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I decided offer affordable advertising on my real deal site! The price for a Madame Deals rss subscriber is $30 or more based on your donation. You understand your button will be up for 30 days. You will be asked if you want to renew. You understand there are only 7 slots available. If you pay you will be moved into the next available slot.You will receive the date that you can expect your button to appear on If you buy more than one month you can write a featured blogger/ business post that will be shared on it will have to be approved. The money for the button will be a donation it will be tax deductible and the money will be paid directly to a local school. You will need to fill out this form and we will give the url for the school and payment instructions. When you have paid you will receive confirmation and the expected date that your ad will apear on the "Real Deals page for Madame Deals".
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