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Auto-Posting to Telegram

Presentation based on Joomla 3 and AutoTweetNG 8.7

Publishing to Telegram

AutoTweet Joocial promotes Social Content Management to create messages and deliver from your own system. Simply, Joocial automatically posts your content to social networks + advanced content management.

In this presentation, we are going to show how to send your generated content to Telegram.


  • AutoTweetNG Joocial v8.7, or superior
  • A Telegram account
  • System requirements:

- Joomla 3.4, or superior

- PHP 5.3, or superior

- MySQL 5.5, or superior (recommended)

This tutorial assumes you have already done a basic configuration.

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  • How to configure

Create a bot
For intance: Tutorialnewbot
Create a channel
For instance: @Tutorialchannel
Add the bot to the channel, as a new administrator

Go to your Telegram account:

  • How to configure

Create a bot

To create a bot, you need to talk to BotFather and follow its instructions


  • How to configure

Create a bot

You will get your Bot Token

  • How to configure

Create a channel

Create a new channel:

  • How to configure

Add the bot to the channel

Add the bot to the channel as Administrator (search in contacts)

2. How to configure

Go to Joocial to create the channel, fill the Bot Token and Channel, and validate.

2. How to configure

User ID will be filled. Save.

Publishing to Telegram

AutoTweetNG Joocial is ready to publish!

  • A new authorization Access token has been granted.
  • A new Telegram Channel has been created.

By default, all new articles are going to be published to Telegram

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