying i will go to court to get
Restraining order against Fbi , who is doing stalking .

US should drag indian companies
to Wto for

providing low wages to their employees there
by lowering US salary packages .

bringing non It graduates to do K IT work
in their US companies .

sending work by net from their companies in US
to bangalore , and then bringing back finished
work and saying this work was done in US .

Bribing government officials to give them
contracts .

You should immediately ,

ask Cia to probe all call lists of

those government officials who have favoured
indian companies over US companies ,
their bank accounts fr at least an year .

by doing this those officials who took bribe
from Ind companies would be exposed and
they should be punished .

similar should be done of US senators .

when there are a million US computer field
graduates ,

there is no need of giving new 60 k visa per yr to
outsiders .

instead these visa should be cancelled and so that this
60000 jobs per yr are given to your unemployed graduates .

Ban all outsourcing of jobs to India .

save your economy .

Us companies should care fr US .

a software company in US is getting
5 billion US dollars from sales , and its
assets by shares is more than 50 billion US dollars .

all their shares are purchased by US citizens only .

so why should they outsouce jobs to india .

company may be saving 1 billion dollar per year ,
by outsourcing

but when this company gets 5 billion us dollars from
sale in US and has asets of 50 billion dollars by
US people ,

why fr saving 1 billion dollars , it should make
people of that country unemployed ,
Country which is responsible for its survival .

rs 7 dollar

it is unethical and irrational for US
companies to outsource jobs to india ,

when all their share are purchased by US people,

when all their products are purcjhsed by US
government and US Citizens .

more over if outsourcing is not banned imediately ,

there would be millions more unemployed
grdautes in US , destruction of US economy ,

and when economy is destroyed ,
no one will take assistance and give contracts to
software and other companies ,
share value would be destroyed and finally closure
of all companies .

In order to keep Us economy

running , Ban outsourcing of jobs to india ,

bring back millions of jobs frm india back to US ,

and save US economy from disaster .

Us gov bailed our banks by tax payers money ,

but banks would only survive when millions
get their jobs back .

otherwise after few months these same banks which
were bailed out would once again beg US gov
for more money

for example , when you have no job you wont
purchase anything, where as Us economy works on
purcasing power of individuals .

you wont purchase any home or property ,

so loss of interests on banks .

you wont pay back loans to bank ,
bank would foreclose your property ,
but thta property would not be
purchased by anyone , as no one is having job
and money to buy foreclosed property from banks .

so banks would suffer badly .

so inorder to make US ecomomy

work porperly , ban outsourcing of jobs to india ,
bring back millions of jobs back from
india to America,

ban visa for indian and instead give jobs to your US
people .

by doing this millions of US graduates would egt their jobs back ,
it would bring back , 50 billion dollars back to US economy ,

but this same 50 billion Us dollars would save
US banks, which were given more that 759 billion US
dollars as bailout money .

it is good when 50 dollar
brings equilibrium to 750 dollar , indirectly .

friendship with india does not means unemployment
and destruction of US economy .

when ever US president says to bring restriction on
job loss in US ,

next day indian media shows US president
with face of a monkey .

even frmer Us president was not shown as
monkey , as president president is being shown .

it is simple hate of racial slur , by
indian media.

these dirty indian media thinks that US president
job is to feed indians and starve Americans of Jobs .

Obama is not president of India , Obama is president of America.

so president should ban all outsourcing and take
above mentioned measure and
save Us economy .

Dealing with nuclear non proliferation .

fools of indian gov think that when US president
visits indian they would allow him to fuck indian
women based on his choice , and then make video
and force US president to give secret and strategic defence
and space technology to india .

Indians may think , but fact is US president is not a fool
or an anti christian or anti american .

Us president is not a fool to give away secret and
strategic space and defence technology to india ,

why , because , developing this modern
technology took decades , took lives of millions of US
Scientists and engineers to develop .

so how can a technology which tok decades to develop ,
on R and D US send 125 billion dollars ,
be sold to india for 250 million dollars , which
indian itself pays by US money which it borrows
from W bank .
no never .

giving india such details and modern machinery would mean
insulting millions of American scientists and engineers ,
their decades of work , and most importantly
bringing shame to US pride

at present any secret technology if sold by a
betrayer from US to india would result in the
betrayer getting life imprisonment .

and these fools of indian gov thinks that they would
fool US president in signing deals to give same
modern technology to india .

what these indian officials think , that US senators
and gov is filled of fools .
how can US senators and US president betray
American value and work of its people .

inorder to bring Chinese military budget down ,
it is needed to stop selling military needs to
India , as arming india with arms from western
countries is forcing China to build massive defence .

so ban sale to india and China military
budget would automatically come down .

