UMMB I-Bander: Returning Member Registration

Please fill out your information as accurately as possible. Do not submit until you have completely filled out this form. If there is a problem with your registration, we will notify you. FOR RETURNING DRUMLINE MEMBERS! Please make sure to e-mail Thom Hannum for audition information.
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General Information

Home Address

Campus Address

If you do not yet have a campus address, please skip to the next section.

Performance Conflicts

First Aid Information

Band Camp Housing

The Minuteman Marching Band will provide housing and meals for band members during band camp.

Uniform Information

Please enter in your uniform information here, which includes colorguard members. Please be very accurate when indicating sizes. Indicate what size you are, not what size you hope to be. Accuracy is crucial if you are to receive a uniform that fits properly.

Power and Class Shirt

P&C Shirts will be available at band camp, however we must order them in advance. Please let us know which one and how many you would like. Please make sure to bring check or cash to pay for them. Make all checks payable to UMMB.

Equipment Information

The University will provide all SOUSAPHONES, BARITONES, MELLOPHONES, and PERCUSSION instruments. There are some additional University instruments available for band members to borrow, but they are extremely limited. You will be responsible for the general maintenance of any instrument which you sign-out. Please fill out this section if you are requesting a University instrument. Please note that we have a very limited amount of tenor saxes available that is based on seniority and on a first come, first serve basis. If you wish to rent another instrument we can assist with making that arrangement with our dealer. Please be advised a fee may apply for the rental. Please be sure to bring necessary accessories (reeds, valve oil, lyres, etc.) to band camp. The band does not supply these items.

Support Personnel

Part Assignments



We would like to publicize your involvement with the Minuteman Band. Please furnish the below information so that we might publicize your participation with the Band. Newspaper addresses, fax numbers and to whom this information should be sent can generally be found on the Internet or by calling the newspaper.

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