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25 yrs teaching experience

5th & 6th grades

Elementary Library

High School Library

Instructional Technology Facilitator

Presenter/Keynote Speaker for:

  • SimpleK12
  • ISTE
  • Model Schools
  • NCCE
  • METC
  • TxLA & more

Digital Portfolios allow for teaching skills in context in ways students personally relate.

  • Internet Safety
  • Digital Footprint
  • Copyright

Digital Portfolios?

a digitized, purposeful, and shareable collection of artifacts and reflections that shows the student’s efforts, progress, and achievements in one or more areas of curriculum (and life)

is a Digital Portfolio?

The overarching purpose of a digital portfolio is to create a sense of personal ownership over one's accomplishments, because ownership engenders feeling of pride, responsibility, and dedication.

and understand WHY

that matters.

and explore their purpose and passions through choice!

A portfolio shows knowledge & achievement

encourage students to build digital portfolios of their best work, starting in ninth grade, to provide colleges and universities with more and better information about their capabilities and potential.

a portfolio is a demonstration of your skills, abilities, and achievements as they relate to the type of position you are seeking.


  • No individual student accounts
  • Class portfolios


  • Individual student accounts
  • Level 1 portfolios
  • Intro to reflections


  • Individual student accounts
  • Level 2 portfolios


  • Individual student accounts
  • Level 3 portfolios

Reflection & Relationship are the "heart & soul" of a Digital Portfolio, not the technology

Before You Start


  • Audience – College admissions, potential employer, internship?

  • Purpose – Reason for creating your portfolio (Do NOT put that it’s for a grade.)

  • Goals – What do you hope to accomplish or achieve?

  • Interests – List hobbies, activities, or other things you enjoy doing

  • Modes of Self-Expression – pictures, films, writing, painting, singing, music, etc.

  • Passions – What are you most passionate about? Building, designing, animals, etc.

  • Strengths – What are your best qualities or attributes?

  • Weaknesses/ Challenges – What do you struggle with, or do you have an obstacle you’ve overcome?

Organizing Ideas

  • Introduction to your digital portfolio – could be a single quote that serves to describe or define you – Message to your readers and Purpose for creating your portfolio

  • Bio, photos

  • Interests – Clubs, hobbies, activities, community service

  • Top 10 Infographic – A list of your top 10 favorite ____ (books, movies, songs, places, etc.).

  • Accomplishments – Honors, awards, certificates

  • Try to make your Top 10 list relate to your interests, future career, goals.

  • Plans, goals, dreams

  • Inspiration – What inspired you to pursue ____ (career)?

  • Career Plan – Research information about your selected career based on your Kuder assessment, and create an infographic to visually represent the researched information (include short citations and Works Cited)

  • Resume – Skills, programs, languages, certifications (Only put your email & a link to your digital portfolio – no address or phone number)

Best Work

& Projects

Building Content

Weebly, Wix, Google Sites, Other

Reflect, Publish, Share, Repeat

Works Cited

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