CSLP 2013-2014 Application

An Academic Student Organization

“Securing your academic investment, giving back to our community, and building the leaders of tomorrow”

MEMBER QUALIFICATIONS: A. Applicant must be a University of California, Irvine student by Fall 2013 B. Must be available to attend workshops, events, and general meetings (exceptions can be made by the Executive Administrator) C. Commitment to represent the University of California through the program in a professional and respectable manner for the entire 2013-2014 academic year REQUIREMENTS FOR PARTICIPATION

Member has until the end of Spring Quarter 2014 to meet requirements.

Hours of Community Service 25 Hours 40 Hours 60 Hours
Event Summaries Required Yes Yes Yes
Mentorship (only if LDP completed previous year) - Can substitute full LDP Required
External Organization Networking - - Required
# of Leadership Texts One One Two
Lead Projects - One Three
Number of Meetings Required Nine Nine Nine
Action Team Summaries One Two Three
Booth Type Events Two Four Six
Fundraiser Events One Two Three
Leadership Development Program(LDP) Introduction Only Introduction and 2 Additional Workshops Complete Program
SSARC Workshops One Two Two
NSLS Speaker Series - - One
SSARC Resume Critique - - Required
Education - Completion of LDP or one Approved Leadership Course Two Approved Leadership Courses
Awards Certificate with Chairperson Endorsement Certificate with SSARC Directors Endorsement Certificate with Associate Dean and Dean Endorsement
Failure of completion of a membership results in only receiving the Community Service Hours Certificate COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS CERTIFICATE -Certificate with number of community service hours contributed -All persons attempting and completing membership will receive this certificate Certificate with Program Endorsement DEAN’S LEADERSHIP AWARD -Completion of General or Advanced Membership -Total of 75 hours of service -Total of 7 Booth-type Events -GPA 3.3 or Above at time of application -Completed Leadership Development Program Award: Dean Endorsed Certificate and UCI Medal SECOND YEAR MEMBER AWARD Completion of two-years of Basic, General, or Advanced Membership Award: CSLP Stole THIRD YEAR MEMBER AWARD Completion of three-years in Basic, General, or Advanced Membership Award: UCI Medal

* Required