US president should never sell any
defence or space technology directly on
in the name of cooperation to India .

if you want to co operate ,
do with christian nations .

Now dealing with debt , deficit , Austerity measures ,

cuts in funds meant for general public use .

Drama done By governments of European countries ,
incluiding england , france , germany are nothing but
fun of their own countries .

for example , in UK an airline operates
daily one flight , and has daily 150 passengers ,
and each paasenger pays 1000 US dollars.

now in name of globilisation idnian companies
having dirty safety records are allowed to operate
flight in uk .
and they offer seat at rs 500 us dollars .
so now passengers go for ind airline ,
and uk airline looses daily 100 seats , and it
falls under serious debt crisis .

now uk airline goes for cost cuts and stupid austerity measures like

no food and water in flight for free ,
cleaning only once a week , reducing cabin
crew members .

and in begining it looks good , but this drama would last for
few months and ultimately uk airline would be grounded .

in a similar way if indians and indian companie srae not
blocked , outsourcing is not blocked ,
very soon all european countries including
England , france would be grounded badly .

so ban indian and indian companies .

donot listen to your financial analysist as majority of
financial firms are controlled by jews ,
and jews policy is destruction of christianity and
welfare of india .

so donot listen to misguidance from financial firms

Recesion damaged western economy and
is now raising indain economy .

because of recession western countries Christians
lost 1 lakhs jobs , but after recession now they have lossed
2 million jobs and job loss is continuing .

why , because of jews backstabber ,
they are paying back to us , our favours
of forming israel .

jews who control financial firms , control financial
analysts ,Banking analysts , senators and members of
parliaments of
western countries are behind job loss of christians .

jews convince and even bribe and force their controlled
units to cut jobs in western countries in disguise of
recession and cost savings , and thens end jobs back to india .

so by this indians are getting jobs and Westerners are
loosing jobs in millions and many of westerners are now
selling their naked videos so that they can get few buck.

not only this , because of job transfer as well as deliberate
manipulation by jews to give contracts to India ,
many wesetrn firms are in big financial loss and loss
of good workforce .

so now as these indian companies are getting our jobs
and our contracts

they are in profit and are now purchasing our western
financial, software information technology companies and also
many other steel and food companies .

so indians are using our own dollars to buy
our own companies .

suppose an indian company wants to do
acquisition of any western company , what they do is they
announce in indian market , that is Bse and Nse ,
so in a days trading they raise 2 to 3 billion dollars ,
by shares . and finally acquire christian western firms .

so for indian companies it is not difficult to raise
billons of dolars in a single day to buy off any western
firm .

and what jews do is they force management by themselevs as
well as by their financial analysts firms to misguide western
christain business to sell of their business , to india
and on other side they misguide financers to
buy shares of that indian company which whats to
acquire western firm.

so jews are using dollars to destroy dollars .

so inorder to protect christian businesses in western
countries ,and in europe ,

all western countries and european union should immediately
sign treaty or individually impose ban on acquisition of
western business or european business firms by
indian companies .

and if nothing is done then in less than a five years ,
all christain firms in western countries and in europe ,
would be completely be sold to india ,

all christain males of these countries would be left with
nothing but to smoke low grade drugs , eat and sleep
like those fools in arab who think all there work
should be done by asians .

in order to feed themselves as well as their male family
members , christian womens from western countries

and european countries would be packed in dark ,
and wet cargo containers and shipped to india where they would be
sold or would do prostitution to get money , which they can send back
to their relatives in western countries .

Okay , Capitalism helped western countries .

But this Globilasation is damaging
christian business .

every thing is ok , till it gives benifit , but once it
starts eating yourself , you have to finish that thing .

globalisation is nothing but motherland fucking
business for all christain countries .

christain are loosing their jobs and business to
india , which is against christianity

western and european christains should form a union
which blocks all sale of its business to india
and also finance those firms, which are under financial loss
so that their sale is avoided .

pass laws to stop sale to india .

Save Christianity , save your Country .

your country , your Responsibility .

Impose immediately on any outsourcing Job
to India and brink back our Job back to England, uk
and all Western countries .

ok by .Rn


GeneralGeneral Assembly10-28-11 --Two very big picture thoughts/concepts I would like to see discussed in General Assemblies

1. We need to co-opt and include the 1% in our movement. This will make us more impactful. The argument is as follows:
If I were the richest person in America, I would want all of you financially healthy enough to buy the houses, cars, medical care, refrigerators, etc that I am selling. Me "richest guy" won't get any richer living in a heavily fortified gated community while everyone out there suffers and can't afford my products.

