Team Member Sign-Up Instructions

Join the Fundraiser

Click on the link you received from your coach or organizer. It will take you to this page.

If this is your first time using, you will need to Create an Account.

Otherwise you can just log in.

Fill Out Everything

A photo is required. It should be a close-up headshot. This is so your donors can easily see that it is really you asking for support.

If you are on a mobile device, you can use a photo from your photo album. From a computer, browse to a local folder to upload a picture.

NOTE: Do not use your school email address if you have a different one available. Schools tend to use aggressive email blocking rules which could prevent us from letting you know when your donors donate.

Choose Your Group

If you see this page, your organizer has requested that each Team Member identify with a group.

Please select the group that best identifies you.

You must only choose one group.

Personalize Your Page (optional)

If your organizer selected this option, you can also add a personal message and photo to your donation page.

We recommend using a photo that shows you participating in this organization.

You have the option to edit this later if you wish.

Your Personal Dashboard

This page controls your settings for this fundraiser. From it you can:

  • Invite Donors
  • Monitor Your Donors’ Activity
  • See Your Progress
  • See Your Team’s Progress
  • See Examples of What your Donors Will See

Invite Your First Donor

From your dashboard, scroll down and click on the button that says “Enter a New Donor’s Email.”

Enter Donor’s Info

Here you enter a name (ex. Grandma Betty) and that donor’s email.

Make sure you only enter valid email addresses. tests the validity and deliverability of each email and only permits valid and deliverable email addresses to be entered.

Congrats! You added a Donor.

If you see this screen it means you successfully added a donor using a valid and deliverable email.

You can now continue adding more donors.

Please Note: Sometimes, a known valid email address shows as undeliverable even though you know it is correct. If you are sure the email is correct and deliverable, click on the “Please Use It!” button to override our verification check and use that email.

Team Sign Up Instructions - Google Slides