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Ben Daley, High Tech High


blended learning

  • Intros
  • What is blended learning?
  • What blended learning resources are you using?
  • Hopes and fears?

What is blended learning?

Blended learning combines traditional face-to-face classroom methods with more modern computer-mediated activities.


Pause at 1:42 "What would you do? What's the right thing to do?"

Pause at 5:43 "How many would push the fat man over the bridge? Raise your hand."

Free math video game

Show intro video

Show employee cafeteria

MIT courses "put online" -- Requires RealPlayer

Scroll down to watch demonstration and click on last link for projectile motion demonstration

gives opportunity to access science equipment that your school can not afford.

"Don't just put a course online. What do we want students to know and be able to do? How can we help students get there in an online environment?"

- Candace Thile, CMU OLI

Peek inside statistics course

Note the open ended response

udacity.com -- quiz question

Instant feedback on quiz questions -- scored by computer -- but it is more complex than a multiple choice question

just some comments from Ben

Similar to udacity, but MIT's platform is open source so that others can create their own courses on this platform

*Not free

the range of topics available -- not just math

watch first 2 minutes or so

Free and not free lectures on a variety of topics


watch first 90 seconds or maybe skip

Other resources

OER commons

A directory of open educational resources


Free math & science flexbooks and software


Free courses from Princeton, Stanford, Michigan, and Penn

Put it to practice!

  • Find a blended learning resource that you could learn from or your students could learn from.
  • Learn something for yourself or implement something in your classroom.
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