Outstanding Teaching Award for Part-time Faculty & Staff 2014 Nomination Form

This award recognizes part-time Hazleton Campus faculty and Hazleton Campus staff who have demonstrated continued instructional excellence. All staff and part-time faculty who have taught credit courses for a minimum of six semesters at the Hazleton Campus and who have not previously received this award are eligible. (The six semesters do not have to be continuous, and a mix of full-time and FT-2 appointments is acceptable.) Selection of an award recipient is made by the Penn State Hazleton Faculty Awards Committee. Nomination forms can be completed by students, faculty, administrators, staff, parents and friends of the Hazleton Campus. Award recipient will be announced at the annual Academic Awards Ceremony. Nominations are due by February 21, 2014. The Outstanding Teaching Award for Part Time faculty and staff may not be awarded to the same recipient twice. Previous winners of this award include: Ms. Cheryl Hartman Mr. David Smith The Honorable Correale Stevens Ms. Christine Ashton Mr. Robert Reevs Mr. John Lenchak Ms. Tammy Brill
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