People judge you based on your appearance

Style is a Strong Signal

  • First signal others see
  • Fast
  • Seen even by people you don't talk to
  • Can't opt out
    • You can't stop people from looking at you

What can style signal?

  • Conscientiousness
    • It takes attention to dress well
    • People who dress well look like they 'have it together'
  • Social skills
  • Lots of good things correlated with looking good

Style is Learnable

Rule: Fit is King

  • Trendy clothes with bad fit = bad
  • Boring clothes with good fit = good

Example: Shoulder Fit

  • Shirt, sweater or jacket shoulder fit most important
  • Body of shirt ends where body ends
    • Shoulder seam on shoulder bone
    • Intentional, won't happen accidentally

Example: Pants Length

  • Match length of paths to length of leg
    • Bottom should fold on itself just a little

Example: Looseness

  • Clothes should not be too loose or too tight
    • Close to the body everywhere
    • Not tight anywhere

Examples to Avoid

Khakis and Polo shirts

  • Pattern: 'nerd' or 'office drone'

Mixing up 'Dressing up' and 'Dressing well'

  • Dressing up is a higher level of formality
    • Does not necessarily look better
    • Can be inappropriate
  • Dressing well is optimizing more


  • Itentionality
    • Intentional things look good
  • Conformity
    • Dress like those you want to be associated with
  • Context
    • Business attire in business settings
    • Athletic attire in athletic situations


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  • r/femalefashionadvice
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