Holiday PEP Band 2013

Welcome to the Flyer Holiday Pep Band sign up page! If this is your first time playing in the band, welcome! If you've played with the band before, we're glad to have you back. It's going to be an exciting holiday season and we're happy that you will be a part of it. Please complete all of the information below. Details about playing with the band can be found at the bottom of the form. If you have any other questions, please email us at We're looking forward to seeing you and hearing you play! GO FLYERS!!! -
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*Please read these FAQ and continue to the bottom to complete the form.

1. What time and where do we need to meet? Everyone participating in the Flyer Holiday Pep Band will meet at the University of Dayton in the College Park Center (CPC) Room 153 two hours (2. 0) hours before the tip off times listed for the game to get their music and have a brief rehearsal. 2. How will the band get to the games? The band will leave the College Park Center by bus for the arena about an hour before tip off and return to the arena after the game. 3. What do I do after the game is over? After the game is over, we will collect the music , load the bus and return to the College Park Center. Parents can expect to pick up their child at the College Park Center about 2.5 hours after the game starts. 4. Can I go home with my parents if they come to the game? If your parent is at the game, you may leave with them as long as you are NOT using a UD instrument. If you are using a UD instrument, you MUST return to campus to check in your instrument. 5. How do I get to the College Park Center (CPC)? Directions to the campus can be found at <> . To find the location of the CPC, click the link "online campus map" and select the College Park Center under "Select a building to find". 6. When and where do I get the music? When you arrive at the CPC (room 153) 2 hours before tip off, you will receive the music for your instrument. We will have a brief rehearsal before we load the bus. If you would like, you can come by the CPC and pick up your part early. 7. If I need to use a UD instrument, how do I get it? All instruments are checked out to you when you arrive. UD can provide sousaphones, baritones, and mellophones if needed. For percussion, the band uses a drum set and a bass drum. Percussion students are welcomed to bring their own snares, quints and bass drums to enhance the beat. Don’t forget your sticks! 8. What do we wear to the games? Everyone participating in the Flyer Holiday Pep Band MUST wear a red shirt and blue jeans. 9. Does it cost to be in the Flyer Holiday Pep Band? No! 10. Who can play in the Flyer Holiday Pep Band? The FHPB is open to: All UD Band Alumni Any high school student grades 9-12 Any musician 15 years or older that plays a common marching band instrument. 11. Who do I contact if I have any questions? Send an email to Annie Miller, FPB Assistant at

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