Neopixel Options

One step in the lantern-making process is to add neopixels to light the lantern.

The lights should be flexible enough to be placed where you want them in the lantern.

Option 1: Lights pre-soldered with specific distances, more like Christmas lights


Option 2: Neopixel rolls with no spacing between lights


Option 1:

Benefits: pre-soldered so you don’t have to add wires or deal with soldering

Constraints: Lights are bulky and can only be spaced the distance of the wires (~3in in this example)

Option 2:

Benefits: students can learn to solder, distance between lights can be any distance desired, lights are small

Constraints: soldering wires between each light takes a lot of time

If you choose Option 2:

Check out this How to Solder Neopixels Video

Also recommended to have a TA help with soldering and/or a few students you trust do this for most of the class.

Neopixel Options - Google Slides