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BBA-powered reference dictionary​

  • BBA believes that providing value starts with understanding. We can deliver definitions of terms. processes, and interdependencies to expand our value, reputation, and influence. All BBA projects can intersect to encourage and enable participation while building alignment of agendas. ​

  • Our goal is an interactive “hub” that evolves to inform and connect our expanding community with shared knowledge.​

  • Part of our "toolkit" of collateral and services to reach out to every Association across Boston and beyond.​

  • This aligns with Drew's Accelerator mission for student exposure, learning, speaker series, collaboration, and projects.​

  • Providing our Working Groups with a helpful guide for more efficient collaboration and productivity. ​

  • DLT is about connections. All definitions and concepts are more valuable through increased relationships to each other and to our related resources, participants, sponsors, etc.​


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Definitions for your Next BBA Base Camp

  • Assess Your Goals, Capabilities, and Options … all with Blockpedia Definitions
  • Develop a Curriculum to Encourage Interest and Participation
  • Map a Business/Technology Playbook that Matches Your Existing Systems
  • Discover New Methods and Models to Meet Market Opportunities
  • Design Processes to Manage Development
  • Deploy in-Market, Assess, Iterate, Optimize
  • Deliver Standard Models
  • Re-Define Terms, Concepts, and Interconnections
  • Have fun
  • Insure the interoperability across all systems, platforms, frameworks, ecosystems and networks

Good Definitions to Use & Partner With:

Crypto Resources - Shelly Palmer’s Useful links to the decentralized ecosystem (Crypto, NFTs, DeFi, DEX, Blockchain) - Collaborative web-based dictionary building that syncs with FieldWorks​ - task of collecting words by using a systematic method to capture these words in a workshop… and

BBA’s Next Step Options

a) Simply link to existing sites with definitions (done but passive)

b) We participate in content platforms like Investopedia, Wikipedia and Quora (OK but no control​)

c) Build and maintain our own interactive platform to provide common ground around all our activities. Designed to encourage discussion and sharing for buy-in and momentum across everyone's network.

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