2. Our long term legacy will be changing the priorities of the Senate and House. We need to begin to identify candidates that will support our cause and win elections in the next few years. These candidates will need to take an OWS pledge to not accept any corporate money and limit individual donations to a couple hundred dollars. Elizabeth Warren may be our first candidate. There may be sitting pols like Bernie Sanders that will take the pledge. If we remove the corporate money influence, then by definition it will be just the people donating that will have the influence. Our candidates can't be bought. No Super pacs allowed-pure transparency. The bigger number of votes always wins and with this simple populist approach- we can beat the bought and paid for candidates.


GeneralHi there,
My friend, musician Joseph Arthur, has written a protest song for OWS, and offered it as a free download / video. So far, it's gotten some good, national response and airplay non-commercial radio.

We'd love for you to have a listen - thanks much! - carla


"We Stand As One" by Joseph Arthur

free download: http://tinyurl.com/ows-westandasone
the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWg1GVVUE2A

Protest songs should be open and somewhat naive
They can't help but reference Bob Dylan referencing Woody Guthrie
They usually speak in somewhat general terms
And to be effective at all,
they say things that even those coming from a similar space,
may not fully agree with.
They are easy targets for the venom of music critics (because of all the reasons above)
And yet still sometimes
They are necessary.
So with that I am happy to present you

We Stand As One.

I hope you love it
Or hate it
Or love to hate it
Or let yourself
Hate to love it
but either way,
In some small way,
I hope that it helps.

- Joseph Arthur

# # #

We Stand As One – lyrics

We occupy wall street
Take back our soul
Take back our country
Take back control
Take back our health care
Take back our mind
Take back our freedom
Give up the grind
We occupy wall street
No more fear
No more acceptance
Of insanity’s sneer
No more division
No more restraint
Our canvas is freedom
Your blood is our paint

we stand as one

You who have robbed us
You who have lied
You who were greedy
While the needy ones died
You who believed
You were better than them
Who sat in the flower
Ignoring the stem
You who denied them
Doctors and care
Humanity’s basics
As if death were their share
You who denied
The struggles of most
Like a pig you consumed
And like a pig you will roast

we stand as one

We occupy wall street
The system has failed
As the innocent ones
Are beat down and jailed
The criminal minds
have stolen this land
By taking our freedom
And binding our hand
To the cuff of misfortune
To the cuff of our need
To the cuff of self pity
To the cuff of a seed
Lost in the desert
No chance to survive
No love to nurture
No water to thrive

we stand as one

A season of murder
The body and soul
Dreams being shattered
The damnation control
Give back our country
We come to defend
Our right to inspire
To love and befriend
Our right to be healthy
Our right to believe
In a country of equals
Of a chance to receive
A chance to develop
A chance to forgive
A chance to dignify
The way that we live

we stand as one

A chance education
A chance to secure
A place for our families
Our right to a cure
The disease is insane
The disease is just greed
The disease is your pain
Ignoring their need
The disease is your reason
Your will is unchecked
But the blood is all over
The lives you have wrecked
But blessed are the meek
For we stand as one
We stand against
The crimes you have done

we stand as one

We stand against
Your desire for more
Hear how we knock
Soon there won't be a door
And what you won't share
Will be ripped from your hands
Your body destroyed
The way fire lands
Burning your homes
The privilege you snake
The payback beyond
Anything you could take
Naked you'll be
And full of regret
And the way they were treated
You'll long to forget

we stand as one

You'll wish you could go back
and undo whats been done
You'll wish you were never
Insanity's son
You'll wish you were fair
You'll wish for compassion
But it will be late
And long out of fashion
Strung up you'll bleed
Like the pig you became
A symbol of hatred
And one with no name
And our country will come back
Belonging to us
Regain it's spirit
Regain our trust

we stand as one

Regain it's standing
Regain the world
The dream of our fathers
A new and bold world
Where people have chance
And can live with respect
And people can dance
Beyond their neglect
Where health is a right
And education within
The grasp of the poor
Who may still one day win
We occupy wall street
So that we may begin
To live in a country
Of freedom again.

we stand as one

# # #


GeneralInformation SharingI have a useful suggestion and I'm not sure where to post it:

