2013-2014 Running Start Fee Waiver

Please complete the following application. This application is for the Running Start Fee Waiver only. The Running Start Book Loan application will be first available for the fall 2013 quarter starting August 28th at 7:30am online. The application for the Running Start Fee Waiver will be processed weekly throughout the year. You only need to submit one Running Start Fee Waiver application and supporting documentation per student for the 2013-2014 school year.
* Required

Supporting Documentation

Supporting documentation of income must be submitted to be considered for the Running Start Book Loan and/or Fee Waiver. You must submit one of the following: 1. Current pay stubs for each working member of the household for the previous three months. 2. Documentation of benefits from a state agency (you will need to include documentation of your last three months of benefits for all family members) 3. Submit income tax return forms for all family members from the 2012 tax year. This document must show the applicant as a dependent on record. 4. Documentation from the high school that your family qualifies for the 2013-2014 free or reduced lunch program.

Program Participation Agreement

I certify that the information submitted in this application is valid to the best of my knowledge. I understand that until I submit supporting documentation my application cannot be processed. I understand that I remain responsible for the costs of books, supplies and materials, tuition and fees on courses under the 100 level or courses over the Running Start funding limit table and any other costs I incur as student at South Puget Sound Community College. The Running Start Fee Waiver will not cover the $15.00 matriculation fee and specialty course fees. I also understand a new waiver with supporting documentation will need to be submitted each academic year.

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