CleanAir Product and Service Differentiators

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Differentiator for Gravimetrics Analyses

Many laboratories basically ignore determining an actual detection limit for gravimetrics analyses. The value published in EPA Method 5i (0.5 mg) for each fraction is often cited without lab audits.

With increasingly lower emissions limits sampling time can become a limiting factor. Clean Air Engineering determines an actual Method Detection Limit (MDL) for every test project.

The MDL is determined much like any other laboratory method. Spikes and Blanks are analyzed in accordance procedures published in 40 CFR 136, Appendix B. Using these techniques, an MDL less than half that published in EPA Method 5I is determined.

Using this MDL for Gravimetrics Analyses can cut sample times in half in order to demonstrate compliance with a low emissions limit for:

Filterable Particulate Matter

EPA M5, EPA M201A, EPA M17, EPA M5I, etc.

Condensable Particulate Matter

EPA Method 202, TCEQ Method 23, TCEQ Method 24


CleanAir's ® UL Listed Mobile Power Distribution Station is a safe temporary 120/240VAC single split phase system perfect for most field service applications. The portable power unit is mounted on a sturdy aluminum two-wheeled cart for easy maneuvering, even on rough terrain. It converts a single-phase 480VAC input into multiple 120V and 240V receptacles to power your entire field operation. Each of the sixteen (16) 120VAC outlets is GFCI breaker protected providing for safe outdoor usage. The two (2) 240VAC outlets are equipped with heavy duty locking receptacles, and all the circuit breakers are encased in a NEMA 3R weatherproof breaker box with window. When your field operations require power to several locations at one time, where standard electrical service is not readily available, no other solution compares to this Mobile Power Distribution System.

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1st to Rent Continuous Emission Monitors

Lead the effort to return quality control to Stack Testers

Lead the collaborative effort for ASTM D7036

Lead the formation of STAC, the association for better data

Lead the combination for Raman & FTIR for total gas analysis

Most reliable equipment for emissions measurement

Best Instrument repair service

5 gas calibrator

UL labeled powercart

OSHA Challenge certification

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Helped increase nuclear power plant capacity rating.

Cooling Tower Institute Certification Tests

More Curve Jumps

1st to share our training video

We can design, build and ship probes in < 8 hours

We do secure online database for our clients

Nuclear Power Plant Nameplate Rating Increase Services

We can measure and create a model which can be used to improve hydraulic efficiency resulting in an increased power rating.

Large Pipe Water Flow Rate Measurements

CTI Cooling Tower Certification Program - Licensed Contractor

CTI Licensed Thermal Performance Testing Agency, according to the latest edition of CTI ATC-105

Primary Air Flow Rate and Coal Loading Testing

Can you measure velocity in a very dense particulate gas flow?

Ultra High Resolution Infrared Imaging

Ultra-Sonic Inspection System

very small leak detection

remote temperature measurement

motor wear documentation

The handheld design makes it easy to carry and take measurements in hard to reach locations. The touch screen allows the user to view decibel level, temperature, control sensitivity, change frequency, view an FFT and record sounds and images.

Uncertainty Analysis

How good is your data?

Design of Experiment

Statistical Analysis Using JMP by SAS Institute

Graph large data sets

Comparison of means (e.g., compare instruments, replicate measurements, or operating conditions)

Determine and evaluate model to describe data

Principal component analysis to reduce number of model inputs

Database Design and Software Management




Programing & Software Customization

Visual Basic







Excel Macro

FileMaker Pro


Google Sites









Systems Engineering

1.Create/Update System Design (State, wiring, and plumbing diagrams)

2.Install Hardware

3.Configure Data Acquisition/Control (Input signals – sensors, output signals – valve/temperature controller)

4.Update Control Program (Labview)

5.Test System (Run in automated mode)

Research Lab Adsorption System Hardware/software need to be changed regularly

Systems automation (e.g., read sensors, valve/temperature control, log data)

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