I’m not sure where to post this suggestion about a proven alternative way for the public (not politicians) to decide complex social issues like war, taxes, energy, banking, money, education, etc. Apparently it a system that’s very similar to the original Greek deomocratic processes. So I’ll start by posting it here. Any other suggestions on where to post this?
This is called deliberative democracy. It’s as an alternative to representative democracy which is too easily corrupted. Here are some good links:

summary of deliberative democracy

James Fishkin Aired on KSFR 101.1 FM on October 30, 2010
The framers of the Constitution of the US tried to create institutions of deliberation, places where reasoned and thoughtful debate could occur and where rationality might triumph. With the arrival of the mass media and the internet, however, something unexpected has occurred: instead of reasoned exchanges, our population has segregated itself into like minded and self-confirming cliques of opinion that have bred extremism and irrationality rather than rationality. Professor Fishkin has developed a remarkable response to this phenomenon, re-creating institutions of Deliberative Democracy and these he has pioneered all over the world from China to Ireland, from Rome to Denmark and widely within the United States. The principles and practice of this experiment to remake democracy are available in this program and at cdd.stanford.edu
this radio interview – mentions Texas using this system and choosing wind power over coal

short video on PBS

facebook page

pbs documentary on use of deliberative democracry in CA



GeneralMy name is David - "That Guitar Man from Central Park"


Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Dean Love and I anonymously shot a music video to help counter the inaccurate and often purposely skewed image of OWS in much of the media. Any OWS organizers who want a number of DVDs for this purpose should contact me directly. I will be distributing copies of the DVD for free in Zuccotti Park on Sunday (10/30) and throughout the week.

Here's the YouTube link:


Keep it growing.

Peace ☮


GeneralGroupsThere is a working group on this website that is fraudulent, and I want to make it known to the NYCGA what is going on.

The name of that group is the99Declaration working group. It was began by a new york attorney by the name of Michael Pollok. Michael's activities since October 17 when the group began have been decried as a scam by the group administrator Stanley Ford and another new york attorney by the name of Todd Fernandez as well as myself.

Michael Pollok's top priority is to raise funds. He is using links to OWS and NYCGA to promote his agenda to raise money, purportedly so he can send a delegation of people to philadelphia to hash out the details on a declaration to be presented to congress.

However, inside the forum at the99delegation.forumotion.com, it is publicly announced and discussed that the group is in no way affiliated with OWS and NYCGA. They can't have it both ways. They can't use OWS to promote their agenda which does not provide the 99% any method of voting on their proposals nor participating in its creation.

Another member of the group on this website named Brit and myself have created a forum topic in that group demanding a block on on this working group by the New York GA. We are not represented there, and have no voice! We demand action be taken immediately to remove the99declaration working group from being advertised on the NYCGA website in the name of protecting innocent people whose money will be taken in the mistaken belief they will achieve representation in congress.

From the first day Michael created the group his number one focus was making a video to promote fund raising and start a 501c nonprofit PAC. this breakneck pace continues in the forum as I type. This is clearly not in the interest of a leaderless OWS movement! We must protect the innocent people. Please advise.


Generalnformation on an event nearby: event information follows. Please pass to General Assembly for action.


GeneralSupport and well wishes from a member of Occupy Orange County


GeneralInformation SharingHere is a link to a guy who gets it right: http://www.thewisevoiceofexperience.com/index.php?page=polmovesaveamer .

Not only does he exhibit tremendous courage, he presents the one right message, in well-written prose, that flat out nails the specific cause of the problem, stays on point, and recommends the correct solution.

If we are to avoid the usual petering out that eventually occurs in these media, free for all, demo style events, we need to organize as he presents, slowly at first, until we are large and politically effective enough that we can't help but be noticed.




I would like to submit a translation of Declaration in Turkish which can be useful for the Occupy İstanbul event organization participants.

"New York Şehri İşgal Bildirgesi

Bu belge NYC Genel Kurulu tarafından 29 Eylül 2011 tarihinde kabul edilmiştir.

Burada kitlesele adaletsizlik hissimizi ifade etmek için toplandığımıza göre, bizi neyin biraraya getirdiğini unutmamalıyız. Sizin, dünyanın şirketleşmiş güçleri tarafından haksızlığa uğramış hisseden tüm insanların, müttefikiniz olduğumuzu bilmeniz için yazıyoruz.

Birleşmiş, tek halk olarak gerçeğin farkındayız: insan ırkının geleceğinin üyelerinin işbirliğini gerektirdiğini; sistemimizin haklarımızı koruması gerektiğini ve bu sistemin yozlaşması halinde kendileriyle komşularının haklarını korumanın bireylerin elinde olduğunu; demokratik bir yönetimin gücünü insanlardan aldığını, fakat şirketlerin insanlardan ve dünyadan sermaye sağlamak için onların rızalarını istemediklerini; ve süreç ekonomik güçle belirlendiği sürece gerçek demokrasinin ulaşılabilir olmadığını.

