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  • Registration in Dropship Beast
  • Suggested Settings for Business Policies
  • Linking ebay account
  • Setting your Account

  • Migrating from other software
  • Tracking Uploader Activation
  • Beast Drop Chrome Extension



Trial period is 10 days

- Price, Quantity и Shipping profile (prime/not) update on up to 200 listings

- Auto Lister
- Tracking Uploader
- Beast Drop Google Chrome Extension

Before you start your trial you should do this steps:

For contacts with us and account set up help:

Facebook: /DropShipBeast
Email: info@dropshipbeast.com

Opt in Business Policy

From here you should set your Postage, Return и Payment policies on each ebay account

Business Policies

Create policy -> Payment / Return / Postage

Paid Prime Shipping Policy

Suggested settings


When you offer 2 delivery options - paid and free - you still get Top Rated Status.With paid option you offer your buyer to purchase the item with Fast delivery option ( Prime ) or with Free delivery - ( Standard )

In case that the order was placed without paid option you can send it with Standard delivery method.

Standard Shipping Policy

Suggested Settings


If you are going to use GSP you should disable all this.
GSP gives you:
+ extra sales (14%-21%)*
+ ebay pay when order was lost in transit

- When you have return, you have to pay for shipping

* Based on 1000 sales

Suggested Settings

Return Policy

30 days Returns Accepted is condition you should have to be able to get Top Rated Seller

Payment Policy

Suggested Settings


Already have a PayPal account?

Link your existing PayPal account to save time when you buy items.

Link My PayPal account

Become verified

( it shows when accounts are linked )

Ebay Site preferences:

It's important to choose the option Use out of stock . This will enable your listings to be made with 0 quantities in case of OOS in Supplier without deleting your listing from eBay

Ebay Site preferences:

If you want to use GSP you should choose YES

If you want to use GSP you should choose NO

Ebay Site preferences:


After account is active, you should link your ebay account with system

After you link your account, you have to logout and login. This will make final synchronization with your account

  • When you login your account synchronization will be made

Another method to synchronize your ebay account with system is from here

Set up your account



Amazon settings

For USA sellers, State Tax % is average percent tax which you have to pay for different states Amazon.com ~ 8% ( suggested )
-Here you can add bank or other kind of taxes that you pay

-Not connected with Tax table in ebay

Here you can add emails that you use for purchases on your supplier store. We also use them for tracking uploader*

*The Email should be forwarded to Trackinguploader@gmail.com

Ebay settings

Here you should set your policies for Prime and Standard deliveries.

We have added option for Long Shipping for orders which need more time to be delivered. (Not Noob Friendly)

Here you should set your policies which system will use when you list an item

Ebay settings

Desired quantities when listing an item

PayPal account where the money will be sent

Here you should set your Item location, where you send item from

Text or <HTML> which will appear on the bottom of your listings

When you are subscribed quantities after each sale will be restored, also orders will appear on Orders Today page.

Ebay settings

From here you can set same percent for profit to all items
It will take up to 30 minutes to update all of listings

From here you can increase or decrease all profit percentages It will take up to 30 minutes to update all of listings

To save the changes you should click here

Alert Settings

Desired percent profit , based on supplier price. It's used on the lister. You can change it there if you want

Desired quantities when you list an item. It's used on the lister. You can change it there if you want

Out Of Stock Protection
Set ebay quantities to 0 when the system detect
quantities on supplier site

From here you can add your own Vero Brands.
Currently we have 1240 Vero Branded items and marks

To Enable automatic updates It should be ON

Add or change supplier link to be monitored

The system monitor only the imported link. It doesn’t switch between Buybox or Offer Link when imported link goes Out of Stock ! Our suggestion is to use only Buybox Links

Kind of links and how to get them properly:


Offer Link
- When the offer goes OOS, the system will set your quantites on ebay to 0 until the seller release more quantites
+You can choose offer with lower cost than buybox
Offer links have smid=A2W55BRFKLRTB8 on the end

Buybox Link
+ Rarely OOS
+ Trusted sellers
- You cant choose which price to be monitored
Buybox Links looks like that

Migrating from other software

Sell is your price on eBay
Buy is supplier Price

For fast change on the listing - title, profit, ebay price, quantities or shipping policy you should click on pencil

Delete listing directly from eBay

Desired profit after eBay and Paypal fees

Tracking Uploader Activation

Forward email to: trackinguploader@gmail.com

Tracking Uploader Activation

Forward email to: trackinguploader@gmail.com

Email that you use for purchases on Amazon should be in Gmail or other service that have option for forwarding emails

For email activation you should add it on Settings -> Amazon settings -> used Amazon emails and tell us on chat to activate it !

How to make unlimited Gmail accounts:

Tracking numbers are uploaded on ebay on every 20 minutes

Chose replacement of Amazon Logistics in case the tracking is from Amazon

Remaining prepaid tracking numbers

Enable automatic tracking uploader

Enable automatic message sending function for orders delivered to neighbours or failed to deliver

Search by Amazon Order ID
or Buyer Name

Tracking uploader is in Order Reports page

Notifications for orders delivered to neighbours UK only

Notification for failed to deliver orders UK only

Returns and Refunds in Amazon UK only

From here you can directly write message to your client or process his refund

Notification for opened return and received refund in Amazon

Cancelled orders in Amazon UK and USA

Beast Drop Chrome Extension

Download Link:

Choose region of your account USА UK DE

Here you should write your email and password for logging in amazon account from which you want to process the order

Chrome Extension work only on the page with orders

Add all items from this page in Amazon Basket

Add at once all addresses from this page to Amazon

In Cart - add this item to your basket in Amazon
Copy Address - copy address to Clipboard

Add Address - add only this address in Amazon

For more information:

Facebook: /DropShipBeast
Email: info@dropshipbeast.com

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