Fitness Center Office Morning Daily Tasks

For each shift worked, please complete the following form for your daily tasks and those tasks of your co-worker upon completion of the morning shift. Employees will accountable to each other and to the supervisor. We are here to work as a TEAM! :)
* Required

I didn't do anything... rather be doing hoodrat things with my friends I went above and beyond because this is the best place on earth!

Gym lights, computer... should be turned on-- Office should look professional & ready for business AND write your name on the whiteboard :)
Check voicemails & call back ASAP
Check emails & respond-- if you open it, it's your responsibility! If you replied or its junk mail delete!
Organize counter tops
Update facebook! "time to get swole at USFSP Gym ;)" , Fit-4-Life schedule & Intramural Schedule for the day
Scan & File Waivers
Wipe down community area- Clorox Wipes!
Complete sales summary ONLY if sold something & complete deposit log

I hate it... ...I love it

Accountability & working as a TEAM!

This section is for you to complete of your co-worker as you will be accountable for his/hers performance on the tasks below.

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