Dark Eco Recipe For 10 Bonus Entries In The Jak and Daxter HD Collection Giveaway

In order to get 10 more entries & to better your chances to win this prized gem of a collection, all you have to do is create and submit a homemade recipe for Dark Eco to our Facebook & Twitter pages. Dark Eco is that notorious Ooey-GooeyTm purple liquid that starts Jak and Daxter off on their adventure. It has been known to have devastating transformatizationizing qualities and, as my good friend Daxter can attest, if you swim in a cesspool of the slimy stuff, you just might find yourself coming out a bit furrier than you remember. So, put on your thinking hat and matching apron, and start the fun-fun in the chemistry lab! Just put your imagination to use and submit the best recipe for Dark Eco you can think of. Humor and wit are encouraged - realism is not (we don't want to read one hundred recipes for blueberry milkshakes, no matter how delicious they may be). Should you decide you want to try and actually concoct this brew, please take a photo and show it off to us! And please, as my fifth grade teacher used to say, use your own mind, not your neighbor's. NOTE: If you don't complete all the steps below, we will remove your bonus entries.
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