Bizler size, insanlardan çıkar sağlayan şirketlerin, adalette kişisel çıkarların ve eşitlikte baskının hükümetlerimizi yönlendirdiği bir zamanda geliyoruz. Bizler burada, hakkımız olduğu üzere, bu gerçeklerin bilinmesi için barışçıl bir şekilde toplandık.

Asıl ipotek senedine (mortgage) sahip olmamalarına karşın, yasadışı bir ipotek haczi süreciyle evlerimizi elimizden aldılar.

Vergi ödeyenlerden fütursuzca kendi vergilerinden düşen kazançlar sağladılar ve Yöneticilere fahiş ikramiyeler ödemeye devam ettiler.

İş yerinde yaşa, derinin rengine, cinsiyete ve cinsel tercihe göre eşitsizliği ve ayrımcılığı sürdürdüler.

Besin stoklarını ihmalle zehirlediler ve çiftçilik sistemini tekelleştirmeyle temelinden sarstılar.

Sayısız hayvanların kapatılmasından, işkence görmesinden, acımasızca muamele görmesinden kar sağladılar ve halihazırda bu uygulamaları saklıyorlar.

Çalışanların daha iyi ücret ve daha güvenli çalışma şartları haklarını durmaksızın ellerinden almaya çalıştılar.

Bizzat insan hakkı olan eğitim için, onlarca milyon dolarlık borçlarla öğrencileri rehin aldılar.

İşgücünü sürekli olarak dış kaynaklardan sağladılar ve dışkaynakçılığı işçilerin sağlık hizmetini ve ücretini kesmek için baskı gücü olarak kullandılar.

Hiçbir suç ya da sorumluluk içermeksizin, şahıslarla aynı haklara sahip olmak amacıyla mahkemeleri etkilediler.

Onları sağlık sigortası kontratlarından kurtaracak yollar arayan yasal ekiplere milyonlarca dolar harcadılar.

Mahremiyetimizi ticari bir eşya gibi sattılar.

Basın özgürlüğünü engellemek için orduyu ve polisi kullandılar.

Çıkar doğrultusunda kusurlu ürünlerin hayatları tehlikeye attığını hatırlamayı bilerek ve isteyerek reddettiler.

Politikalarının ürettiği ve üretmeye devam ettiği yıkıcı başarısızlıklara rağmen ekonomi politikası belirlemekteler.

Onları düzenlemekle sorumlu politikacılara büyük miktarlarda paralar bağışladılar.

Bizi petrole bağımlı tutmak için alternatif enerji formlarını engellemeye devam ediyorlar.

Halihazırda azımsanmayacak miktarda kar getiren yatırımları korumaya destek sağlamak için insanların hayatlarını kurtarabilecek eşdeğer hekimlik formlarını engellemeye devam ediyorlar.

Kar peşinde, petrol sızıntılarını, kazaları, hatalı muhasebe cilikleri ve yardımcı maddeleri kasten ört bas ettiler.

Medya hakimiyetleri yoluyla insanları kasten yanlış bilgilendirilmiş ve kaygılı tutmaya devam ediyorlar.

Hükümlüleri, kendilerine suçları hakkında ciddi şüpheler sunulduğunda dahi, öldürmek için gizli anlaşmaları kabul ettiler.

Yurtta ve yurtdışında kolonileşmeyi sürdürdüler.

Okyanusötesi masum sivillerin işkencelerine ve cinayetlerine katıldılar.

Hükümet anlaşmaları almak için kitle imha silahları üretmeye devam ediyorlar. *

Dünya İnsanlarına,

Biz, Özgürlük Meydanı’ndaki Wall Street’i işgal eden New York City Genel Kurulu, sizi gücünüzü ortaya koymaya teşvik ediyoruz.

Barışçıl bir şekil toplanma hakkınızı kullanın; kamu alanını işgal edin; karşılaştığımız sorunlara işaret edecek bir süreç oluşturun ve herkesin ulaşabileceği çözümler üretin.

Eyleme geçen ve doğrudan demokraksi ruhuyla gruplar oluşturan tüm topluluklara, biz destek, dokümantasyon ve tasarrufumuzdaki tüm kaynakları sunuyoruz.

Bize katılın ve sesinizi duyurun!

*Bu haksızlıklar herşey-dahil değildir."

May the force & peace be with you!


