Clarke Central High School

Open House

August 22, 2019

We provide support for our students.

Water bottle refilling stations

We provide information for families at PTSO meetings.

We provide support for our administrators, teachers and staff.

  • Support end of year teacher celebration
  • Provide dinner during both fall and spring conferences
  • Notes of appreciation and Glad bands
  • Host a holiday cookie exchange
  • Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Celebrate teachers for state and district achievements

We raise funds by…..

Taqueria la Parrilla

Upcoming Events:

PTSO Meetings

6:30 pm -CCHS Media Center

September 3

November 12

February 4

April 7


*Spirit Night at La Parrilla*-Homewood Hills

Monday, September 29

Our PTSO will receive proceeds from meals purchased between 5pm and 9:30pm.

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We are beginning a multi-year rollout of Restorative Practices at Clarke Central

Our aim with Restorative Practices is to promote a positive school climate, a sense of belonging, and a connectedness among students and adults to the school community.

For more information, visit our Restorative Practices information table in the lobby.

Build and maintain healthy relationships throughout the school community

Create just and equitable learning environments

Repair harm and transform conflict through the use of Restorative Approaches

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September 9

6:00 PM

CCHS Media Center

Family Resource Center

In Mell Lobby

- Family Resource Guide

- Graduation Requirements

- Campus Parent Portal

- AP Courses

- Dual Enrollment at Local Colleges

- Calendars

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Clarke Central High School

Family Engagement

Christian Barner

Family Engagement Specialist

706-357-5200 ext 17376

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Clarke Central High School

Open House

August 22, 2019

CCHS Open House August 22, 2019 - Google Slides