Student Leadership Selection Process Nomination Form

Dear Simmons Community Member, The Student Leadership Selection Process for Spring 2014 is now accepting nominations for student leader positions on campus. If you know of a Simmons student who would be a great candidate for the positions listed below, we want them to apply! If you are a Simmons student and would like to nominate yourself, we encourage you to do so! We plan on contacting nominated students to inform them that someone thinks they would be great in a leadership position. We will use a direct quote from the paragraph you write below. Simmons students do not need to be nominated to apply to these positions, however, we will be keeping nominated students up to date with the most current announcements. Please link anyone you know who may want to nominate students here to nominate! If you require a more detailed description of all the available leadership positions, please visit the Student Leadership Selection Process: Thank you for your input! We appreciate your help, please contact us if you have any questions. Gina Louis Residence Life Coordinator Office of Residence Life Corey I Zohlman Program Coordinator Office of Student Leadership and Activities
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Position Descriptions

Orientation Leader: Orientation Leaders (OLs) are Simmons students who assist with all aspects of Undergraduate Orientation, including programming for particular populations such as Dix Scholars, Transfer Students, and international students. OLs are responsible for a group of incoming students and their participation in the Summer Orientation and Fall Orientation. OLs set up events, sit on panels, and answer questions regarding the College. OLs facilitate group discussions and team builders and serve as leaders for new students, assisting with their transition. OLs participate in spring trainings as well as trainings a few days prior to Orientation in the summer and in the fall. Wellness Ambassador: Simmons Wellness Ambassadors will serve as an open-minded and non-judgmental resource on campus for accurate health and wellness information. Will promote the mission of health education and wellness and advocate for a health conscious culture in the Simmons community. The following educational programs: Drugs and Alcohol, Betsy's Friends, EAT, Relaxation Techniques, SEX, Time and Stress Management, Smoking Cessation, Sexual Assault Education, HIV/AIDS Education, and Positive Strategies. The Advanced Achievement in Community Engagement (A2CE) program recognizes students for their commitment to and passion for community service. Students are matched with a single community organization based on their major and/or interests. Students work with this organization over three or four years* at Simmons and each year deepen their experience. This enables students to build skills and a network while learning the inner-workings of a local non-profit. Simmons 101 Student Facilitator: Simmons 101 Student Facilitators help incoming first-years successfully transition to the College. The course is designed to provide first-year students with awareness of and access to the many resources on campus while connecting them with an upper-class Simmons student, a staff member, and their peers. In collaboration with Simmons 101 Staff Facilitators and using the provided course content in the Simmons 101 manual, the S101 Student Facilitators help plan and deliver weekly classes throughout the fall semester. S101 Student Facilitators are responsible for reading and responding to weekly written assignments and may have other commitments as designated by FYE Staff Facilitator. Student Finance Board Member: The Student Finance Board (SFB) is the financial branch of the Student Government Association (SGA). It is a committee of students whose purpose is to allocate funds collected through the Undergraduate Student Activities Fee. The SFB consists of a representative of each class, a Dix Scholar, a Residence Housing Association member, four members at large, and is chaired by the Treasurer of SGA. The SFB is advised by the Office of Student Leadership and Activities. The purpose of the SFB is to ensure impartiality in all financial transactions made by organizations and to encourage an event-focused ideology to enhance “an environment that appreciates and respects a diverse and multicultural campus," (SGA Constitution). The goal of the SFB is to support a wide variety of organizations, activities, and programs that will benefit the Simmons community. The Student Government Association: represents the executive branch of the entire student body at Simmons. If you're interested in bringing about change, going into politics, creating great events, or just working with your fellow classmates, participating in Student Government is a great place to start. There are six committees within SGA: Awards/ Nominations, Election, Student Finance Board, Student Advisors on Multiculturalism, Academic Affairs, and Women's College Week Committees. Conduct Board: hears cases of potential resident violations of the Simmons College Code of Conduct and the Housing License Agreement. It is the job of the Conduct Board to hear and review statements from all involved parties and make a determination as to the responsibility of the accused student(s). Women Changing the Face of Leadership Program Advisor: This summer Simmons will host (pending approval) a five week leadership program for young women under the theme, “Women Changing the Face of Leadership”. This will be our second opportunity to host twenty students from sub-Saharan Africa who will join together with Simmons students in order to learn about women’s leadership in the United States and to create an open exchange of ideas between students of different nationalities and cultures. Scott/Ross Student Director: of the Scott/Ross Center direct student-led programs including America Reads, America Learns, Education Sparks, Afterschool @ Simmons, and Gateway. The Resident Advisor: RA is a full-time undergraduate or graduate student who, under the supervision and direction of a Residence Director, serves to help educate, counsel, advise, and support students. An RA helps with the administration of the floor and hall, acts as a role model for the Simmons community, and operates as a team member with the hall staff and Residence Life staff in general. Summer Resident Advisor: Summer RAs work with small communities of Simmons students who live on campus during the summer months. They also work for 10 hours a week as office assistants in the Office of Residence Life.

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