Cacao & Chocolate Tour of Mexico and Hawaii

We're planning to put on cacao & chocolate tours of both Hawaii (Oahu & the Big Island) and the cacao & vanilla growing states of Oaxaca & Chiapas, Mexico. If you have a few minutes to fill out this short survey, it'll help us immensely in tailoring the tours to your tastes & timing.

For Both Tours

Seeing cacao growing
Helping harvest cacao
Helping ferment cacao
Talking to cacao farmers about their issues growing
Visiting a bean-to-bar chocolate shop
Taking part in chocolate making for a few hours
Learning some new chocolate making techniques
Having time off during the tour to relax and visit tourists shops
Visiting a vanilla farm
Seeing & tasting other tropical fruit growing
Learn about cultural history and activities outside of cacao
Learn about cultural history and activities outside related to cacao & chocolate
Learn about sustainability issues related to food and agriculture

Hawaii tour

Mexico tour

Wrap up & Contact

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