Best Shape of Your Life Challenge

Please complete this form to log your daily / weekly scores for the challenge. Meals 2 points: Paleo meal (no more than 6 points per day) 1 point: Paleo snack (no more than 1 point per day) -1 point: each alcoholic beverage -2 points: cheat meal Note: you will not be penalized if you eat more, you just won’t earn points for the extra meals Exercise (Score these once per week – we suggest on Sunday) 30 points: 4+ workouts per week 20 points: 3 workouts per week 15 points: fewer than 3 workouts per week Note: You can only earn points for one workout per day. If you are travelling during the challenge, you can do a travel workout. Sleep 2 points: 8 hours of sleep per night (continuous). It’s best to have at least 8 hours all at once. “Sleeping” through meetings doesn’t count. If you get less than 8 hours, you can take a nap that day to make it to the 8 hours. Definitions Paleo meal – approved foods are clearly defined in the Whole 30 guide Alcoholic beverage – one beverage = beer and wine 12oz, hard liquor 6oz Cheat meal – any food that is not on the Paleo / Whole 30 list of approved foods. Workouts – Regularly scheduled workouts
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