"OWLS" Occupy Wall Street, "L" for little people:
SUBJECT "OWLS" New update offered Structure, Resoutions, and SOLUTIONS TO "OWLS" concerns; Go-To http://aitrui.com Physics page "O"
http://aitrui.com <<>> aitrui include direct SOLUTIONS; all of which cover every issue that "OWLS" express in deep concerns. To have Truth in Base-Knowledge, connected with aitrui gifts the WHY - HOW - WHAT -&- SOLUTIONS, are also intelligent reasoning for direct REAL easy Solutions.
Far greater are defined "Alpha" New Future, aitrui includes required Physics very new technologies (the physics, methodology, constructions) reality beyond dreams of possibility. Sadly "Omega" has already begun, is the unanimous choice due too total-SILENCE; much more. Truth of Global-warming (Not related to Carbon), so serious Northern Hemisphere dry-Heat & no-rain calamity upon billions of people begins within the next Presidential term; aitrui gifts EASY SOLUTIONS.
-G-Added -"Obama"-Question: illegal use of "Patriot Act" to silence & isolate aitrui, reason concern aitrui jeopardizes re-election ?
-"Obama"-NOTES on USA National DEBT & Perspective Avenues of Debt Generation; Include aitrui SOLUTION:
aitrui Katherine R McCall, senor citizen homeless, held in severe poverty


GeneralContentI am writing to offer my help to the Occupy movement in terms of research, teaching and communication. I retired early after 25 years as Professor of Sociology at North Carolina State University. My research and communication work involved a wide range of initiatives to promote progressive social and economic change. I also taught students about social movements and social change – particularly the sixties’ counterculture.

I started blogging four years ago, partly to support Obama for president. The “HipHappy Times” has received almost 700,000 visitors – covering a wide range of topics. I have recently written about the Occupy Movement, Steve Jobs, music, and marijuana from unique perspectives. Please check: http://hiphappy.wordpress.com/

As a journalist (MS in 1982 from UW-Madison) I have developed and evaluated a variety of communication, policy and program innovations by building coalitions, social marketing and community development. My approach is outlined in another blog: “Social Innovation Solutions” http://socinnovation.wordpress.com/assistance/

My interdisciplinary approach has focused on promoting public understanding and action regarding environmental protection and social sustainability. During the past few years, I created extensive educational websites by integrating social, political and economic perspectives. Two examples include the Gulf oil disaster http://oilygulf.wordpress.com and the Haitian earthquake http://newhaiti.wordpress.com

Please share this information with others who might appreciate my expertise and experience. I hope to help your movement promote progressive social change.

With warm personal regards,



GeneralNeed to occupy state capitals that have enacted voter suppresion laws against young voters, 15 states so far!! RISE UP OCCUPIERS!!!!


GeneralContentA member of our Occupy Ann Arbor group created this page: http://occupybulletin.org/
Would you please link to it so that we can get the info out? Thank you!!!



Olga Zinoviev’s Appeal to the Citizens of Russia and the World



Olga Zinoviev, Russian-Bavarian Alexander Zinoviev Research Center (RSUTE and Universität Augsburg), Comes Rectoris Universitatis, Universität Augsburg,
Editor-in-Chief, Magazine «ZINOVIEV»

Moscow, Russia,
October 29, 2011


GeneralHi Sir,

I am an independent Artist-Musician,performer,singer,songwriter and run also a Folklore group of traditional singers,mask group and performers of 5/10 members(Cha Cha dance group) and have an artistic experince of 20 years and lastly performed at the World EXPO SHANGHAI 2010 in China.

I am based at the Bottom of Mount Cameroon-Africa and will love to have a cultural exchange with your ORGANISATION or you Sir, at your events or festivals.I creat and record all instruments on my music alone traditional,and i feel that as a BANTU, Cha-Cha dance and music can become the world newest hit brand if we work together and record an interexchange recording at your studios and facilities.Cultural exchange,conferences,seminars,events,workshops,performance,trade shows,awards,grants,ideas etc...I lso work with and distribute free primary books to children in the Bonavada Communities.

I have many Cha-Cha Audio and video recordings and some of my videos are on youtube (Tata Kinge Malachi II),(Tata Kinge Yaya),(Tata Kinge Asian Tour),(Tata Kingue Barack Obama video),(Facebook/kato2025),(Tata Kinge Mulema),(Tata Kinge Munyengi na ndolo) ,(Africa Life Tata Kinge) etc.....

Am also the co ordinator of the (MCCH) MOUNT CAMEROON CULTURAL HOUSE USA newly formed and registered in the US to be implented in Cameroon-Africa and also co- rodinate of the international musical group called BAAM CAMEROON.

I will be so glad if you give me the chance an opportunity to come and ,join you and be part of your events,i strongly believe we have alot to offer and i will make you proud if am given the chance and to also represent your Organisation here in Cameroon-Africa.

