School Board Meeting

November 7, 2019

7:00 PM

Scarborough Public Schools

Board of Education

Annual Thanksgiving Dinner


November Enrollment

November 1st



Best-Fit Model + High MFI

High School



Middle School



Wentworth School



Blue Point School



Eight Corners School



Pleasant Hill School






Every Student Graduates Committee Members

  • Sarah Leighton: School Board Member
  • Diane Nadeau, Mike LeGage & Susan Ketch: Administrators
  • Denise Blain & Will York: HS Staff
  • Alyson Murtha & Michelle Grant: School Counselors for HS/MS
  • Kathy Tirrell: Improvement Strategist
  • Kristen Caldwell: Student School Board Member
  • Sanford Prince IV: Interim Superintendent
  • Jo Anne Sizemore: Assistant Superintendent

Charge of the Team

Dropout Prevention Committee Policy JFC states:

  • Review various data and evidence pertaining to dropouts, habitual truancy, and the need for alternative programs K-12
  • Write a plan of action and present it to the School Board
  • The Committee will meet at least annually thereafter to review the plan and make recommendations to the Board as appropriate.

5 Dimensions of Dropout Prevention

District Systemic Support Dropout prevention is a PreK-12 endeavor with purposeful and coordinated implementation of comprehensive prevention strategies.

Collaborative Networks Dropout prevention work combines the ideas and resources of the district, students, families, community, and business members.

Use of Data Dropout prevention strategies and plans are developed from an extensive and ongoing analysis and use of data.

Teaching and Learning Professional development leads to a rigorous, relevant, and supportive learning environment that promotes success for all students.

Leadership Development District leadership makes dropout prevention a priority so prevention strategies impact at-risk students.

Every Student Graduates Action Plan

  • Goal 1: District Systemic Support: Develop consistent, research-based attendance and truancy practices K-12.

  • Goal 2: Use of Data: District and school staff will be able to make effective use of data and data analysis will lead to specific interventions.
  • Goal 3: Teaching & Learning: ALL students have a sense of belonging & engagement in school.

Goal 1: District Systemic Support

Develop consistent, research-based attendance and truancy practices K-12

  • Updated attendance codes in PowerSchool
  • Consistent attendance protocols and procedures across the district
  • Active attendance review committees at each school
  • Data analysis to identify causes trends and potential causes
  • Development and implementation of strategies that increase regular school attendance

Goal 2: Staff Use of Data

District and school staff will be able to make effective use of data and data analysis will lead to specific interventions.

  • New data analytics tool, Performance Matters
  • Data plans in place
  • Consistent Response to Intervention (RtI) protocols and procedures across the district.
  • Data analysis to identify successful interventions

Goal 3: Teaching and Learning

ALL students have a sense of belonging & engagement in school.

  • Social Emotional Learning District Steering Committee
  • Continue to work on the Teaching and Learning NEAS&C recommendations written in the 2 year plan
  • Grow and add new and relevant student programs and experiences
  • Build advisory program with themes to meet student needs
  • Articulate an RtI system that aligns with K-8 while meeting the needs of HS students

Committee Reports

November 7, 2019

Scarborough Public Schools

Board of Education

  • Building Steering Committee
  • Curriculum
  • Finance
  • Long Range Planning
  • Negotiations
  • Outreach and Communications
  • Policy
  • Ad-hoc Community Center
  • Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  • Dropout Prevention
  • Educational and Business Council
  • Health, Safety, and Security Advisory
  • Legislative (MSBA)
  • Pre-K Task Force
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • Town Council
  • Vocational

Standing Committees/Liaison Roles

Committee assignments for the upcoming year will be announced at the 11/21 meeting




Scarborough Public Schools

  • Next Spotlight Award Winner will be announced and celebrated on 11/21

  • Look for the Fall issue of the District Newsletter on Monday

  • District communication- changing access for more information
    • Meeting with Curriculum Director and Principals
    • Schools will provide a list of “big events” to be posted to social media
  • Community Rountable Discussion - November 18, 2pm, Scarborough Public Library

  • Joint resolution with recommended updates to the budget development process will be brought to the Board at our next meeting


