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Featuring the PINT CLUB and SAMMIE CLUB (like wine club...but WAYYYYY cooler). HOW IT WORKS: -Each month, Pint Club members receive a hand-packed pint of ice cream, and Sammie Club members receive 4 custom, handmade ice cream sammies. -Our team of ice cream experts curates what flavor(s) you'll receive each month, surprising you with our classic, seasonal, boozy and adventurous ice creams (Peking Duck anyone?). -All deliveries are made during the first week of each month, and all pick-ups are suggested to take place during the first week of each month (depending on your city). -Don't fret about forgetting -- we'll send you an email at the beginning of each month reminding you that your pint or sammie 4-pack is on its way to your door or is available for pick up, and what delicious flavor(s) you should be expecting. -Want to give a membership as a gift? No problem -- just let us know your giftee's information in the prompts below! We'll email you a gift certificate you can present to the lucky guy or gal. Still have questions? Email
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