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Welcome Class of 2023!

We are here to help you get to know your high school and start progressing with your Academic and Career Plan.


South Milwaukee Academic and Career Planning

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Course Selection is part of ACP

(Academic and Career Planning)

Go to the High School Website: http://www.sdsm.k12.wi.us/schools/high/

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to have 28 credits to graduate (must include passing all required courses).


What does that look like?

English 4 Credits Social Studies 3 Credits

English I 1 Credit U.S. History 1 Credit

English II 1 Credit World History 1 Credit

English III 1 Credit American Government 1 Credit

English IV 1 Credit


Must include Algebra and Geometry 3 Credits Other Required Courses 1 Credit

Health .5 Credit

Physical Education 1.5 Credits Planning Your Future .5 Credit

9th Grade .5 Credit

10th Grade/ 11th Grade .5 Credit

11th Grade/12th Grade .5 Credit

Science 3 Credits

Physical Science or Biology 1 Credit

Biology and a Science Course

beyond Biology 1 Credit

Science course beyond Physical Science

and Biology 1 Credit

Total REQUIRED credits=



What about the other 12.5 credits?

South Milwaukee offers a wide array of elective classes to help students obtain the tools and skills students need for future success.

Electives include:

  • Art Classes
  • Business
  • English
  • Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Technology & Engineering
  • PE
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Music
  • World Languages


As a freshman, what do I need to take?

  • English I or English I Accelerated 1 credit

  • Physical Science or Biology Accelerated 1 credit

  • Algebra (2 cr.) or Geometry (1 cr.) 1 or 2 credits

  • U.S. History 1 credit

  • Physical Education .5 credit

  • Electives 2.5 (Algebra)/3.5(Geometry)cr.

  • Total Credits Possible: 8 credits


English Department


  • English I or English I Accelerated 1 credit

Grade 9 English Electives

  • Creative Writing (.5)
  • Drama I (.5)

Science Department


  • Physical Science or Biology Accelerated 1 credit

Grade 9 Science Electives

  • Chemistry (1)

*Algebra and Biology need to be completed

Math Department


  • Algebra (2 cr.) or Geometry (1 cr.) 1 or 2 credits

Math Department

Social Studies Department


  • U.S. History 1 credit

Grade 9 Social Studies Electives

  • American Experience:Pop Culture (.5)
  • American Experience: Sports in American History (.5)
  • American Experience: America at War (.5)
  • American Legal System (.5)
  • Current Issues 9-10 (.5)
  • Holocaust & Human Behavior (.5)
  • Social Problems (.5)

Physical Education Department


  • Intro to Physical Education .5 credit

Grade 9 Physical Education Electives

  • Fitness/Wellness I (.5)
  • Theory & Application of Strength & Conditioning (.5)

Art Department

Grade 9 Art Electives

  • Drawing (.5)
  • Design (.5)
  • Art Survey (1)
  • 3-D Design (.5)
  • Ceramics 1 (.5) *Need Design or Art Survey

Business and Marketing Department

Computer and Technology Pathway

Free College Credits and Microsoft Certifications

Grade 9: Computer Applications

    • Microsoft Word and Excel
    • Keyboarding Speed and Accuracy
    • Industry Microsoft Certifications in Word and Excel

Additional Electives:

  • Advanced Computer Applications
    • 3 College Credits (10, 11, 12 grade)
    • Microsoft Certifications in Excel and Access
  • Web Page Design (10, 11, 12 grade)

Business and Marketing

Grade 9 Marketing Electives

  • Marketing (1)
  • Entrepreneurship (.5)

Additional Electives

  • Retail Merchandising, Finance
  • Sports/Entertainment Marketing

Family and Consumer Science

Grade 9 Family and Consumer Science Electives

  • Clothing (.5)
  • Family Foods (.5)
  • Fashion Merchandising (.5)
  • Housing and Interior Design (.5)
  • Interpersonal Relationships (.5)
  • Parenting (.5)
  • Personal Finance & Consumer Ed (.5)

Music Department

Grade 9 Music Department Electives

  • Freshman Chorale (1) — 1 semester
  • Freshman Chorale (2) — full year
  • Freshman Strings, Wind & Percussion (1) — 1 semester
  • Freshman Strings, Wind & Percussion (2) — full year
  • History of American Popular Music (.5)
  • Music Production (.5)

