Welcome to the
Kilmer Elementary
Back to School Night 2019

Session #1 = 5:30 – 6:00

Gym = 6:05 – 6:25

Session #2 = 6:30 - 7:00

Drew Francis – Principal

Presentation can be found on KES Website







Session #1 = 5:30 – 6:00

Gym 6:05 – 6:25

Session #2 = 6:30 - 7:00


Our students, our staff

& our parents!



Our Beliefs


• Family

• Work

• Enjoy life

Happy people = Happy students Bring Joy to Kilmer!

All great schools:

      • Consistent curriculum
      • Challenging goals
      • Parent involvement
      • Safe and orderly environment
      • Collaborative atmosphere

Growth at KES:

October 2017 = 333

October 2018 = 339 (+6)

September 2019 = 353 (+ 14)

- Less growth

- More move outs

- Closed Open Enrollment

5 - 10 year growth plan = Has not changed!

Programing Capacity remains at 375.


Why the changes:

  • Routes changes

- # Routes from 6 to 5

- Start time at KES

  • Finances
  • Efficient
  • Cost per ride = ¼ of actual cost

Growth and transportation connected to next topic...

BOE: 2019 Bond Information

LewisPalmer.org 2019 Bond

info@lewispalmer.org “Bond”

The D38 Board of Education is looking at placing a single purpose bond initiative on the November ballot for a new elementary school.

This presentation provides factual information regarding the potential bond.

This potential bond provides the opportunity to further support our community by enhancing the educational experience provided to our students.


Growth is not a popular topic

Community or Kilmer

Goal: Manage the growth

Love the feel of Kilmer and LPSD


Single-purpose bond
November 2019 ballot
Asking for funds to build

one new elementary school


A new elementary school would be built on the D38 land next to BCES.

D38 capital reserves
would convert BCES
back to a middle school.

When BCES was built in 2001, the land to the west of the school was prepared for a future elementary school.
Last year, a group of educators, administrators, and community members worked with CRP Architects to create an elementary school plan that could be used for the Jackson Creek site.

If D38 is able to utilize two middle schools – both middle schools would serve 6-8 grade students.

Elementary schools would serve K-5 grade students.


5 years:

+ 693 students

10 years:
+ 1539 students

Metrostudy Report April 2019

These numbers are from the Metrostudy presentation at the April Board Meeting.


Cost neutral – Residents

little or no tax increase


No tax increase for the average Tri-Lakes homeowner ($400,000 - $800

$35 per month for average Tri-Lakes business owner ($400,000)

How would this be cost neutral:
Many factors contribute

bond debt

Assessed Valuation
of area homes










Whether or not a potential bond measure (which would fund a new elementary school and address current overcrowding) passes, property taxes earmarked for Tri-Lakes area education funding are going down.

Many factors contribute to the potential 2019 D38 bond ballot measure being cost neutral for Tri-Lakes area homeowner ($400,000). The District’s debt on Prairie Winds Elementary School and Palmer Ridge High School has decreased.

The assessed valuation on area homes has increased (homes are worth more) which causes an increase in property taxes.

There are new homes in the area which means the tax base has increased.

Additionally, the D38 school board is exploring a very conservative bond proposal.


Strong School District = Higher Home Values


D38 is a huge draw for many home buyers.

A strong school district directly impacts home values.

Data from Metrostudy and school district rankings from Niche.com suggest there is truth to the commonly held belief that home prices in top-rated U.S. school districts are higher than neighboring areas. On average, housing prices in counties with highly rated school districts were 25.09% higher than state averages.” September 2018 https://www.metrostudy.com/top-school-districts-see-higher-home-prices/

How to be supportive:

7,000 Students = 4,000 families

8,000 Votes

Be informed & have an impact in our community!

Town Hall Meetings


What if...

  • BOE learned a lot from past
  • Current plan for more modulars
  • Reduced space in buildings
  • GT / Spec Ed / Intervention / EL
  • Non Essential? - Not required?

Common Questions:

  • The build at 105 / Walker
  • Do we need the modulars


Election Day
November 5, 2019

Ballots mailed beginning October 14

Building Accountability Advisory Committee

      • Represent the community
      • Consider safety of the school
      • Understand programs at KES
      • Consider future planning
      • Be a positive voice

September 20 = 9:00 AM

BAAC Leads = Mr. and Mrs. Dan Carl


Come to a Meeting: Oct 2 @ 9:00

– We work hard and still have fun


– A little or a lot, it all makes a difference

Fund Raising:

  • Shade structure, chromebooks, Festivals,

and Innovation Station, TURF, etc


Attention Dads!

