Welcome to Kindergarten!

Meet the 2018/19 Kinder Staff

Chris Bean

Jen Meadows

Erin Barclay

Latimer School Programs

  • Special Education Services
  • Intervention/Enrichment Support
  • StMath (Jiji), Imagine Learning, RAZ Kids
  • Visual Arts and Performing Arts (Grades 1-5)
  • Instrumental Music (Grades 4 -8)
  • Physical Education (Grades 1-8)
  • Extended Day Program

Parent Involvement Opportunities

  • Volunteering in the Classroom, School, Library, and on Field Trips
  • Copy Center
  • Home and School Club
  • English Learner Advisory Committee
  • School Site Council
  • School Events - Harvest Hop, Walkathon, Holiday Boutique, Readathon, Family Dances, International Fair

The 21st Century Kindergarten Classroom

Our goal is to lay the groundwork for success in school, college, career, and life.

The 21st Century Kindergarten Classroom

Students will learn…

  • how to learn
  • how to treat each other with caring and respect
  • how to collaborate
  • how to communicate
  • how to persevere
  • how to think critically & creatively

The 21st Century Kindergarten Classroom

What you will see

when you visit...

  • circle time for whole class learning
  • small group instruction throughout the day
  • students using technology to learn and create
  • students talking with each other and with adults
  • students working together to reach a common goal
  • parent volunteers working with students

Instead of saying “I can’t do this.”, try saying instead “I can’t do this YET.” This creates a more positive language while you are trying something new.

The Power of Yet

Sample Daily Schedule

8:10 Warning Bell - Classrooms open

8:15-10:00 Literacy Instructional Time

10:00 Morning Break

10:30-11:45 PBL or Writing Instructional Time

11:45-12:30 Lunch

12:50 Dismissal time until October & every Wednesday

12:30-1:50 Math Instructional Time

1:50 Dismissal beginning in October

Project Based Learning at Latimer

Students learn by






and creating.

What does PBL Look Like in K?

How do we protect

our oceans from pollution?

How do polar animals survive winter?

What does PBL Look Like in K?

What does PBL Sound Like in Kindergarten?

How can we help our community?

Technology at Latimer

  • School-wide wireless access
  • 75” flat screen Monitors in classrooms
  • Minimum 2:1 student to device ratio in grades K-2
  • 1:1 student to device ratio in grades 3-8
  • Computer Adaptive Learning
  • Access to eBooks in classroom, library, and at home


  • K - Visit http://www.cde.ca.gov/re/cc/ to view the California Common Core Standards for ELA and Math.
  • Daily 5
  • Eureka Math
  • Writers’ Workshop
  • Kimochis

Kindergarten Enrollment

All enrollment and new student registration is handled at the Moreland School District Enrollment Center, located at the following address:

Moreland School District Enrollment Center

1850 Fallbrook Avenue

San Jose, CA 95130

(408) 874-2927

For more information, please visit:

Moreland Registration Information

Kindergarten Screening

Save the Date: Friday, August 16

Session 1 9:00-9:45

Session 2 10:00-10:45

Session 3 11:00-11:45

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