Cheating Survey - for Professor Corey Ciocchetti (Univ. of Denver)

I'm very interested in academic integrity and what I perceive to be a major problem with cheating. In order to properly perceive the landscape, I need your help. Please anonymously answer the following questions. I will use this data to paint a picture of what's really going on regarding academic integrity. Please don't identify yourself or name your school. The goal is to create a framework from which teachers and professors can create a classroom environment where: (1) students do not want to cheat because they grasp its negative ethical implications and (2) students cannot cheat without getting caught or reported. So please be completely honest with your responses. I need as many people as possible to fill this out over the next month. This should take no more than 10 minutes of your time. Your help means a great deal to me! I will post the results of this survey at in the fall. Thanks! Prof. C
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