Baptism Information Form

Parents, Please fill out the information below. We will use this information for baptisms on November 23 at the Family Celebration as well as for name cards during the confirmation service on Sunday, November 254. The names will also be the names used for the certificates we will mail you after confirmation. Baptism is an outward sign of an inner grace. The United Methodist Church does not "re-baptize" as we believe in "One baptism" as stated in the Nicene Creed. If a student who has been previously baptized wants to make a public statement of faith, they may choose to remember their baptism at the Family Celebration. All students MUST be baptized (either prior to confirmation or on November 19 at the Family Celebration) in order to be confirmed. Forms of Baptism: Sprinkle - Water is lightly sprinkled over the head; Immersion - Person is completely submerged below the water in a pool; Pour - A pitcher of water is poured over the head A remembrance is done with water in the shape of a cross on the forehead.
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