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GeneralInformation SharingEnvironmental Solidarity Day is missing something. I assume my earlier pleas to include "The Rights of Nature" were lost in the sauce of comments in the wake of OWS's "Declaration of the Occupation". Once again, i beg my brothers & sisters to overcome the anthropocentric habits that have led not just the banksters & corporados, but all of us, toward a tendency to view the planet and its inhabitants in mostly human terms. Recognizing, respecting, and acting upon The Rights of Nature will help us overcome this self-defeating paradigm. <See: http://www.globalexchange.org/communityrights/campaigns/rightsofnature>

In 2008 Ecuador became the first country to recognize Rights of Nature in its national constitution. Can we follow their example? Perhaps we can start by addressing the issue this Sunday at Climate Justice Day?



This is roughly 4 years in the making where I got involved.

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Feel at liberty to borrow: Anyone can complicate a given subject, but true genius is in simplifying to its basic form... “Love moves from image to frontier.” -Americanist


Subject: Question of the Day! 11/03/2011 "Just start a damn bank!"
To: general@occupywallst.org
Date: Thursday, November 3, 2011, 12:28 PM

Question of the Day!

We watched the "Arab Spring" as protesters fought for their lives on the Arabian Peninsula and in North Africa. They fought against death. They fought for food. They fought for the right to watch their children grow up.

The American Revolution was fought for freedom and it caused death, but we won.

And now we have Occupy Wall Street... For those people who don't have jobs or don't have the job they really want or for those who voted for Obama, compliments of Acorn, and they just aren't happy enough with the life they got once he hit office.

I lived and worked in Oakland California in the mid 80s when the Barbarians were at the Gate and retail credit scoring was the next great excuse for yet another layer of pricing between Americans and the great American Dream,

For those of you currently running OWS, you are probably too young to remember the days before retail credit scoring, but when it all started, 385 was the best score you could have. I have no idea what the best possible score is, today. But understand that any score is directly related to how much money lending institutions believe they can get from consumers. The more consumers there are at the highest level of credit scoring, the less money a lending institution can get because too many people have good credit scores. As the number of people with good credit scores go up, so does the highest number you can get as a credit score. Yes this is wrong and I've been saying it for years. But who listens to a single mom with no education and her own business...

Yes, I have almost no college education, absolutely no debt and a house I paid cash for. I have several cars I paid cash for, too! When no one would listen to me about the injustice I perceived in the credit industry of America, I simply refused to buy into the system! I bought a house in a sketchy neighborhood, because it cost less than a car, and I told the drug dealers to get out. I wasn't going to be house poor just so I could say I had a Hamilton County address. I wasn't going to lose sleep at night wondering if I could pay my mortgage. I like sleep too much!

I paid $400.00 for a totaled, Arrest Me Red, fully loaded, 2000 Pontiac, Ram Air V6, Grand Am that bounced several times off a set of 14 ft retaining walls on I-70 in downtown Indianapolis after a rain storm in Aug 2010. I had a personal reason for wanting this particular car, but going out and buying one that wasn't wrecked just wasn't an option. I didn't have cash and I won't use credit. Buying this totaled version of what I really wanted, and then rebuilding her, was the only way I was going to get my way.

I started the rebuilding process a year ago and I finished her this past Tuesday. Total cost including purchase price, 1391.00. She's a beautiful car and I had the title before she made it to the house on a flatbed tow truck. The bolt in the oil pan was cutting the asphalt as she was drug into our alley. Pictures prove that most laws of physics go away in a car accident when water and speed mix. Today, she's worth about $5000.00

Don't be mistaken, I don't have some high tech garage and all the power tools Chip Foos could ever dream of having. I don't even have a compressor! I don't have some tremendous line of credit with an auto parts company. I've never had credit. I do have drive and desire. And it was my desire to turn this crumbled heap of metal into the red phoenix that could rise from destruction and run the streets again. And I did it, she runs like a bat out of hell. But that's because I worked on this car, I put in the time. My family worked on this car, we all put in the time.

I bought this mangled mess two weeks before my husband lost his job. It was worth nothing when I got it. I couldn't get my money back out of it when we needed money the most. I bought it two months before I crushed my right femur.. an injury that effectively shut down my business as a mobile mechanic. And a totaled car was still worth nothing to me. The cost of getting her to a scrap yard would have destroyed anything I could have been paid for her scrap value. She was just nothing by any estimate. So she just sat in a garage and collected dust for nearly 9 months until my family's situation got better. I couldn't invest in her if bills needed to be paid, and they did. She just had to wait and so did I.

