Master of Arts, Psychology, emphasis in Clinical Skills Washburn University

Applicants should complete this form IN ADDITION TO an application to Washburn University. The Faculty of the Department of the Psychology reserves the right to select those applicants it deems most qualified to pursue the program. Records of graduation, grade point average, and special test results are required to substantiate statements in this application. Submit official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate course work directly to the Psychology Department. Request Educational Testing Service to send Graduate Record Exam scores (both general and subject) directly to the Psychology Department. The Department acts only on complete applications. Each completed application will be considered on its merit and a formal decision will be made as to admission of the applicant; this decision will be communicated in writing to the applicant.
* Required

***PLEASE READ: Applicants will not be able to save and return to this application at a later date. The application must be completed in entirety when submitted. The Department acts ONLY on complete applications.***

Admission Application Checklist

1. I have requested that official GRE scores (General is required; PY Subject is optional) be sent to the Department of Psychology at Washburn University. 2. I have requested that official transcripts be sent to the Department of Psychology at Washburn University. 3. I have requested that three (3) letters of recommendation be sent to the Department of Psychology at Washburn University and I have indiciated (on each letter) whether I waive my right to view the recommendation. 4. I have completed a Washburn University application. The application can be found here: 5. I will complete this application (Psychology Department Online MA Application).


GRE Scores

If you have taken the GRE more than once, be sure to include ALL scores.


Applicants must provide all of the following information


Additional Information


Letters are required from three (3) persons who know your academic and personal abilities well. The most preferred letters are from current/former college instructors in psychology or from mental health professionals with whom you have worked. Provide the following information for the three (3) individuals who will be recommending you for our graduate program.

Download the recommendation form by copying and pasting the following link into your web browser:

Recommendation Instructions:

1. Download the recommendation form. 2. Applicants complete page 1 of the recommendation form. 3. Modified form should be saved (complete with electronic "signature" in the waiver section). 4. Applicant should then email the modified recommendation form to each of the three (3) individuals listed subsequently. ***IMPORTANT: As stated on the recommendation form, the recommenders should email the completed form to Bonnie Paine ( Recommendations submitted by applicants will NOT be accepted.*** Recommendations should reach Washburn no later than March 15.


Prior to admission to candidacy and practice, the student will have to demonstrate an ability to interact successfully and ethically with other people in a manner consistent with the role of a professional person in psychology. The applicant is hereby advised that this quality is difficult to evaluate prior to admission; problems may become apparent only as he or she progresses through the program. The applicant who recognizes that this may be a significant difficulty is urged to consider other academic programs. Ability to interact in a professional manner with faculty instructors, clinical supervisors, clients and other students will be evaluated throughout the program. Failure to maintain accepted professional standards will serve as grounds for dismissal.

By submitting this form to the Psychology Department, you are certifying the above information is correct and complete. Falsification will be grounds for suspension from the University.

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