Creating Assignments to Structure Your Course

Monday, February 25, 2013 3:30-5:30pm Gates-Blake 133 While this session is not a requirement of the Certificate Program, we highly recommend students take this between the Seminar and Workshop on Course Design or after completing both. In the Seminar on Course Design, we learned how to plan our own courses using the principle of 'backwards design' -- generating learning goals and final assignments by answering the question, 'What knowledge, concepts, skills or values do I want students to gain from taking my course?' In this follow-up workshop, we continue the process by planning out the major assignments that will both structure and motivate students' learning throughout the term. We will generate and discuss an assignment-centered 'course skeleton' by answering the question, 'What will students need to do in order to meet the learning goals for my course?' In addition to having attended the seminar on course design, attendees must bring in a set of three to five learning goals and a final assignment description to use in generating their assignment-centered course skeletons.
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