Accessing your

Fair Lawn

Google Apps for Education Account

Google Apps for Education

You can go to

(customized start page, with links to the Google

applications available in Fair Lawn)


(but the customized page will not appear)

First you will need an email address & password


-Teachers: 1st Initial & Last

-Students: First

Password (Student)

-Student ID/Lunch Pin# + fair



  • Type your Google Apps username
    • mary.smith2015
    • is already there
  • Enter your password
  • Do not check STAY SIGNED IN, if using a school or other public computer

Log In Screen

Signing in for the 1st time

  • You will see a “Welcome to your new account” screen which describes what you agreed to with your permission form.
  • Click I accept. Continue to my account.
  • Reminder: This only needs to be done once.



When you are finished in Google Apps, always remember to

sign out

  • go to the top right hand corner of your Google Apps pages
  • find your username
  • click the down arrow
  • click sign out


Google Apps accounts are provided for educational use only! Use your Google Apps account to

  • communicate with teachers
  • submit assignments to teachers
  • collaborate with others and share projects

Fair Lawn School’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

  • covers uses and misuses of the school provided Google Apps account
  • In order to receive a Google Apps account, you signed the AUP with your parent/guardian.
  • A copy of the AUP is available on the Fair Lawn School’s district website.

Welcome back for Day 2!

  • Please log in and go to
  • Sign in and help yourself to some munchies
  • open Drive