Rank the Maps!

Every 50 people that submit a valid response I will upgrade someone randomly. I will copy paste the 50 names into a random list generator and the person on top gets the upgrade. (I will do this unless it gets overwhelmingly costly) This is for a few things actually. 1) What maps do people play? 2) What is the most beloved map? 3) Simple curiosity on my part. I see the map makers generating map after map. I wonder If people even play some of the maps in the game... This could add valuable feedback before someone spends 200 man hours of work on a map. Also a mapmaker can see what people like and steal ideas. Please keep this as honest and legit as possible. I have not checked SAS yet, but my guess is that I will need at least a power of 200 people answering to make this sort of statistically relevant. ( I realize there are too many holes to make this 100% scientific). Thanks!
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