Scholarly Matchmaking

Fostering a cross disciplinary dialog between the digital humanities and the information sciences

Matt Burton

Melissa Chalmers

Adam Kriesberg

University of Michigan, School of Information


1. Introduction

2. Speed dating

(3-5 mins each)

3. Lightning talks & discussion

Speed Dating: Some questions to get you started...

  • What work are you doing? Where do you make your contribution?
  • What are you reading? What's a recent piece you've encountered that you'd like to share?
  • Making:DH::Design:iSchools. Discuss.

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Does this analogy hold up?

Thinking through making, thinking through design?

What about tools?

Funding ?

For those of you actively doing Digital Humanities work, where do you apply for funding?


is a thing that is potentially important to DH people.

Stanley Fish

His columns are a load of crap. Or are they?

Scholarly Homes

Are iSchools a/the scholarly home for DH?

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