DECIBEL: Battle of the Bands

ALMOST HUMAN PRODUCTIONS DECIBEL: RULES and REGULATIONS All registration requirements must be fulfilled and submitted no later than [] . All bands must attend a meeting at Moe's BBQ on [ ] to pick up tickets and offer the bands an opportunity to ask us questions. REGISTRATION: All bands wishing to register for DECIBEL must read and accept the following rules and regulations before completing the registration form. There is a $10 registration fee, payable to the Gothic Theatre. Submit official entry form to ALMOST HUMAN PRODUCTIONS. GENERAL RULES: ROUNDS There will be 4 rounds. They will breakdown as follows: Round 1: 40 bands, top 9 will move on to Semi finals. Consolation Round: Bands 10-16 from Round 1 will compete for the 10th and final spot in the semi finals. Semi-finals: 10 bands, top 5 move on, top 3 win cash prizes. Finals: 5 bands, top 3 win. ALL BANDS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND A MEETING DURING WHICH THE RULES AND REGULATIONS WILL BE FURTHER EXPLAINED AND TICKETS DISTRIBUTED. BANDS THAT DO NOT ATTEND WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. THIS MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE AT (INSERT DATE AND TIME) AT THE GOTHIC THEATRE. ALSO, DURING THIS MEETING, BANDS WILL BE ALLOWED TO ASK QUESTION FOR CLARIFICATION OF THE RULES. All bands MUST pre-sell a MINIMUM of 30 tickets at the discounted pre-sale price of $15, they will be $20 at the door. These tickets are ALL DAY PASSES good for BOTH VENUES (Gothic Theatre and Moe’s BBQ) for the duration of the round (Approx 12 hours). 30% of sales for all tickets sold ABOVE the 30 minimum will be paid to bands on the day of that round up to but not including the FINAL ROUND. (Example: Band sells a TOTAL of 75 tickets. That means, the band sold 45 over the minimum requirement and would receive $203.) EXTRA TICKETS WILL BE GIVEN TO BANDS UPON REQUEST: ALL BANDS MUST TURN IN THEIR PRE-SALE MONEY AND LEFT OVER TICKETS 1 DAY PRIOR TO THE DAY OF THE ROUND (June 29th at MOE'S BBQ, next door to the Gothic Theatre). All door sales go to the Gothic Theatre, Moe’s BBQ and Almost Human Productions and does reflect positively or negatively on any band in this competition. All information given will be confidential. Almost Human Productions will not discuss other band info (number of tickets sold, personal info...etc) with any band, person or third party, except the Gothic Theatre and Moe’s BBQ and only that information which is legally required. Bands MUST arrive 1 HOUR prior to their set time. LATE BANDS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. This is to ensure smoothness of the ingress and egress of band equipment to and from the stage. Time is precious as we want every band to have the same amount of playing time. Long set ups will cut into your set times. A strict schedule will be observed. All bands agree to have their name, voice, and/or likenesses used in any advertising or broadcasting material relating to this contest without any compensation or rights to royalties for such use. Band members are responsible for the security of their equipment. The Gothic Theatre, Moe’s BBQ, Almost Human Productions, or any party acting on their behalf, will not be held responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen equipment. EQUIPMENT AND ONSTAGE RULES: The Gothic Theatre and Moe’s BBQ will provide a sound system, which all the bands will use. Brief sound checks will be done. Sound Engineer has FINAL SAY in matters of sound quality. The Gothic Theatre and ALMOST HUMAN PRODUCTIONS will provide all necessary stage crews. Pyrotechnics of any kind are not allowed. All bands must follow instructions given by the Gothic Theatre/Moe’s BBQ staff/security, Almost Human Productions, and the appointed stage manager. It is not permitted to use pre‐recorded sound material, even for “intros”. All bands must play live. The total playing time for each band must not exceed 20 minutes. An associate of ALMOST HUMAN PRODUCTIONS will be monitoring from the sound board. Once the sound engineer has given his final approval, your time has started. Time to be kept on a stop watch. Discretion to end a set due to length is held by the Sound Engineer and ALMOST HUMAN PRODUCTIONS. GOING OVER MORE THAN 1MIN 30SECS WILL DISQUALIFY YOU. The playing order of the bands will be determined by number of tickets sold. (Best slots between 630-9). Bands will be allowed to chose their slot and venue (Gothic of Moe’s) in accordance with number of tickets sold (Most=1st...etc). For legal reasons, there will be no “BACKSTAGE”. Alley and parking lot are to be for BANDS ONLY. JUDGING & PRIZES: DECIBEL will be judged by crowd response, measured by a decibel meter. Audience memebrs should be encouraged to also vote for their favorite band via Twitter. This shall be done by tweeting the band they wish to vote for followed by the hashtag: #decibelbotb. (Example: Band X #decibelbotb). These votes will be use to break any ties SEMI-FINAL ROUND PRIZES ARE AS FOLLOW: 1st Place-100 2nd Place-$75 3rd Place-$50. GRAND PRIZES TO BE AWARD IN THE FINAL ROUND AND ARE AS FOLLOW: 1st Place-$1000, recording time for 3 song demo at Maximum Level Audio, KBPI, PirateRadio, own headlining show at Gothic, on-stage photos and promo pics from Dead Fall Photography, professional graphic design for logo, shirts and album. 2nd Place: $500 3rd: $300
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