Oklahoma State Department of Education: Language Instruction Program Delivery Plan (LIPDP)

Who is required to do this? Priority and Focus schools are required to develop a Language Instruction Program Delivery Plan (LIPDP). Those Priority and Focus schools that are part of a larger district may join together to develop a districtwide LIPDP as long as it is reflective of each student's needs. How do I do this? Designing a LIPDP will entail forming a committee comprised of teachers, counselors, principals, the district superintendent, parents of English learners, and community stakeholders. A series of meetings should be scheduled to answer the questions below. The information gained from all committee members will form the school's LIPDP, which will guide the school's language instruction educational program. Where did the LIPDP originate? The LIPDP is the Lau Plan streamlined for your convenience. What is a Lau Plan? See http://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/ell/developing.html for resources and references to Lau v. Nichols.
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