Student Activities Finance Committee (SAFC) Budget Request Form

The SAFC is charged with funding events/programs developed by recognized New School student organizations that meet eligibility requirements set forth in the SAFC processes and procedures. The money allocated is a separate funding source from the automatic club funds given to all recognized organizations. The goal of the committee is to assist student groups in implementing enriching events for The New School community.

Funding Allocations

- Funding will be based on an event-specific allocation, made to fund one event. - Groups can submit an allocation request for more than one event during a semester. - Funds can only be used for the event that they were allocated. NOTE: All allocations are made based on the dates listed below and are not made at any other time of the academic year. In the event that an unforeseen expense or exciting programming opportunity is conceived by a student organization, the organization should submit a program proposal and funding request directly to Erin Schwartz Orr (, Coordinator of Student Programs in the OSDA.

Important Dates and Information

SAFC Deadlines for the 2013-2014 academic year are on the following Fridays at 5pm: FALL September 3 (Note this is a Tuesday) September 20 October 18 November 15 December 6 SPRING February 7 February 21 March 14 April 11 April 25 SAFC is well-informed about on-campus programming, so please do not hesitate to contact to get accurate information when planning your budget (ex: there are no fees for on-campus space or AV equipment, we can make sure events are not duplicated, etc.).

Tips for Using This Form

BE SPECIFIC! The more money requested, the more specific you should be. - Clear description of activity and logistics of how it will function. - Clear and specific description of funds requested. - Proof of price comparisons/searches - Number of expected attendees and target population BE REALISTIC! Go over the budget with club members and your advisor to make sure the numbers make sense and that everyone agrees that the event is plausible.