Accessing your

Fair Lawn

Google Apps for Education Account

Google Suite for Education

Go to

First you will need an email address & password


-Teachers: 1st Initial & Last

-Students: First

Password (Student)

-Student ID/Lunch Pin# + fair



  • Type your Google Apps username
    • mary.smith2015

  • Click Next
  • Enter your password
  • Uncheck STAY SIGNED IN, if using a school or other public computer

Log In Screen

Signing in for the 1st time

  • You will see a “Welcome to your new account” screen which describes what you agreed to with your permission form.
  • Click I accept. Continue to my account.
  • Reminder: This only needs to be done once.



When you are finished in Google Apps, always remember to

sign out

  • go to the top right hand corner of your Google Apps pages
  • find your username
  • click the down arrow
  • click sign out


Google Apps accounts are provided for educational use only! Use your Google Apps account to

  • communicate with teachers
  • submit assignments to teachers
  • collaborate with others and share projects

Fair Lawn School’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

  • covers uses and misuses of the school provided Google Apps account
  • In order to receive a Google Apps account, you signed the AUP with your parent/guardian.
  • A copy of the AUP is available on the Fair Lawn School’s district website.

Welcome back for Day 2!

  • Please log in and go to
  • Sign in and help yourself to some munchies
  • open Drive

Accessing Your Fair Lawn Google Apps for Education Account - Google Slides