MCC Financial Aid & Scholarship Outreach Request Form

Thank You for choosing us to support your efforts in educating the public on Financial Assistance. We in the financial aid office appreciate your interest in our presence. We will try our best to accommodate your request as much as possible. Please take a moment to complete the following form. This allows us to prepare for your event and prevent overbooking our staff, in the event that we are unable to attend your event, we will work with you for future events or rescheduling if necessary. Thank you once again for choosing us. Please fill in as many details as possible. This form only requests that a representative accommodate an event that you are planning to host. *A minimum of 2 week advance notice required for all event requests Once the request is submitted, the following will take place: 1. A confirmation of attendance will be sent to the contact person once the availability to accommodate the event is determined. 2. One day prior to event, the event contact person will be sent a pre-event follow up email to confirm the event status and if any changes are necessary. Please wait a minimum of 1-2 business days for a response from the Outreach Specialist to confirm the status of your request.
* Required

If any changes to event occur, a 24 hour notice to Financial Aid is required. Please send an email to or call: 480-461-7473.

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