Grade 2 Session: Module 8

Time, Shapes, and Fractions as Equal Parts of Shapes

Facilitated by Christine King

Jan. 16, 2019

Welcome and Overview




Group Norms





“Norms are the agreements of a group about how the members will work together…” (Center on Disability and Community Inclusion, 2014)

Visible Learning for Mathematics by Hattie, Fisher and Frey, pg. 148.

Session Overview

  • Understanding the Standards
  • Terminology
  • Fluency Carousel
  • Application Problems
  • Lessons - Big Ideas
  • Module Exams
  • Next Steps

Understanding the Standards

  • Select a standard.
  • Review the SCCCR Unpacking Support Document
  • Share something interesting

Topic A:

Topic B:

Topic C:

Topic D:


Big Ideas in Module

  • Use of precise math vocabulary
  • Equally partitioning
  • Naming attributes of geometric figures
  • Justification
  • Telling time

Assess repeatedly.

Fluency Carousel

Topic A:

Topic B:

Topic C: Lesson 9, 10 Subtracting 2s

Topic D: Lesson 14, pg. 198 Adding and Subtracting 5

Application Problems

Use the toothpicks (12) to make 3 different shapes.

Lesson 1

Application Problems and Problem Types

Students were making larger shapes out of triangles and squares. They put away all 72 triangles. There were still 48 squares on the carpet.

Lesson 8: How many triangles and squares were on the carpet when they started? (Start unknown)

Application Problem

Brownies take 45 minutes to bake. Pizza takes half an hour less than brownies to bake. How long does pizza take to bake?

Lesson 14

Lesson 2: Developing Reasoning

Lesson 6:

Lesson 7:

Lesson 7: Major Misconception

Lesson 8: Exploring Pattern Blocks

Lesson 9 - 10: Shading, Circles and Rectangles

Lesson 11: Language Development

Lesson 12: Congruent


  • Square A: Partition the square in 1 way.
  • Square B: Partition the square in another way.
  • What can you say about each part of each square?
  • How are the parts in Square A related to the parts in Square B?

Reading a Scale

Lesson 13: Connecting Time to Fractions

Lesson 15: Make a Book

The Math Curse:

Module Exams

Assess repeatedly.

Next Steps

  • What materials do you need to gather?
  • What adjustments will you make to lessons?
  • How and when will you implement assessments?

Thank you!

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