Technology and Engineering

Grade 9 Technology and Engineering Electives

  • Engineering Design & Prototypes (1)
  • Materials & Processes (1)
  • Basic Electronics I (.5)
  • Basic Electronics II (.5)

*Basic Electronics I

  • Intro to Machine Tools (.5)
  • Intro to Building Trades (.5)
  • Applied Power and Small Engines (.5)

Technology and Engineering

Intro to Building Trades

Basic Electronics I

Materials & Processes

Machine Tool Technology

Engineering Design & Prototypes

Technical Engineering


Technical Engineering 2

Basic Electronics II

Intro to Machine Tools

Advanced Machine Tool Technology

Small Engines

Home Maintenance

Senior Youth


Junior Youth



World Languages

German &



Courses at SMHS Grade 9 electives: German 1, 2 We also offer 3, 4, 5

Travel to German-speaking countries in Europe with other German students!

In the past, we toured Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, as well as France, Italy, Hungary, and the Czech Republic!

College Credit Earn college credits through college placement exams.

Courses at SMHS Grade 9 electives: Spanish 1, 2, and 4 (for students who speak Spanish at home). Other courses: 3, 4, 5, 6, Spanish Conversation & Culture, Spanish for Spanish-Speakers

Travel to Spanish-speaking countries in Europe and Latin America with other Spanish students! Past trips toured: Spain, Costa Rica, Peru, Guatemala & Belize

College Credit Earn college credits through college placement exams and the CAPP program.


Library and Technology Resources

  • Young Adult Literature
  • High Interest Non-Fiction
  • Library Website for Digital Resources
  • Chromebook Repair and Charging
  • Large space for working in groups
  • Support with research projects and literature selection
  • Community Projects
  • ASPIRE and Lunch work space

Grade 9 and 10 classes can

lead to Future Opportunities

AP Courses

  • Expose and develop a students’ academic skills and strategies that can benefit them no matter what post-secondary path they take
  • Opportunity to earn college credit
    • Save money on college tuition
    • Ability to finish college earlier
    • Opens up your college course selection opportunities
  • These courses are highly regarded by employers, college admission counselors, and scholarship committees.

Transcripted courses

College level courses taught at the high school that can give students both high school and college credit

Partial Open Enrollment

Opportunity to take courses that SMHS does not offer at other high schools

Dual Enrollment Options

Opportunity to take college level courses for free — 4 year or 2 year


Opportunity to explore different career areas while earning

money and high school credit

ACP includes what you do outside of the classroom


Baseball Golf Soccer Volleyball

Basketball Pom Poms Softball Wrestling

Cheer Powerlifting Swimming Track

Cross Country Tennis


We are the Rockets!

Extracurricular Activities

Student Clubs and Organizations

ACTIVITIES: AFS (foreign exchange), AHANA (diversity group), Anime Club, Chess Club, DECA, FCCLA, FIRST Robotics, Skills USA, Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA), Homecoming Court, HOSA, Link Crew, Project Unify, Prom Court, Rocket Club, SM Green (environmental), Theater, FBLA, Project 7, and Society of Women Engineers

MUSIC GROUPS: Brass, Percussion, and Woodwind Ensembles, Musical Pit Orchestra, Musical Theatre, Pep Band, Color Guard, Marching Band, String Ensembles, Jazz Band, Ye Olde Christmas Feaste, Madrigals, and Pop Rockets and Delta V

HONOR GROUPS: Art Honor Society, German Honor Society, Int’l Thespian Society, National Honor Society (Term 3 junior year w/specific requirements), Spanish Honor Society, and Music Masters



PUBLICATIONS: Bay Mist Yearbook


Please Welcome South Milwaukee High School’s

PopRockets and Delta V!


Next Steps to Start Your Academic and Career Planning

  • Visit Extra-Curricular tables, gather information, and discuss options with advisors/coaches. Everyone will be available until 7:00 p.m.
  • Select courses for next year
    • Current SMMS students will be doing this on February 19.
    • Parochial school students who are SM residents can go to the counseling office downstairs and make a course selection appointment right away or pick up registration instruction sheet and call the High School Counseling Office to make a course selection appointment as soon as possible.
    • Open Enrollment students need to apply for Open Enrollment and, if accepted, will receive instructions for enrollment in the mail. (Open Enrollment window is from February 5-April 30.)
  • Students Attend Freshman Orientation

Thursday, August 30 7:30-12:00

  • Building Tours — If interested stay in the PAC.

Freshman Preview Night ACP Presentation - Google Slides