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  • Title 1 Instructional Technology Coach (Science Background)
    • Director - Coordinator
    • iLearning Coordinator - 7 Coaches
    • Dispatch Model - Training/Co-Teaching/FB/Newsletter
  • Google Apps For Education (GAFE)
  • Beaufort County School District
    • 22,000 Students
    • 35 Schools
    • 16 Title 1 Schools
  • 1:1 Devices
    • iPads K-2
    • HP Tablets 3-12


  • My Personal Experiences (childhood to classroom)
  • What sketchnoting Is and Isn’t
  • “The” Sketchnoting Manual
  • Trials and Errors with Students
  • Five day Fifty Minute Introduction Plan (sped up!)

Mind Maps - Ideas are arranged on the page visually with the central idea in the middle and then main themes and details branching outward

One Pagers - Strategy that calls for students to share what they have read/heard/learned in a single page of sketchnotes

Science Notebooking Example

What Sketchnoting Is

✔ Note taking that is fun and effective.

✔ Combines structure, text, and illustrations

✔ Promotes active listening

✔ Prompts connections

✔ Helps Remember

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What Sketchnoting is Not

✔ It is not about the Art

✔ It is not about capturing everything

✔ It is not for everyone

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Practice, Practice, Practice

First Sketchnote

Current Sketchnote

“The” Sketchnote Manual

Amazon Link -

Sketchnoting with Students - Trial and Error

The Five Day 50 Minute Introduction Plan

  • 50 Minute Block Lessons
  • Introductory Course
  • Student Product
  • Outline
    • Introduction
    • Doodle Dictionaries
    • First Sketchnote
    • Digital Doodling
    • Speed Drills

Day #1

Day #1 - Student Introduction (with Challenges)

  • Doodle Warm Up (shape trace)
  • What is it?
  • What is it important?
  • Week at a Glance
  • Elements of Sketchnoting (structure, text, pictures)
  • Challenges
  • My Sample Intro

Challenge List

  • Write your first name at the bottom of your paper (you can be creative)
  • Give your paper a large title (that makes sense)
  • Write your last name on the page using a fun font
  • Draw three pictures using the five basic shapes (rectangle, circle, triangle, line, dot)
  • Put a container around your title
  • Draw a heart, list three things you love around the heart. Use either bullets, lines, or arrows as part of your writing.
  • Add three different stick figure drawings to your paper

Day #2

Day #2 - Doodle Dictionary

  • Doodle Warm Up (Guess the Picture - Windows Ink Workspace)
  • Amazon “Add Ons” ($7.49/25 = .30 each)
  • Learning how to Draw (basics)
    • People
    • Rectangles
    • Faces
  • No Lesson (drawing)

Black Sharpie Note

Multiple Day Note

Mystery Doodle - Page 15 Duckworth Book

People - Page 51

Rectangles (Containers and Frames) - Page 42

Faces - Page 45

Day #3

Doodle Warm Up - Pictionary

Easy Category

Ice Cream Cone


Hard Category

Dead Battery

Plane Crash

Day #3 - Our First Sketchnote

  • Doodle Warm Up (Pictionary)
  • Doodle Dictionary (pictures you might need)
  • Harry the Dirty Dog (Six Sentence Summary activity)

After watching Harry the Dirty Dog, get with a partner and come up with a six sentence summary.

Your sentences must have between 5 and 10 words (no more, no less, or points will be deducted).

You have five minutes.

Pick a structure and draw pictures to match your sentences.It must be complete if you want to use the pens and do it digitally the next day.

Day #4

Digital Doodling

  • Kami (free version) - PDF Editor (use the “open with” and add Kami in Drive)
  • Windows Ink Workspace
  • AWW Website

Give pictures a watercolor look by manipulating the drawing transparency to 50% or lower

Increase the size of the document up to 900% to create detailed drawings in small spaces

Use shapes to create a web or boxes

Day #4 - Digital Doodling

  • Doodle Warm Up (Kami Introduction - Whole Group)
  • Harry the Dirty Dog goes Digital

Day #5

Day #5 - Speed Drill

  • Doodle Warm Up (words that look like their meaning - COLD and HOT)
  • Week in Review
  • Duckster Articles
  • The 30 Minute Challenge
  • SPEED is important

Westward Expansion - The Gold Rush

Westward Expansion - The Oregon Trail

World War II - The U.S. Home Front

Need more icons? Check out The Noun Project Website


Speed Drill Results


Things to Remember

  • It is not for everyone
  • Make it Important
  • Make it FUN
  • Make it FAST (Speed Drills)
  • “Live” Sketchnoting Practice (videos, guest speakers)

Not all Sketchnotes are good

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World Sketchnote Day - January 11th





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