Wellesley College Visiting Student Registration Form

This form is to be completed by students from Brandeis or MIT who wish to cross-register for a class at Wellesley College. or For Olin and Babson students who wish to register for a 100-level Wellesley course. (Only available during the Wellesley add/drop period.) There are four steps to complete your cross registration. Step1 - Fill in Page 1 of this form Step 2 - Print Page 1 the form for instructor signature Step 3 - Complete registration information and submit this form Step 4 - Go to the class during Add/Drop, have the instructor sign your print out, and then bring the signed form to the Wellesley College Registrar's Office in Green Hall, Room 334.
* Required

Step 1

Please fill in this form entirely.

Course Selection

Please list below the course for which you wish to register at Wellesley College. (i.e. Fall 12345 MATH 101 01 ) If a course has a lab, conference, and/or discussion, please be sure to list each part separately. The course broswer can be found online at https://courses.wellesley.edu/

Instructor Signature

In order to process your cross registration form, it is required that you have the course instructor sign this form. Print this completed form and take it with you to class to be signed by the instructor.

Step 2 - Print

Print this form with your information typed in and plan to attend the first session of the course during Add/Drop. Once you have printed this form, continue to the next step for submission of your information.