Co-Curricular Transcript

The Co-Curricular Transcript is an official record of leadership accomplishments, involvement in student organizations, community service activities, and professional/educational development programs. It is designed as a means of recognizing extracurricular learning, development, and contributions. Official copies of the Co- Curricular Transcript can be used to supplement resumes and academic transcripts when applying to graduate/professional schools and prospective employers. The Co-Curricular Transcript should include achievements/activities in the following areas: Leadership Activities- participation in student organizations, programs and clubs on campus, including titles of responsibility. Organizations, Programs, Activities- extended participation in recognized organizations, and/or activities. Honors, Awards, Scholarships or other Academic Recognition- any formal recognition of academic or scholarly success. Scholarship and Fellowship applications completed- even if ultimately you did not receive the award. It is important to note if you were a runner-up, alternate, or selected for the second round of reviews which may have included an interview. Professional or Educational Development Activities- participation in learning experiences such as seminars, training programs, conferences or volunteer experience related to personal and professional development. Community Service/Volunteerism- participation in any community service or volunteer activities of any duration. To submit activities for review, please continue to the next page.