I waited by stripping off all the broken, twisted metal that served no other purpose than to cloud my vision of everything she could be. Labor didn't cost me anything and usually my family was working with me. We all bled for this car... but the work never cost us a penny. It just cost us hard, very hard, labor and time. We were just getting her ready for greatness and working with what we had. Eventually the day came. The day when we could buy the parts and put her back together. To see if my gamble was going to pay off.... I had many sleepless nights wondering if I'd made the wrong decision, wasted my family's money, and in the end we would discover that the whole car was "racked" and she would never run properly again. That's something that kept me up many nights. It wasn't until she rolled off someone else's alignment rack on Tuesday that I knew I didn't waste my family's time and money. I didn't waste our future. I made a judgment call, risked my family's future and it paid off with a $5000.00 car. Her name is Patience and she got that name before she ever came home.

Risk is what's required when you want something and no one else is willing to give it to you. But that risk doesn't involve the destruction of property or preventing people from earning a living. I didn't steal my Pontiac. I earned my Pontiac. Without knowing what the future would hold, I used my best judgment, assessed all possible outcomes, and made a decision I knew I would have to live with even if I was wrong. I wasn't just putting my skin in the game, I was putting my family's skin in the game. And I was doing it at a time when America was falling apart, financially. But I knew what I wanted and I knew what I had and I knew that all I had to do was commit to winning. I Won!

Patience is a great representation of America. She was very broken when I got her. Everyone, including her previous owner, believed she was unfixable. I could see that they were wrong. I could see that she had value. I could see that there was life left in her. I could see that she was worth my time and my effort.

I didn't steal the parts I needed for Patience. I didn't burn down other car repair shops in town so that I could forcibly take the parts I needed for Patience. I didn't march around the streets of downtown Indianapolis, protesting the rising cost of car parts, demanding that America pay for the car parts I needed for Patience. I busted my ass and my knuckles, worked with what I had and whatever I could get and I rebuilt an un-fixable car!

That said:

You, OWS, have collected $500,000.00 and you have no idea what to do with it... Why don't you take that money and start your own damned bank?

Be safe! Pauli


Contrary to whatever wall street and the SEC would like you to believe, there are no laws which say a bank much have certain charges for customers. Banks set those charges based on what they interpret as "whatever the market will bear". Starting an internet bank for all of those who wish to support and join in the OWS cause will certainly take a bite out of BoA and the rest of the banking alphabet club. You, OWS, simply can't see the forest for the trees because your collective eyes are watering from the stench of your voluntary living arrangements and the smoke from the fires your followers are using to hold entire cities hostage.

This isn't Libya and you do have food to eat and you will watch your children grow up. Obama may be a moron but he doesn't have what it takes to have hundreds of thousands of people killed on any given day just because he woke up on the wrong side of the bed or the wind is blowing in the wrong direction. That's what Libya was living with. That's what Syria is living with. What you, OWS, are living with is very fixable if you will let go of that victim mentality and adopt the desire to win. If you don't like the banks, build new ones. Doing so would not only rewrite the rules to banking, it would also put Americans to work, eventually. Have some Patience and just do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


GeneralSolicitationA local Brooklyn company, McMillian + Furlow created A United Identity for Occupy Wall Street, click here for details:

Would you be interested in interviewing William McMillian, the designer of this Occupy logo? Please let me know - happy to set it up.

We've also printed over 1,000 buttons and have passed them out to "Occupy Wall Street residents" in the past few weeks.
Would you like a button?



GeneralWhy no attempt to give voice and form to some of the complaints or concerns of protesters? What kind of society and programs do we want for for America be?


GeneralYou need a message that you can do and changes the game. Put this on your signs and speak these words:


• Incumbents are generally at a decided advantage in elections. (somebody currently holding an official post, especially in a church or political organization)

You want power. Use this message. Attention will become laser focused on your cause. This is the one thing that frightens the powers. What if there were an all new crew in Washington after every election?

J.Hanson 11-4-2011 TX


GeneralNovember 4, 2011

Dear Occupy Wall Street:

I am writing as a life-long New Yorker and concerned resident to urge that the present protests in Zuccotti Park come to an end immediately. While I agree that the bailouts of major banks and AIG should certainly have been handled better, I believe that the movement has clearly made its point and it is time to end the occupation of a public space. It is clear that neighborhood residents and local businesses can no longer tolerate the imposition of this event on their lives on a daily continuous basis. Thank you.


James H. Bennett


GeneralGOOD LUCK, DON,T LET YOURSELVES GET HASSLED BY THE MAN, and DON,T worry if it doesn,t work or not , everthing works if you believe-peace