I’m here to help.


When the pandemic hit I refused to wear a mask. So I bought this.

Why wear a mask?

I hated masks so much, I would only wear one that was clearly ineffective.

And then God saved me.

I wore a “normal” mask and God told me to buy the next person in lines groceries.

So I did. And I went broke. Starved. Died.

All because I wore a mask.

She never even knew what happened.

Only an evil person would wear a mask in public. I’m that evil.

This was the other mask I bought.

It’s the opposite.

It’s a nicer cloth mask.

It won’t protect against everything.

but it’s a good start.

It’s Anonymous.

And then it hit me!

Let’s flip it upside down

Let’s rethink EVERYTHING. Let’s become private in public and

If only an evil person would wear a mask, let’s all wear masks. You’re your own personal Batman. You have a super power. Everyone does. Mine:

  • Pushing Cars
  • Playing guitar
  • Selling Gift Cards
  • Buying people extra cups of coffee out of kindness

Find a way to do good deeds unnoticed. No one will ever know and the only beneficiary is yourself.


My Happy Family
Your Happy Family
Together. Apart. In Love.

Why you?

  • You already know the right stuff
  • You need money
  • You want some help

Why me?

  • I already know the right stuff
  • I don’t need your money
  • I don’t want your help, I need it

Leaders are MADE not bred

© 2000

In 7th grade, I was introduced to The Right Stuff when my dad showed me a this movie. I always dreamed of being an astronaut, but I knew that wasn’t my calling.
Following this read, Tom Wolfe has stayed with me and I love:

  • Bonfire of the Vanities
  • I Am Charlotte Simmons
  • A Man In Full
  • The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test*

    *Truth be told, I never finished it. It was way too much about drugs

Startups need to fail fast. They all will fail fast.

They’ll either gain traction or fail.

Marketing is a lie

Everyone advertises products for a reason. They’re good reasons, but let’s quantify what the best is. It’s different every time. Let’s figure it out.

Chuck Palahniuk

Guts taught me words matter.

Go ahead. Don’t believe me. Read this. You will grasp for air by the end.

Words matter a lot. What we say is never remembered, but how we made them feel is what’s remembered.

*All books, the bible included are written by men from their perspective guided by the Holy Spirit. The exact details don’t matter, because people collectively change memories and fake news creeps in. It’s just how words work. They’re extremely powerful and they just don’t give the entire picture. Even with a picture, you need multiple video angles. Video’s lie all the time. Words are even worse.

Michael Chricton

Sometimes the best intentions get it wrong.

I’ve read all of his books:

The Stillpoint Band

© 2005

  • In 2005 I got to play with The Stillpoint Band and learned from Paul Emerson, the man himself that I needed to be myself. And be the best version of myself I could be.

I started Novation Mobile

© 2010

This is where I learned how hard work is, and how easily I could train junior developers up to be good developers all while making money. I also learned how to run a business.

Giftnix was formed

© 2015

My dad taught me that family comes first. Work can wait. He’s taught me so much, and I’ve just never This is where I learned how hard work is, and how easily I could train junior developers up to be good developers all while making money. I also learned how to run a business.

Work Schedule

© 2020

Work when you want.
Work whenever you want.
Work however long you want.

We connect job seekers with tasks. And artisans with buyers. On your schedule.

100% platform agnostic. Logo agnostic. We simply source “The Right Stuff”

Where do you fit it?

You know something I don’t know.

What is it?

It’s at the intersection of our differences.

What do you know that I don’t?

Here’s how to find the knowledge you need

How does playing fighting games change the way you program?
How do your SPECIFIC hobbies change the way you live your life.

Brandon Copley



Colin Hemphill

Fighting Games

New ideas

Worst things I’ve done

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