2014 Tufts Energy Competition and Tufts Solar Competition Application

Competition Guidelines: Students must develop energy-related projects that consist of meaningful and specific initiatives on a local or global scale. For the Tufts Solar Competition, projects must use solar energy and must be able to be installed on the Medford/Somerville campus without needing to be linked to the campus’s electrical grid. The Tufts Solar Competition, in conjunction with the solar project on Dowling Hall through Solarize Medford, is offering up to $10,000 towards an off-grid solar project on the Tufts Medford/Somerville campus. The competition is open to the entire Tufts community and can incorporate any type of “solar” technology per the rules below. For the Tufts Energy Competition, there are no limits, and projects may include increasing energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, or energy awareness projects that yield measurable benefits. Students should identify an energy issue and propose a solution either through applied research or an implementable project. Competition Structure: For the Tufts Solar Competition, a panel of judges—including Tufts staff, faculty, and a representative from SunBug Solar—will evaluate proposals based on their feasibility, usefulness, and design. This panel will choose one winning design, to be announced at the 2014 Tufts Energy Conference (March 8-9). For the Tufts Energy Competition, the same panel of judges will select no more than five finalists, based on evidence of their project’s innovation, feasibility, and support from stakeholders. After being notified, finalists will have one week to prepare a pitch of 2-3 minutes, which they will present at the 2014 Tufts Energy Conference (March 8-9). Conference attendees will vote on the winner and runner-up and results will be announced at the Conference. All participants in either Competition will receive complimentary tickets to the Conference, and will be allowed to display posters detailing their projects during the Conference. Submission Instructions: Applications are due February 24th, 2014 by 11:59PM. INCOMPLETE/LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Eligibility/Rules/Budget Both Competitions:
  • Groups of one to six students; must name a primary student leader.
  • Each group member must be an undergraduate or graduate student associated with Tufts University.
  • Winners will be required to appropriately report expenses and provide an update on their progress at the 2015 Tufts Energy Conference.
  • Funds may not be used to support non-Tufts groups, faculty research (projects must be student-initiated), or the election of any candidates, and they may not be donated to any organization. Previous competition winners are ineligible to apply.
  • Funds may not be used for capital equipment purchases, such as computers or other durable equipment, or for travel to conferences.
  • For the Tufts Energy Competition only: Funds may be used for related expenses for the proposed project. This includes further research expenses, building prototypes, further work on the project, etc. In the event that durable equipment is a necessary requirement for the implementation of the project, please describe rationale in the budget section.
  • For the Tufts Solar Competition only:
    1. System cost must come in at or under $10,000.
    2. System must be off-grid’ (no connection to the electric company or to the Tufts-owned electric grid).
    3. System must incorporate technology that is in production and reasonably obtainable (Judges will determine if project is technically feasible).
    4. System must use technology that is deemed safe by the panel of judges.
    5. Proposal must be submitted by a member of the Tufts community.
* Required

Basic Group Information

Please list names, majors/school, email addresses, phone numbers, and Tufts Student ID numbers of all group members.

General Project Information

Please list your project title, the start date of your project, your funding request, and information about the group's advisor. Refer to funding information at the beginning of the application for more information.

Proposal Questions

Please list all information you believe is relevant under the correct questions.


If you were to win the competition, please give us a sense of how you would spend the prize money. Please list here or send a document to Anna at competition@tuftsenergyconference.com. Please format the subject heading "Last name_Energy Competition budget." Ex: Walsh_Energy Competition Budget. Make sure the name you use in the subject heading here is the same as any other emails sent to the Competition email address.

Thank you!

Thank you for applying to the 2014 Tufts Energy Competition. Finalists will be notified of their selection in mid-February. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email Anna at competition@tuftsenergyconference.com.

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