MPTC Recruit Officer Course Training Request

This Request is for a full-time (800 hour) police academy.
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Submitting this Request DOES NOT secure a seat in a police academy.

Recruit Officer Courses are only scheduled to meet anticipated demand. One of the factors in determining when a class will be scheduled and its location is a list of pending candidates gleaned from the interest we have on file asking for a seat in the next training academy. As a result, MPTC encourages departments, and those who have sponsorship to keep the MPTC informed regarding future hiring plans and recruit officer training needs.

Police Department Information

Candidates sponsored not hired by a police department applying to a police academy are encouraged to submit this Request. The only sponsoring entities are either a municipal or University of Massachusetts police chief or Environmental Police Colonel.

Contact Information

Please provide the name, rank, e-mail address and telphone number of the person designated by the department to recieve all communication regarding the police academy. Sponsored candidates not offered employment should also include their name, e-mail and telephone number in the space below.

The Candidate's Employment Status

Please tell us the candidate's employment status at the time they enter the police academy by typing the total number of seats in the box. If your department is hiring and sponsonsoring candidates, please type the total number of seats in each box. [For example: A department expresses interest for three (3) seats. One (1) cadidate is hired fulltime, one (1) is remaining part-time and one (1) is sponsored having no offer of employment. Type "1" in the box beneath FT, "1" in the box beneath PT/SP and "1" beneath SP.]


In anticipation of your department's hiring needs, please indicate the time frame(s) that best reflects your candidate(s) will be ready to attend a police academy.

MPTC Police Academies

Academy locations are chosen based on the interest received. Please type the total number of seats beneath every police academy of choice the applicant could potentially be enrolled.

MPTC Authorized Police Academies

The MPTC does coordinate registrations for authorized academies. Please contact the authorized academy directly.

Submit your Request

This Request is received by the Recruit Officer Training Coordinator for the MPTC. Contact Patrick Caggiano: Voice: 781.437.0306 / E-mail: MPTC-RT@MassMail.State.MA.US

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