Long-Range Planning Committee

Eight Corners Primary

  • Occupancy permit came through last week.
  • The project is currently trending over budget (parking and portables)
  • May require Board action (e.g. line item adjustments or appeal for impact fees)

SMS Replacement Strategy

  • 123 heat pumps, most are past their

expected service life

  • Incrementally replace them over the

next 4-5 years

  • Window replacement is similarly underway
  • Upgrading lighting to LEDs from traditional


SMS Emergency Egress - Green Needle Drive

  • Evacuation route - Emergency vehicles

Long-Range Planning Committee (Cont’d)

Wetland Impact on Municipal Campus

  • What can be done with what is left?
  • Can we remediate? (e.g. Red area)
  • What is the cost?

Long Range Written Plan

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Priorities (e.g. safety, energy use, longevity, etc…)
  • Much of the information exists, this process would assemble it to be easily understandable.


Negotiations remains a closed process, which limits what can be shared publicly

Amy Glidden will continue to lead our ongoing process with the SEA and our teachers.

The negotiations team remains committed to pursuing a new contract for our teachers that is both progressive and responsable.

  • Community Center Committee
  • Town Council


Student Report

November 7, 2019

Scarborough Public Schools

Board of Education

Student Report

I wanted to start out my report with congratulating some of Scarborough High School’s athletic teams. Girls volleyball competed in the state championship last friday. They came up short to Falmouth but still had an amazing season!

Student Report

And my biggest congratulations to girls soccer for beating cheverus in their regional final on Tuesday. They are headed to hamden academy for states this saturday where they will play camden hills at 5:30. I wish them all the best of luck.

Student Report

Last Friday, the thirst project came to the high school to give a presentation about their work. The thirst project is an organization that aims at bringing clean drinking water 600 million people go without it every day. They have partnered with Key Club at the high school to fundraise for the organization.

Student Report

The Key Club also participated in their annual Leaf Raking Day where they raked leaves at about 10 houses. These homes are usually elderly people who are not able to rake their own leaves. Also, in their recent activity meeting they made bracelets to spread positivity around our school.

Student Report

The middle school held a week of unity to support bullying prevention. I have included pictures from October 23 which was orange day because if you didn’t know orange is the national color for bullying prevention. They were able to participate in an assembly at the beginning of the week to work on team building and creating a sense of unity.

Student Report

Career Pathways and the Learning Commons hosted Lanco Integrated to present to high school students about opportunities in stem, engineering, and robotics.

Student Report

Last friday, the Chicago based men’s choir “Constellation Men’s Ensemble” performed for the middle and high school, and workshopped with the high school chorus class. The experience was eye-opening to chorus students, as they got a sneak peek into what life would look like doing music as a career. They also performed at last friday’s homecoming chorus concert.

Student Report

Oak Hill players’ rehearsals for Peter pan have been underway! The flying equipment was brought in two weeks ago and it has seen a lot of practice already! These are pictures of the transition from the Darling nursery to Neverland, and the large ensemble number “True Blood Brothers”. We open November 15th and run through the 24th and anyone and everyone should come see me as Smee.

Student Report

This past Sunday, the 3rd, Oak Hill Players hosted its first spaghetti supper fundraiser. Students in the show each sold tickets to the event, which was organized by the students, and event-goers got an italian supper, to participate in raffles for community businesses, a 50/50 raffle, and a silent auction, and even get a sneak-peek of the show! We performed six numbers from our musical, and you’re to have to come see Peter Pan, opening on November 15th @ 7 to get a sneak peek

Student Report

On Sunday, October 27th, there was a fall festival hosted in the middle school gymnasium for students from kindergarten to fifth grade. There were activities, food, a raffle, pumpkin decorating, a photo booth, a bounce house, and the students had a lot of fun. I brought Maria, and she played with her friend Paige, they had a lot of fun.

Student Report

At Eight Corners, students carved pumpkins for Halloween. At Pleasant Hill, each classroom had to carve a pumpkin relating to a book.

Student Report

On the left, students at all of the primary schools participated in fire safety week, where the fire department came down to teach students about how to be cautious in case of emergency, and to tour the firetruck. On the right, students share a special September/October birthday lunch with Eight Corners principal, Ms. Lovejoy.

SB Meeting 11/7/2019 - Google Slides