All Natural error reports

To err is human - I sweated a great deal to get my facts right, I asked experts to review sections relevant to their expertise, and fact-checked line by line. Still, I'm sure there sharp-eyed and intelligent readers will find errors we missed. If/when errors crop up here, I'll note them in my blog and correct the book for any future printings. I'm not likely to respond to error reports if it is (a) an assertion of certainty about something that is still up in the air (eg please don't tell me that "everyone knows that saturated fat will kill you"), or (b) a request for more detail. With regards to (b) if there's some cool fact or nuance you think I should include, I'd love to hear about it, but it's probably not an error. I know the people best equipped to catch and report errors are usually the ones without the time to do it - so I thank you in advance for this. If this really is a clear and significant mistake and you take the time to show me where I've gone awry I'll do everything I can to make people aware of it, make amends, and stomp out the misinformation.

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