Online Service Center: Re-imagined

The University’s telecommunications billing and reporting system, the Online Service Center (OSC), is in the middle of a major upgrade. Our primary responsibility has been to migrate the reporting functionality from the existing Online Service Center to the all-new Service Request System (SRS).


Group Members:

Rachel Schoepke

Derek Yang

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The existing Online Service Center is written in a WebObjects framework, which has been deprecated. The platform is now being rewritten as the Service Request System in a Django framework.



  • Consistency across all billing reports to ensure ease of use for both frequent and infrequent users
  • Improved, more-detailed and more-specific billing reports, as requested by the customer
  • A billing and reporting system that is well-supported and configurable
  • Building on the work of a previous intern, we considered user feedback on the current system to provide useful improvements to the billing reports
  • Collaborated with a User Interface expert to create a user-friendly experience that is consistent with the Service Request System as a whole
  • Met weekly with the customer to assure the functionality of the application is inline with the users’ needs
  • Developed a new billing report to provide coverage that is lacking in the current system

Online Service Center: Re-imagined - 2019 ITS Summer Internship Program - Google Slides