WATCH D.O.G.S Kickoff Event!

Tuesday Sept. 24, 2019 6:00-7:00 PM

Stop by table - See Denny & Ms. Thornburg

Bring your Kilmer Elementary student(s) to help us kickoff the new school year at the 2019-20 Watch D.O.G.S.® (Dads Of Great Students) kickoff event!

Sandford & Harmony:

  • Social emotional teaching
  • Embedded into class time
  • Encourages healthy relationships
  • Goal: Encourage tolerant, compassionate, and caring people.

Questions: See Mrs. Thornburg


Thank you teachers

-Next topics are purposeful

-All info is in the handbook

-Good reminders...

Weather Delay:

  • No one loves this
  • Lighting is close
  • Buses
  • Parent pick up
  • Walkers / Bike riders

Parent Volunteers:

  • Overall, thank you!
  • Invites are coming and we will begin our regular volunteering very soon!

Specials Schedule:

  • A - D Day = PE / Music / Technology / Library / Art
  • I Day = Innovation Day (Set)

Snow Day = A - D vs I Day

KES Calendar


  • 10 minutes before school
  • 9:00 Start means
  • 8:50 supervision

Reserved parking PTO:

  • Two parkings spaces reserved
  • Bid / donated during silent auction
  • Reserved 100% for 1 year

Normal Conflict vs Bullying:

Normal Peer Conflict


Equal power of friends

Imbalance of power; not friends

Happens occasionally

Repeated negative actions



Not Serious

Serious with threat of physical or emotional harm

Equal emotional reaction

Strong emotional reaction from victim and little or no emotional reaction from the bully

Not seeking power or attention

Seeking power, control, or material things

Not trying to get something

Attempt to gain material things or power

Remorse—will take responsibility

No remorse—blames victim

Effort to solve problem

No effort to solve problem.

Morning Kiss and Go:

Really appreciate you saying goodbye outside!

Loved to see friends and siblings making the drop offs!

Social Media:

  • Posting pictures
  • Students whose parents have not given permission

Use it for good!

Questions on philosophy = phone call


Regarding emails from Kilmer:


  • Open them
  • Read them
  • Paper copies no longer the norm
  • 1 - 2 per week “Kilmer”

Now using Facebook and Twitter

Ray E Kilmer Elementary #Kilmer38

Have a great

2019 - 2020 school year!

Thank you!

Drew Francis and the KES Staff


Dates: On the KES website

October 16th PM and 17th all day

Two weeks in advance

Sign Up Genius will be emailed


Currently: Traditional expectations

  • 10 min per grade level
  • Not including reading
  • Never tears
  • Practice a skill from school

Future conversations:

Communication about dismissal changes


- Changes that day – call the office

- Long term – send an email

- 2nd and above - Planner


- No changes past 3:30

- Bus note: Both families & Office

Weather/Red Flag Dismissal:

- Red Flag warning


Park and walk (Red Flag)

Enter through the front doors

  • 3:50 or later

*Wait and pull up after buses



  • View it - Use it - Click it

  • Click on the date and details
  • Look closely at late starts
  • Student handbook

(Back to School documents )

  • Arrival / dismissal (Parents)
  • Hard copy calendar? Office

PLC / Late Starts?

  • When are they happening?

KES Website - Calendar

  • What are they?
  • Professional Learning Communities (no students)

-Sept 13 = Full day PLC

-Sept 25 = Delayed start

Importance of Attendance

      • On time = routines
      • Quality instruction afternoon
      • Quality instruction Friday
      • Time out of school

impacts our ability to grow

Missing days = HW when they return

Ray E Kilmer

Adopt 38

KES Teacher

Lunch time @ KES

20 minutes to eat

20 minutes to play

Currently go 11:00 - 1:55

Choose their own seat - Unless...

Support eating but not monitor...

Parent visitors -

lunch - yes

recess - No for safety

Car Pool...

  • Left = Carpool
  • Right = Parking
  • Off your cell phone - please

Late Arrivals

-After 9:05

-Walk them in and check in at the front office

-Apt: Call or email before 9:20 with lunch info



• Attendance Line


Prefer email:


• Calls go out after 9:30

Infinite Campus:

-Update your information

-Send to KES

-Non household relationships

- Impacts change of plans

Back.to.school.2019.pptx - Google Slides