How to Comment... a safe, respectful and responsible way.

First, read the posts

When you find the post you would like to respond to, click "Add Comment."

Type in your first name ONLY.

We want to be safe online! :)

Type in your email.

This is your

Website and Check Box

Skip the website box.


"Notify me of new

comments to this

post by email."

Make your Comment

Think about why you wanted to comment on this blog post.

Do you have a question?

Do you have a connection?

Do you have a compliment?

Be polite and respectful.

Make your Comment

Consider using one of these helpful sentence starters:

• This made me think about…

• I wonder why…

• Your writing made me form an opinion about…

• This post is relevant because…

• Your writing made me think that we should…

• I wish I understood why…

• This is important because…

• Another thing to consider is…

• I can relate to this…

• This makes me think of…

• I discovered…

• I don't understand…

• I was reminded that

Check your work

Read over your post.

Check for capital letters and punctuation. Check for spelling errors.

Make sure it really says what you mean for it to say.

Remember, once you hit submit, it's out there for the world to see.

Ready to post?

Once you have checked your comment over, press submit.


Everything that is submitted gets emailed to me, so please be sure you are making good choices.

Ready to try it? Check out the blog and make your first comment!

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