RA VI Questionnaire on Institutional Arrangements for NMHSs and identification of future priorities

This Questionnaire has been prepared by the RA VI Task Team on Strategic and Operating Plan (TT/SPAP) which reports to the RA VI Management Group. The main objective of the Questionnaire is to collect basic information about the current institutional arrangements of hydrometeorological services in RA VI, as well as, the views of the RA VI Members regarding the most important challenges and priorities. The information collected will help the Management Group and Secretariat to prepare a detailed RA VI Panorama as a background material for the discussions during the XVI Session of RA VI (September 2013, Helsinki, Finland). Your inputs to this survey are extremely important for the proper preparation of the Session and the future operating plan of the RA VI. Therefore, you are kindly requested to prepare your response at your earliest possibility, preferably, before 25 January 2013. You have two options of providing the reply, either by filling in the form submitted through e-mail, or by going to the on-line version at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHZEMVhZUGlLWGR5dExER1ppWkRvaEE6MQ . If some of the responses require more time for coordination with relevant persons in your organization, the Questionnaire could be filled-in in several steps; the "submit" button should be pressed after preparing the whole Questionnaire or a part of it ready for submission. On behalf of the RA VI Management Group, thank you very much for your participation in the Survey!
* Required

I. Institutional arrangements

Basic information about national institutions, their position in the administration, legislation and regulation

II. NM(H)S management and organizational questions

III. Operations and Services

Information about main service areas

Warning Services
Climate Services
Aviation Services
Marine Services
Agrometeorological Services
Hydrological Services
Tailored Services to specific economic sectors
Air/Water quality
Climate research
Other, as specified in the preceding question

IV. Your inputs to identify the main Priorities for RA VI for the period (2013-2016)

Budget - anticipated cuts
Staff - anticipated cuts
Lack of qualified personnel in some areas
Visibility towards the decision makers needs to be improved
Maintenance and enhancement of the existing observing systems
Enhancement of telecommunication facilities and capacity
Enhancement of NWP modeling capacity
Enhancement of climate services
Enhancement of EWS and services for DRR
Negative impact to services due to competition with private sector
Data policies
Introduction/maintenance of QMS

4.3 In meeting the challenges specified above, please list up to five priority areas to be addressed in the RA VI work programme for the next period

Priorities could be related to major WMO Programmes, such as GFCS, or to institutional, financial or capacity issues

Organizing regional capacity development events (workshops, conferences, etc)
Providing guidance material on the implementation of the priority programmes and projects
Monitoring the performance of the NMHSs to identify capacity gaps and proposing relevant measures
Developing regional implementation plans for priority areas (such as, WIS, WIGOS, GFCS, etc)
Assisting Members or sub-regions to set up implementation projects and bridge technological gaps
Be able to provide expertise on request by Members in need on "ad-hoc" basis
Establish on-line forums to discuss issues and provide advice to NMHSs

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